World Cup Day #4 - Leroy Goes Out in a BLAZE OF GLORY! (Racing World's Fastest AWD Civic!)

  • Published on: December 6 Nov 2018

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  • Runtime : 17.10


  • william schermerhorn

    Few more weeks and leroy is in the record books what a pass that could be . Looking ahead always for the good in me now and forever ............Moving right along . A new diff please????!!!!when a plan comes together , you dont only win the WOURLD record you are accomplished and you did it with a little help from your friends gday

  • Short Shaggy
    Short Shaggy   1 weeks ago

    Great content... more class when your having fun.. even if you do blow 3 diffs

  • Leo Karasinski
    Leo Karasinski   1 weeks ago

    C5 diffs are apparently the dana 35s of the Corvette world lol

  • Sgt Jay
    Sgt Jay   1 weeks ago

    Awesome, learning experience, no worries. I would have put the best parts in and IE billet tranny, and saved the stock for later. Be proud of all you have accomplished! Thanks for the content! Do it for Dale!

  • Scott Marshall
    Scott Marshall   1 weeks ago

    Gotta hate going out in the 1st round. Get that rear suspension working, it's too tight, especially for a hot track. Next time!!

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle   2 weeks ago

    What time would Leroy have run if the trans did not break? 7.70?

  • Joe H
    Joe H   2 weeks ago

    As my friends dad always said when me n my buddy were racing. Beat em or break it trying. You are awesome. Keep it up

  • QueensJack
    QueensJack   2 weeks ago

    This is reality in racing and that Honda met it's match, on to the next adventure!

  • Mike Bircher
    Mike Bircher   2 weeks ago

    It's drag racing. If you're not breaking something, you're not driving hard enough.

  • Russ Nordstrom
    Russ Nordstrom   2 weeks ago

    Hey never be sorry for pushing the limits. Just started watching your videos tonight, but you guys seem pretty cool.

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin   3 weeks ago

    I hope your next race isn't another breakdown.You we're running in the top 20 when it worked well, aside from the breakdowns.Better luck next year.

  • JR
    JR   1 months ago

    AERO! This thing needs body panels!! Panels = 200mph

  • Ahmed April
    Ahmed April   1 months ago

    you need a clutchless drag transmission

  • tigerraven And co
    tigerraven And co   1 months ago

    it was my birthday two days ago i want a mtndew hat ill get one when i move out of my parents house

  • dreamerartworx
    dreamerartworx   1 months ago

    Never apologize because the car breaks! You put crazy much effort in for all fans so you already made us proud coming this far!Just keep going! Fix it and show Leroy who's the boss! Leroy should obey you since you are his master! :)Go for the Fuuuuull Puuuuull! :)

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C   1 months ago

    i was so sad when this happened, you had him though at least

  • BMF 69
    BMF 69   1 months ago

    You were taking him to Gapplebees!

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P   1 months ago

    I love this channels fans. Especially on YouTube. I never see negative comments. When I read them I feel part of a fam.

  • JookerSK
    JookerSK   1 months ago

    I´m sorry man.. :D You can´t shift :D :D :D

  • Jason Ross
    Jason Ross   1 months ago

    raffel leroys broken parts..after all it was up against a new world record awd car :)

  • Peter Rosqvist
    Peter Rosqvist   1 months ago

    Up in the saddle again Cleetus, just bad luck.But wtf, it´s fun when it´s run.

  • Natalia Kruschev
    Natalia Kruschev   1 months ago

    I'm not just here for the victories. I'm here for the ride. You don't owe any of us an apology. That launch against the Civic was perfection. The trans didn't hold up.Now, the ZR1 diff and the face-plated T56 are going to make that next win all the more sweeter.

  • Zack Price
    Zack Price   1 months ago

    Cleetus.... please call out big chief and them boys from street outlaws that would be a great show

  • clutsta
    clutsta   1 months ago

    6:55 alien tears???

  • MrCdots
    MrCdots   1 months ago

    Just found your channel and loving your content. Was sad but you so had him.

  • Andrew Chuisano
    Andrew Chuisano   1 months ago

    New fan catching up, just remember GM made Vettes hard to hook for a reason! Love your videos man keep up the great work.