Lemon: Steve King has 'out Trumped' Trump

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • CNN's Don Lemon ponders how the GOP can stand by Rep. Steve King, the Iowa Republican who has a history of making racially inflammatory remarks, after he made sympathetic comments towards white supremacists. #CNN #News
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  • Juanita Kelly
    Juanita Kelly   11 minuts ago

    Y'all are getting rid of Steve King for what he said, Donald Trump is worser, why are the Democrats and Republicans can't get rid of Donald Trump he is not a god he is only a man, an asshole of a man. He needs to be put out to pasture, the same place where cows SHIT so they can SHIT on him like he keeps shiting on us.

  • ryvr madduck
    ryvr madduck   34 minuts ago

    There is not serious way a seriously racist person like Don Lemon can comment on or criticize any other person's alleged racism. Don Lemon is a bigoted, faggot racist.

  • linds2584
    linds2584   45 minuts ago

    I live in Iowa I didn't vote for this man I'm disgusted by his comments. I have been for a long time.

  • Uny Mirless
    Uny Mirless   54 minuts ago

    What a faggotFuck you Don lemon head

  • People Health Truth
    People Health Truth   2 hours ago

    King allegedly asked 'when' did certain terms become offensive? Demonrat Rashida Tlaib called #1 white man leader of the world a motherf***r on her 1st day and Speaker Pelosi says she won't censor her speech. Satanist Hillary lost because of her open hatred of white Christian and normal who she calls Deplorable and Irredeemable.

  • VINO9411
    VINO9411   3 hours ago

    Don Lemon dreams of having Butt Sex with Trump, Donny boy keep Dreaming LMAO!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Thetford
    Bill Thetford   3 hours ago

    MAGA.....people that are sheltered dont understand......this is serious business about the drugs and crimes

  • Erik S
    Erik S   3 hours ago

    Oh these poor Republicucks, struggling to face the facts, that the age of Old Entitled WASP Guys in charge is coming to an end. So sad, so sad.

  • Joe Tolley
    Joe Tolley   4 hours ago

    Raceism is so damn yesterday....what are your values, do you swear allegence to the USA.... culture,langage boarders.

  • Joe Tolley
    Joe Tolley   4 hours ago

    The Republicans should listen to King.

  • Joe Tolley
    Joe Tolley   4 hours ago

    I love this guy.He is a good nationalist.

  • javier castellon
    javier castellon   5 hours ago

    The media has managed to brainwash a lot of people.  A lie repeated 1000 times becomes perception.  Perception becomes truth.  Slowly but surely the liberal media is brainwashing us all.

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins   6 hours ago

    Really? Don Lemon is probably the most racist person in the media. How do idiots like this and the liberal media get away with everything? Why does your party tolerate you being a racist, Don Lemon....the gay homophobe.Manufactured crisis? All the liberal media say the same exact thing over and over. It was ok when Obama said it was a crisis, but Trump......its not ok. CNN is such a piece of shit.

  • Nicholas Benson
    Nicholas Benson   6 hours ago

    https://youtu.be/RQCH6fjxttYDon the racist, evidenced here, is now moral grandstanding?Hypocrite

  • Serenity Now
    Serenity Now   7 hours ago

    Don Lemon must have sexual fantasies over President Trump 😂

  • Phoenix Mister Two
    Phoenix Mister Two   7 hours ago

    I cannot see where any of his comments are racist, past or present. The reaction from the loony left only further justifies what his statement meant. Those that find him racist are nothing but race baiters, white knights, morons, and liars. My generation in particular wont apologize for exposing the double standard among the American race differences; and likewise, we don't feel guilty for what our ancient ancestors did eons ago. He is correct about Diversity not being a strength, and he has every justification to say that breeding out any particular race, is bad, especially when it is forced like we see in our forced diversity programs pushed by the racist leftists of the country. Ask yourself this question, is it really ok to be white in 2019? You bet your ass it is, and white people should be proud of who they are and never back down.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith   7 hours ago

    I bet Don's glasses get showered with cum every night

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith   7 hours ago

    Don lemonhead is a idiot and a queer and wears glasses. God hates him 3 ways hahahaha

  • Len Peterson
    Len Peterson   8 hours ago

    The superior white race invented cars, trains, planes, rockets, insulin, electricity, radio, TV, computers, youtube, telephones, and everything else. We need non-whites for what?

  • Myra Mick
    Myra Mick   8 hours ago

    Don Lemon's Dishonest Debate Tactics, Sweden Rape Stats, a Visual Breakdownhttps://youtu.be/hW4lXsxLU9M

  • coolsouth S
    coolsouth S   8 hours ago

    Uh. Are we not part of Western Civilization? Cue the outrage! Lol 😭😭😭😭

  • Jason F
    Jason F   8 hours ago

    Dip s*** Lemonhead is the real hypocrite.

  • wand1263
    wand1263   9 hours ago

    Don Lemon will melt in the seat one day with his race baiting snow flaking fake news!

  • Michael Prete
    Michael Prete   10 hours ago

    I hate Reagan but that was a great farewell speech

  • Len Peterson
    Len Peterson   10 hours ago

    The movement of people across the world (refugees, immigrants) is always in one direction only: from non white towards white. What does that tell you about total racial superiority?

  • Dynasty Of 3
    Dynasty Of 3   11 hours ago

    Discrimination, racism, and colorism go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. Trump doesn’t like muslims but funded 110 billion to Saudi Arabia and 38 billion to Israel for military assistance. Plus an additional 550 million to Israel for additional assistance. But he doesn’t want them here? Conflicting interests of trump.

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark   11 hours ago

    Don lemon is a racist pos like king both need to go away.

  • Taelan Baylor
    Taelan Baylor   12 hours ago

    He says "america has always been great" but hasnt he long said that america was built upon racist white supremacy?

  • Jimmy Faceshooter
    Jimmy Faceshooter   14 hours ago

    As long as one libtarded commucrat lives, the Republic is in danger.

  • Apurba Khan
    Apurba Khan   16 hours ago

    Some of Trump supporters who leaks trump's feet are going to say Don Lemon is racist.

  • Will Robinson
    Will Robinson   16 hours ago

    This reporter is such a smug retard it's laughable. They want to stop ILLEGAL immigration NOT ALL immigration. Why don't you brainless fools understand that???

  • Will Robinson
    Will Robinson   16 hours ago

    More fake BS news filled with hatred to stop progress.

  • SARAI Dawta of ISRAEL
    SARAI Dawta of ISRAEL   17 hours ago

    Dear God lmao @ 4:59 when Europeans speak like this I just think how did your people get there, did you shake hands and agree nicely OR did you theorise the shit out of people 🤔 and who flooded the country with cocaine and heroine in the first place cause it wasn’t melanated people.What a bunch of forgetful narcissistic hypocrites Caucasians are.... I don’t know how the words god bless America falls out they’re mouths so smoothly.

  • Davex 4545
    Davex 4545   17 hours ago

    Have people forgotten that the democrat party was founded to block the abolishment of slavery gave America segregation Jim Crow and KKK. Just because subsidizing illegitimacy and irresponsible behavior in order to enslave people on the democrat plantation doesn’t mean they give a shit about those they have destroyed it’s all about enslavement, dependency and the votes that comes along with that dependency.