Shutdown stalls bill to address missing Native American women

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks with former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp about Savanna's Act, potentially life-saving legislation designed to address violence against Native American women, and how it's being impacted by the shutdown. #CNN #News
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  • Lunamaria
    Lunamaria   3 days ago

    More Native men are murdered and victims of violence than women.. Why do women get special treatment?.. Why aren't we addressing the entire issue of violence period?

  • Phillip Nettles
    Phillip Nettles   3 days ago


  • Raj
    Raj   3 days ago

    Native American's across the Americas are treated like shit. They should murder government employees that cross their borders.

  • DasEichenlaub
    DasEichenlaub   3 days ago

    Didn't stall any of that Israel bull shit. Go ask Israel for help with the missing indians

  • Lewis Lemons III
    Lewis Lemons III   3 days ago

    lady you did not get chased by a grizzly bear. She should have skipped that lie.

  • Gabriel Castaneda
    Gabriel Castaneda   4 days ago

    Man. The dems better hurry and give the money for the wall so that this important legislation can get put on the books.

  • Kergonan9
    Kergonan9   4 days ago

    To take away the salaray of congressmen and senators as long as there is a shutdown, that's a wondeful idea. Too bad it's unlikely to ever happen.

  • Noplay
    Noplay   4 days ago

    I want a cool name like Greywind.

  • TrapHouseTV
    TrapHouseTV   4 days ago

    Only reason people care is cuz she looks white FOH CNN

  • donn patez
    donn patez   4 days ago

    Should be treated as an another human not native American. That's the thing in america they have a color a definition a class for everything. Americans are one the least united people on earth.

  • John Zabik
    John Zabik   4 days ago

    #Trump2020 Declare a National Emergency to Build the Wall

  • Twilight Gardens presentations

    In the black community it is known that law enforcers like to cause harm by negligence and neglect of citizens deemed other or lesser. Police even Connor crimes against these people, giving them no reason to investigate in earnest.

  • Audilife
    Audilife   4 days ago

    this is an epidemic lolbut immigration isn't?

  • Robert Clawson
    Robert Clawson   4 days ago

    Democrats for the wall: Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi..

  • Elvoray Bane of the Darkness

    CNN - forget about their news viewership going down....Now.......Their propaganda viewer ratings are going down. CNN fell lower in PrimeTime ratings than the low rated blue color comedy "My Toilet Needs Cleaning".

  • June's Outside Contact

    Well you know if they were white and it was thought an illegal alien had done anything to them this would be nonstop news and that fucking bill would be passed a while ago. America puts a different price on the heads of different races and ethnicities unfortunately. Good ole Merica!

  • Badpeace82
    Badpeace82   4 days ago

    Omg!!! Good luck. The res is a different animal, this shit happens more than anyone knows. Maybe if we stop giving them money and get rid of the res government, we could stop this.

  • loukcyp
    loukcyp   4 days ago

    Her sister probably ate her.

  • Get Social
    Get Social   4 days ago

    Native Americans - The group that has a history of being treated just as bad, if not worse, than Black people in this country. Native Americans are definitely way more forgotten while people try to whitewash and cover up the history and what has happened to the true Americans.

  • Sal'tripin
    Sal'tripin   4 days ago

    the wall is already there it is a FENCE End the TRUMP Shutdown...… "I'll Own the shutdown" he said it not me....

  • Matman Azure
    Matman Azure   4 days ago

    I live on the Ft Peck Reservation located in Montana. American Indians also have the highest teen-suicide rates in the nation as well. Drugs, Alcohol and high poverty are where most of the problems lie within. We’re not looking for attention or sympathy only help and solutions to best combat our problems which we face. I do not do drugs or alcohol like people’s common stereotype suggests. I’m also a combat veteran who served this great country. Please keep us in the prayers! Hoka hey, Pidmiya!

  • Sophie Louis
    Sophie Louis   4 days ago

    Suspect For Kidnapping & Manslauther Are ISIS Fugitives Swine Pig Premila Jayapal aka(Angela Hernandez).

  • eye see
    eye see   4 days ago


  • Yhous Wholhoukhum
    Yhous Wholhoukhum   4 days ago

    It's the native men that are the problem, they attack their own women. I have heard the stories time and time again from friends and through others. The men in those communities need to learn how to be men, and stop blaming the lack of a 200+ year old traditions for their lack of personal responsibility and self identity. I never knew my parents but I knew what was right and wrong.

  • Tamera Dickison
    Tamera Dickison   4 days ago

    Abusive Covert Narcissists have no defense against a native empath woman who makes him face his untruths and has no fear of refusing to comply.....:)

  • sabbath22222
    sabbath22222   4 days ago

    Fake media sheep you haven't woke up yet???? Open your eyes. Every day every second, fake media are tell us bad things about our president. nothing holds water. he has been investigated since he took office and nothing came from that. he has done way to many good things for are country but you never hear that from the fake media. what does that tell you. come on. i see a third grade mentality here. investigate a little and you will see fake media started all this hate and division of our country. youtube news feeds from the election until now and if that don't set you straight your lost and your opinions have no bearing

  • dev0n james
    dev0n james   5 days ago

    the narrative will be the white man did it.

  • Beauty By Bridget D
    Beauty By Bridget D   5 days ago

    The Native American Nations are SOOOOO NEGLECTED because of jurisdiction issues. The federal government and its agencies need to do what they can to get protection in place for these women!!! If 5,000+ women went missing and/or slain OUTSIDE of the Nations, it would be SOLVED and justice served!! PLEASE HELP our Native American sisters find peace and hope!!#Savannahslaw, #NativeAmericanLivesMatter #justicefornativeamericanwomenandgirls

  • Carol Weiss
    Carol Weiss   5 days ago

    HEY FANCY nancy pelosi; would you please DONATE half of your one hundred million dollars you made from tax payers to the BATTERED WOMEN living in this great country? You made this wealth as a twisted politician, not as a business woman, nor a celebrity nor a doctor. hello nancy, are your ovaries big enough to do this for a GOOD humane CAUSE??? STOP your Hypocrisy with the people of this great nation. Enough...