• Published on: December 11 Des 201

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    REACT   1 months ago

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  • Rakeb Samson
    Rakeb Samson   3 weeks ago

    Love how Chelsea stand shawnnn Yesss She got to meet him I’m quaking😭😭🇨🇦🇨🇦🍁🍁🍁

    VVONDERVVALL   3 weeks ago

    5:42 we know you know her, ethan. we saw you holding back.

  • Caitlin Brayne
    Caitlin Brayne   3 weeks ago

    How can alisyn and kelli literally know nothing about music

  • Ankith Poovanna
    Ankith Poovanna   3 weeks ago

    I get so stressed out when they don't get the song right

  • sweet vee
    sweet vee   3 weeks ago

    i thought the last song was careless whisper

  • B wills
    B wills   3 weeks ago

    i knew the last one instantly lol

  • Natasia Christy
    Natasia Christy   3 weeks ago

    OMG i hear shawn mendes and i'm freaking out😂😂

  • ItsmeLeigh
    ItsmeLeigh   3 weeks ago

    I tried this ..loke who dosen't join an fbe challenge while watching it...and i got the last song in 1 second

  • Casey Boyle
    Casey Boyle   3 weeks ago

    You should totally do a guess that theme song from old Nick/ Disney shows

  • Sam Moro
    Sam Moro   3 weeks ago

    Kelli and Alyson made me frustrated 😂

  • Matt Wolf
    Matt Wolf   3 weeks ago

    them 2 girls dont listen to no music lmfao

  • Yumi Reyes
    Yumi Reyes   3 weeks ago

    now that u look at it AUSTIN and ETHAN JAMES looks like twins am i missing something?????

  • Manny Covers
    Manny Covers   3 weeks ago

    “tHaT cAn bE 8 oThEr sOnGs”I knew that was Katy Perry I kissed a girl on first listen lol

  • dea lux
    dea lux   3 weeks ago

    alberto if u see this hmu

  • Lize
    Lize   3 weeks ago

    8:10 i knew it was katy perry with 1 second just not which song ksks

  • Andy Hill
    Andy Hill   3 weeks ago

    Holy crap, Austin's fine, isn't he.