Trump meets his match: Nancy Pelosi

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • CNN's Brian Todd reports on President Trump's testy relationship with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. #CNN #News
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  • thedevilsmaster
    thedevilsmaster   28 minuts ago

    Peelosi is no match for trump or anyone with a brain

  • Cipher Oceanus
    Cipher Oceanus   55 minuts ago

    The democrats want to keep the drug and human trafficking lanes open!  The FBI needs to drop this Russian stuff and follow the money..

  • Darrell Dawson
    Darrell Dawson   1 hours ago

    Trumptard this is what a Strong, Confident Woman looks like!!! Something you haven't came across in a very long time!!

  • Manfred Man
    Manfred Man   1 hours ago

    So sad, Look at California, it's unbelievable , people are leaving, so many problems, so many causes, and no one, is to blame ...

  • Richard Mann
    Richard Mann   2 hours ago

    Met his match ???? I think not. It has been proven that Trump did not storm out. Why does CNN keep reporting trash.

  • Capricosm
    Capricosm   3 hours ago

    Fuk is wolf still on CNN. Cant this kunt walk in front of a bus.

  • george davis
    george davis   5 hours ago

    Well of course he fears Nancy Pelosi, she's educated, he's not. No contest. Don't let up Nancy, put him in his place!

  • mike white
    mike white   5 hours ago

    Trump is right and Pelosi is wrong. She is corrupt and has a personal wall. Make it a sex issue CNN. Pathetic. Liberals are wrong all around now. I walked away Years ago. Listen to the Morons comment. How many adults turn liberal? a few for welfare. How Many liberals switch? Many. Know why ? Wake up and help save Out society. Then We can help everyone else. And don't call Me racist I spent Years in Latin America. OH my God Rosie O'Donnel ? E.Warren? Morons. Sorry to name call.

  • isaac powell
    isaac powell   8 hours ago

    TRUMP said this would happen if she was elected. We already knew this .. NEXT 🍻

  • arthur taylor
    arthur taylor   8 hours ago

    Could someone sit Pelosi down, get her a bottle of night train, and explain to her that "just say no" was an anti drug thing that Nancy Reagan cooked up after a rehab a long time ago. We're not doing that anymore.

  • Airick Anderson
    Airick Anderson   8 hours ago

    Where is the First Lady at to support Trump and all his Diabolical Debauchery?... I swear that Woman is never around!... (Scoufs) 🤨

  • Mike Arami
    Mike Arami   10 hours ago

    And Immigants are in here now by the bus load. Gezz.

  • Steven Dx
    Steven Dx   11 hours ago

    Wolf of the Nazi Socialist Blitzer Party? The leader of the maniacal nazi socialist genocide abortion policy Democrat platform, Obama, did not fund the wall, he funded Iran with untraceable currency, a sworn enemy of the United States?Wolf of the Nazi Abortion Genocide Blitzer Party? Nicer ring for that one? A wall for the OUTNUMBERED border patrol agents that makes their job less dangerous and more effective, is too boring for CNN to talk about?Fake News CNN owes OJ Simpson billions, because he was the source of their ratings, not content? Stop hating America CNN?

  • Mary Lincoln
    Mary Lincoln   11 hours ago

    Democrats and the American Media are ASS WIPES..

    TOMMY VIGIL   11 hours ago

    CNN, Chuck and Pelosi are even worse than your news network, KUSI in San Diego talked about your lame tactics on trying to create even more fake news.

  • half track mind
    half track mind   12 hours ago

    First if i was trump. All i saw for years and years was executive orders. From bush sr to obama . soo pass an exective order. To take walls down around obamas home nancys home. LERS LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!

  • multtee randall
    multtee randall   12 hours ago

    Nancy Pelosi is smarter then Trump, he finally has met a woman who can put check on him

  • martinko40
    martinko40   12 hours ago

    CNN = FAKE news !! Nancy Pelosi is a SHAME for common sense. What kind of IDIOTS voted for her ??

  • Joe Aral
    Joe Aral   12 hours ago

    You guys should look deeper into things. Listen to this pathetic shit! He cant handle a strong woman? Pelosi? Come on man-!!

  • Robert Loney
    Robert Loney   12 hours ago

    Nancy should just tell the American people that wants for this country to go down, she does not care about the security of the American people. American people are not stupid, they can see how hypocritical you are. Let more illegal criminals, drugs cross our border....we will pay the price will see! Go ahead , we need more cars on the freeways, more people , means it will create rent increases in CA. More problems, etc. Go Ahead Nancy!! Invite the whole world! You really have to be so stupid to think that your ideas will work. {A democrat here, that will vote Republican in 2020}

  • Smith Thomson
    Smith Thomson   12 hours ago

    I will say goodnight the Trolls are out and since they have nothing to say that makes sense I will go read.

  • Paris Shenae
    Paris Shenae   13 hours ago

    Hey peeps 🤞🏽❤🙏 Please check out my freestyle on shut down 🌍#WorldPeace

  • RedReign
    RedReign   13 hours ago

    Pelosi is shit. Always has been. She was shit 10 years ago she'll be shit today

  • Terryl Brenner-Bath
    Terryl Brenner-Bath   13 hours ago

    Pelosi .......not in this lifetime!!! You people are so pathetic! You totally miss the point on why she is doing this. Talk about stupid. None of you tell the truth. You have sold your souls for a job....that makes you mislead and lie every day. But......your day is coming! TBB

  • Kim Cart
    Kim Cart   13 hours ago

    Pelosi and Schumer are deplorable. Both of them should DROP DEAD. How did Pelosi get so rich in just a few years? She is probably doing a bit of trafficking on the side--no wonder she does not want the wall, the rotten hag.

  • ArrowJ Smith
    ArrowJ Smith   14 hours ago

    This is lame. Nancy is to damn stupid to own anything with morals and ethics.

  • Elsa Williams
    Elsa Williams   14 hours ago

    Stand firm Pelosi. Trump won the election by lying to his "followers", promising that Mexico will pay for the wall". He is also afraid of ANN COULTER..... that is the reason for his stance.

  • Patricia Blakely
    Patricia Blakely   14 hours ago

    Mega WWG1 WAG., I AM SORRY, not seeing any evidence of strong women thing. Seeing a person a person with neurological problems, and degradation of speech pattern.

  • Patricia Blakely
    Patricia Blakely   14 hours ago

    Give me a break!!! Nancy Pelosis is not a ocurring savy lady. She is a hair off Alzheimer's . I watched her taking 2 days ago and she was babbling trying to make a complete entice. Where did you find this reporter. He is a dummy trying to make a point. Where is your evidence of Pelosis being a cunning preaching debtor. I have not seen you evidence or point.

  • flores1450
    flores1450   14 hours ago

    Trump is a POS son of a bitch!!