Testing the GT500 Crown Vic w/NEW Cams and Pulley... Making A LOT More Boost!

  • Published on: December 9 Nov 2018

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  • Johnny Lester Jr.
    Johnny Lester Jr.   1 months ago

    is that 9 second Firebird from WV?I could of swore the plates that are seen in the 2nd video of his launch off the line you can see WV plates on the rear of the vehicle?

  • #DOITFORDALE! 3800life
    #DOITFORDALE! 3800life   1 months ago

    The moment you mentioned a smaller pulley I almost said belt slip.. gtp guy here!

  • Keith Clayton
    Keith Clayton   1 months ago

    I really think you should put some strobe lights on neighbor!

  • Crusty Sock
    Crusty Sock   1 months ago

    If this was a police car youd see red white and blue even without the lights

  • billcharlene1450
    billcharlene1450   2 months ago

    Next time someone luaghs when you say "stickers add hp"...Now you can reply with "well..ductape does for sure!"

  • Rob Sorgdrager
    Rob Sorgdrager   2 months ago

    I know a belt off a 4.2 trail Blazer fits and its a cun hair bigger in length, if your tensioner has the travel it might work.....I chucked a belt one day and only had a t-blaze belt , so on the Vic she went and it got me home

  • Zachary Evans
    Zachary Evans   2 months ago

    Race big chief or shawn. On the streets. Man van or caddy jack.

  • Tom Parry
    Tom Parry   2 months ago

    Hey hey! Put some twin turbskies on that 5.4 mod motor and Neighbor will put Sketchy Vert over its knee and spank his bare ass in front of everyone!!!

  • Taylor George
    Taylor George   2 months ago

    Sorry but this is not my world..I am not a millonare....I am happy if i can buy a good bycicle...But what da dick?There is no drivechain in the world what can handle that not too much power?

  • 6.0 Bros
    6.0 Bros   2 months ago

    Best line "you know they say you learn something everyday....now we know duct tape may not be the best idea." Lmao. Love this channel

  • Byron Saxton
    Byron Saxton   2 months ago

    When are you going to upload the footage from cletus and cars? Seen some from boosted boys, looking forward to your content

  • Dylan Dembrow
    Dylan Dembrow   2 months ago


  • Marcus Ford
    Marcus Ford   2 months ago

    I live in Georgia and was wondering when the next cleetus and cars around my state is going to be?

  • Ken Brown
    Ken Brown   2 months ago


  • Ian Bailey
    Ian Bailey   2 months ago

    hey its been 3 days since this video, im ready to unsubscribe lol more content please

  • Frank
    Frank   2 months ago

    Cleetus are you still alive

  • Cody white
    Cody white   2 months ago

    Awww man i missed your video I'm really sorry

  • Lino Rivera
    Lino Rivera   2 months ago

    WHERES THE VIDEO FROM CLEETUS&CARS /////////////////????????

  • doc
    doc   2 months ago

    Sketchy vert only has like 3k subs on his YouTube channel..... come on guys lets look out for the man hit that sub button

  • chargerhemiman79
    chargerhemiman79   2 months ago

    holy facepalm. first thing i thought of when they started taping that pulley. better make sure it's wrapped the right way.. ah well. they have some late days/nights. happens to the best of us.

  • James Miller
    James Miller   2 months ago

    Close the plugs up. We run TR7IX’s over 15psi and run them up to 25psi. Last car we tuned at 25 psi we closed the gap up to .020” and alleviated spark blow out. Also, you’ll want to step up the idler below the Metco idler to a 90 mm, step to a thump or an American racing tensioner and try the fleet runner belt. We do a lot of GT500’s so these are common issues we see. The car would make 23-25 psi easy without the cams and ported heads.

  • Alt Codes
    Alt Codes   2 months ago


  • Aaron Freeman
    Aaron Freeman   2 months ago

    I don’t know if anyone will see this but I will try. There are thousands of people left with nothing due to the camp fire destroying Paradise, Ca. I am trying to help out one family in general that lost everything. I know how amazing Cleetus is and this community so I figured I’d post this here. https://www.facebook.com/donate/1905375916243007/?fundraiser_source=external_url

  • Joe Doole
    Joe Doole   2 months ago

    Also, forget the cams, pulleys etc and throw twin turbskies on that Vic; my 07 went 9.50s on a stock blower but I was able to click off a PB of 8.93 with two 76mm PTE Billet wheel turbos and a bone stock untouched longblock. Race weight was nearly 2 tons

  • Joe Doole
    Joe Doole   2 months ago

    What plug are you running and what's the gap @ that boost level? Anything in the 18-24psi range on the Eaton and you should shy away from Motorcraft plugs and stock gap. You want a colder plug (obviously) than stock and Ford changed the OEM plug in 2013. Brisk Racing GR12YS gapped.026 or NGK TR7-IX if you want an iridum plug, also gapped .026 for that boost level. When you start to clearance your plugs start around. 028 and read the plug then adjust down if necessary. Hell yea brother!

    GOT DAMN   2 months ago

    Neighbor gonna get fucked up by uncle sam lol

  • Austin G
    Austin G   2 months ago

    Hell nah brother, We all wating for your new video 11-12-18. Do it for dale. Do it for your subs. Do it brother

  • Trey Schoonover
    Trey Schoonover   2 months ago

    If you cant fix it with ducktape your not using enough ducktape