• Published on: 13 January 2019
  • Runtime : 2:9:55
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  • JasonTheMagnificent
    JasonTheMagnificent   4 days ago

    I buy vinyl records and they have Marvel variant covers for hip hop records now

  • Craig Ashton
    Craig Ashton   6 days ago

    I laughed withing 1/2 a second))) *whispering * I started this gan. . .

  • Matt Svilar
    Matt Svilar   1 weeks ago

    As a business consultant, I really have to agree with Mike on the Direct Market perspective. While you're better off not tying the future success of Cyberfrog to comic book stores, you'd significantly benefit from having a presence not only in the LCS's but any retailer that will have you. Your biggest issue lies in the awareness or lack thereof for Cyberfrog and All Caps Comics within the comics market. While your reach on Youtube is great and you have a developed presence on Twitter, most people don't watch Youtube, aren't on Twitter, and have never heard of Indiegogo. I think a conservative guess in terms of how many comic fans have any understanding of what's going on online may at most be 20%. That's 80% of people with which you have no ability to gain access to and provide with a product that they may love, due to their lack of connectivity. I think you always had it right from the beginning when you compared the offering of your books to a movie, going from theaters, to DVD, to on demand, while you offer specialized first edition indiegogos, direct market floppies, and then digital releases. This way your can expand your outreach, improve upon your awareness, and continue to grow your business. You would like All Caps Comics to help employ people with talent and to provide for their families. One way to do that is to grow this company and reach as many people as you possibly can because you've built it off of a base of passion and talent unrivaled by the mainstream industry.

  • Trigger Time TV
    Trigger Time TV   1 weeks ago

    Well if Richard didn't throw away his brand and therefore his fanbase, he might be doing well, too. Oh well, Richard. Your loss, bud. I'm here for anti-SJW content. Comics is secondary or even tertiary. I think Richard really overestimates how much of his audience cares about comics vs winning the culture war.

  • booneh
    booneh   1 weeks ago

    Nice "Between The Sheets" intro.

  • Jaycephus
    Jaycephus   1 weeks ago

    Use the Brian Pulido strategy of selling digital and reprints of back issues on every new crowd-funder for your new, latest book.

  • lghtngfan
    lghtngfan   1 weeks ago

    I'm confused: Aren't the Pieman Prophecies still valid even though it mentions a divorce? I mean, Ethan does have a divorce under his belt. Or, did Mike say it ended with a divorce?

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith   1 weeks ago

    I find your lack of Cecil disturbing.

  • Tony Sewell
    Tony Sewell   1 weeks ago

    AOC is a filthy commie. And them teeth tho... Also, #ButterSong.

  • Charco
    Charco   1 weeks ago

    An industry in its death throes.

  • Daytona Falls
    Daytona Falls   1 weeks ago

    I am a frugal spender, and I only backed CFBH last year, but this year is going to see me backing more books this go around. Thanks to all the CG people!

  • Mikael Olofsson
    Mikael Olofsson   1 weeks ago

    I think it was British Dick Cancer that finally sold me on the book. Sounds horrible, I don't want that!

  • tomi sarkkinen
    tomi sarkkinen   1 weeks ago

    EVS could do floppy Cyberfrog for pie shops and cafes that sell pies. Expand into the Pie fandom.

  • Robin Chiang
    Robin Chiang   1 weeks ago

    Uncle Ethan, if I pay $1 for a comic book, I'm not going to pay $25 for a sequel.

  • M. Anthony
    M. Anthony   1 weeks ago

    EVS just wondering: would you ever do a commission of a STAR WARS piece featuring REY vs Kylo Ren or somthing from the current trilogy?

  • Papa Kenesu
    Papa Kenesu   1 weeks ago

    Captain Marvel needs to do a Spin-a-rooney because she's the Five Time Reboot Champ! Now, can you dig that....SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  • Mosux2007
    Mosux2007   1 weeks ago

    "I have no butt and I must fart" LOL! Harlan Ellison would approve :)

  • Liquid Cyke
    Liquid Cyke   1 weeks ago

    Total lack of understanding of the market. We want high quality thicc books that look good on our shelves and in our hands. Going back to the 60s will not save the stores. The world has changed.

  • Simple Green
    Simple Green   1 weeks ago

    Unfortunately compromise does not seem possible with this group. Taking it to it's logical conclusion if CG wins everyone is free to make what that want and succeed or fail on their own merits. If the other side wins the dictates apply to everyone. If you want freedom the only logical choice is to join us.Viva la Comicsgate!

  • Brion The Observer
    Brion The Observer   1 weeks ago

    No self respecting Audio guy(Sound Guy) uses beats for anything. Grab AKG or Bose. Even Sennheiser or Sony is acceptable. Ditch those over priced garbage headphones

  • Sara Schwartzberg
    Sara Schwartzberg   1 weeks ago

    I agree with MIke! I have tried tons of comics because they were only $1 and looked cool and if it was good book would buy more of the series or artist!

  • Syrona
    Syrona   1 weeks ago

    3:47 Look at all that female objectification on his wall. REEEEEEEEEEEE

  • AngryBaneling
    AngryBaneling   1 weeks ago

    Ethan, are you willing to put Cyberfrog on digital? I can't really "collect" physical comics at the moment.

  • J DC
    J DC   1 weeks ago

    The GOA is a no-compromise lobby group. Love them!

  • Groatswerth
    Groatswerth   1 weeks ago

    “More candle shops than comic shops.”Of course there are! I don’t have a pull list at any comic store, but who doesn’t have a pull list including “baked apple crisp” and “ocean breeze” at a local candle shop?

  • Alec Toys
    Alec Toys   1 weeks ago

    Agree with EVS & Doug. Make them come to you or it’s not special.

  • Matt Nes'heim
    Matt Nes'heim   1 weeks ago

    Ethan, those Pitt pens you were talking about at about 13:30... Do they dry out from just use (because of the large amount of ink they use) or will they also dry out if you use them a little bit and then dont use them for a while? And YES, we do care what ink/pens you guys use. I find that stuff fascinating...

  • Darth Rangus
    Darth Rangus   1 weeks ago

    It starts with SHIT comics that 20 people across the country wants to buy. It FINISHES with Comic Retailers being literally BLACKMAILED into ordering their PROPAGANDA leaflets.Guarantee this is going to happen very, VERY soon! I really do feel sorry for the poor bastards that went out on a limb, took a loan from the bank to open a business, and make a living celebrating what they enjoy.................NOPE............Thanks to a select 20 or so PIECES OF SHIT, HORRIBLE PEOPLE ON TWITTER, Comic Retailers maybe......MAYBE...have 2 years left.

  • Darth Rangus
    Darth Rangus   1 weeks ago

    I'm calling it RIGHT NOW! RIGHT.........FUCKING....NOW! This year's new gimmick......of 2019........Instead of Multiple Variant Covers for comics....Publishers are going to SHAME Comic Stores into ordering their Comics. "Either you order 50 of these Transgendered Wolverine Comics, or your store will be "Outed" as a storefront that peddles in HATE!"Oh hell yea....mark my words, or don't even read this comment all the way, it WILL happen this year regardless....

  • shiersart
    shiersart   1 weeks ago

    I had someone the other day telling me straight that they have contacted EVS directly and thinks that Cyberfrog isn’t coming out. These people are nuts. I’m looking forward to getting my copies to show them off. Great content as usual EVS.

  • shiersart
    shiersart   1 weeks ago

    First livestream that I’ve been able to watch for a while. I understand why you delete these from your channel because of the YT algorithm but I love it when I can actually catch one of these.

  • Oniburn
    Oniburn   1 weeks ago

    You need a damn cowboy hat Ethan.

  • Everett Todd
    Everett Todd   1 weeks ago

    Split the difference. Cheap teaser ashcan with a couple pages of cyberfrog.#1 for regular price.

  • Lycan645
    Lycan645   1 weeks ago

    Ah my superchat j just wanted to hear EVS say “Do my Bidding”