Trump meets his match: Nancy Pelosi

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • CNN's Brian Todd reports on President Trump's testy relationship with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. #CNN #News
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  • wientz
    wientz   6 minuts ago

    If Nancy gets a hold of the "pee tapes" ,she, like Putin will suddenly have complete control over Trump.

  • ClassicFIHD
    ClassicFIHD   14 minuts ago

    "costly wall" Hey Nancy How you gonna stick to your guns when the cost of the shutdown exceeds $6 Billion when Trump only wants $5.6 Billion? There's no spinning that, that' all on you.

  • Hate You
    Hate You   56 minuts ago

    Fuck you liberl scum bags

  • Topazman12
    Topazman12   1 hours ago

    Nancy Pelosi just removed illegal immigrants from her own property. But she has a wall on her own property and she says that it is immoral.

  • 888strummer
    888strummer   1 hours ago

    Trump is giving Nancy and Chuck every opportunity to act like responsible politicians and to work out a compromise. Instead they are playing games because they think they are making Trump look bad. And so far they've been right. But that will start to swing as it becomes obvious that they care more about hurting Trump than helping the American people. They are now over playing their hand and the American people will start to dislike them more and more

  • J M
    J M   1 hours ago

    DAMN somebody left the gate open at the troll farm again ! 😀

  • suresh dinanathq
    suresh dinanathq   1 hours ago

    Pelosi is no TRUMP. YOU AXXHOLES ARE JUST BLOWING HOT AIR. Those who see her as his equal are just blind. Again....a jackass in a horse race. Dems have no momentum. their only hope is the support of illegals. Hence, no wall. I'd like her to go to Singh's family and say that the death of officer SINGH is manufactured. Well, it's simple, those who support her have their heads so far up their axxes, that they cannot see anything but crap.

  • J M
    J M   1 hours ago

    Pelosi is far superior to Trump ! She's intelligent and Trump's a MORON ! 😳 Also Trump's losing his mind about MUELLER PROBE ! 😵

    BALTIMORE MARYLAND   1 hours ago

    Here's the thing. If Trump surrenders and opens the government he might gain as many supporters then he lost. It's more than just the 800,000 federal employees. It's also the food vendors and contractors that are more devastating to the overall economy. Because most federal employees will ultimately get reimbursed but the contractors and subcontractors will not.

  • Judy Smith
    Judy Smith   1 hours ago

    Oh yes I have one for her inside trader!

  • PlayWell DoWell
    PlayWell DoWell   2 hours ago

    The white supremacist is losing power all over again.. and now crying out load yelling “Trump, Trump, Trump”. This is wad happens when you fked up your education, and still hoping to feel superior over others. You are diabolically deluded. The future stand by the cleverest, not slickest con man.. I Guess only those who are fked up will go to him like he is some sort of saviour to regain their supremacy ego that they once hold.

  • Derick Singh
    Derick Singh   2 hours ago

    Cnn u is a cack in half without a head shumer get the head lesban pelocy😀get the shaftu reporter ge the feeling😱

  • i max
    i max   2 hours ago

    Trump's 10 foolproof art of the deals:1. Bully people2. Wonder why step 1 doesn't work on some people.3. Declare a 'win' anyway.4. There is no step 5-10. Step 1 has to work.

  • GoodISnipr
    GoodISnipr   2 hours ago

    How do the People vote to impeach Pelosi and other traitors out of their offices asap?

  • Lynda Mitton
    Lynda Mitton   2 hours ago

    Donald has not met his match....he has met his ultimate superior , and he does not know what to do. Maybe he doesn’t get many no’s and this is a new experience! You see Donald...Nancy has’s something you cannot imitate or buy!

  • Veronica Anthony
    Veronica Anthony   2 hours ago

    Pelosi won't loose...trump is like a big zitt... leave it alone... let it pop on💩💩💩💩💩🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👌

  • karen doyle
    karen doyle   2 hours ago

    CNN & Pelosi the storm is coming....

  • Jeanne 54
    Jeanne 54   2 hours ago

    Pretty sad so many fine people have been victimized by this Narcissist! Destroying others BOOSTS his OWN EGO! He’s a Professional SMEAR CAMPAIGNER against ANYONE who says “NO” or Challenges him in any way!

  • Picket Fence
    Picket Fence   2 hours ago

    Pelosi is going to give Trump that spanking he needed 70 years ago.

  • Bob leroy
    Bob leroy   2 hours ago

    trump hates women that do now kiss his ass

  • Nat Jac
    Nat Jac   2 hours ago

    Government jobs are often attractive because of the good benefits, retirement, vacation time, and reliability etc. Not anymore. People will be fearful that they could be out of work at anytime if there are shutdowns. Too bad it could'nt just be those people who want a wall to be out of work

  • mikey fiftythree
    mikey fiftythree   2 hours ago

    Trump needs this wall for the win, no doubt, but he also despises the thought of losing to a woman.

  • dee jay
    dee jay   2 hours ago

    Pelosi already lostShe's nothingShe the cancerAmericans love TRUMP

  • ralph salotto
    ralph salotto   2 hours ago

    Way to go lefties, let's flood the country with welfare recipients, drug peddlers gang members and people who could give a sh!t about America. Thanks. P.S. Take the doors off your houses.

  • Elizabeth Nash
    Elizabeth Nash   2 hours ago

    The press really should stop talking about this as some type of personal victory for Pelosi, as a 'win' for her. Sure that's exactly what it is for Trump, but NOT for Pelosi. Pelosi is trying to retain the independence of our Congress, a mandate that Mitch McConnell has already surrendered about. When McConnell stated, publically, that he would NOT put ANY bill before the Senate without the President's PRIOR APPROVAL, at that moment he gave up any right to be a Senator. The Congress is NOT something controlled and moved by a president's whim. It's very existence in the first place is to ensure the president does NOT have absolute power. It's an independent and co-equal arm of our Government. If Congress caves in to Trump's demands, regardless of what he's asking for, then at that moment, our Congress ceases to exist.

  • Alex Boricua
    Alex Boricua   2 hours ago

    Hey trump!! This is what REAL politicians do (Pelosi)... Trump met her match???? What a joke! They are strong 💪🏻 and not like does people you like to fired all the time and take your BS.Are you gonna fired her also?

  • windell parker
    windell parker   3 hours ago

    CNN ,,, SATAN"S LAP DOG..... a Jewish sewer pipe......YES IT IS...... Nancy Pelosi AKA Linda Blair, CNN Fake naws......34

  • sirus804
    sirus804   3 hours ago

    Lol at all the salty Trumptards and Russian bots in the comments.

  • Beverly Nelson
    Beverly Nelson   3 hours ago

    if he didnt do his jib and just set down and let them come in and take over who wd he be foreal im with our president respect the flag presidents and counrty or maybe ur in the wronge country give the man the wall forgod sake why u dnt want our country safe makes no sence u shdnt be aloud to come in with out id so we know who u are pierod

  • Stoney Curtis
    Stoney Curtis   3 hours ago

    Trump puts his imaginary 'National Emergency' on hold...That pretty much sums up how fake on an emergency it is.

  • Grinder79 Aleixo
    Grinder79 Aleixo   3 hours ago

    Peloci is a politician and she cares more about the eligal immigrants then the American people Screw her!!!!