Relaxing Jazz & Bossa Nova Music Radio - Chill Out Piano & Guitar Music

  • Published on: 15 January 2019
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  • all idols deserve respect

    What nooooo this was the best livestream ever, I concentrated so well when I listened to it ;-;

  • 幸运DLC
    幸运DLC   1 days ago

    我真想知道 这个视频要上传你多久? 我靠了

  • 幸运DLC
    幸运DLC   1 days ago

    我这边看不了啊, 是不是因为时间太长了, 我没有看错吗? 10486:55:04?

  • TΛBBY : Chill
    TΛBBY : Chill   1 days ago

    10000 HOURS LONGSI still remember the beginning of this stream, sad to see it end.

  • teal.
    teal.   2 days ago

    Is it just me or I can’t play it on my phone now...???

  • ziho zeon
    ziho zeon   2 days ago

    "This video is unavailable on this device" lol

  • Chad Lehman
    Chad Lehman   3 days ago

    Well I guess that's over, was getting to know a few. I'll be around seeking more zen and good humans.

  • Hayden Love
    Hayden Love   3 days ago

    This was my third home and now I miss it so bad

  • Ryan Reed
    Ryan Reed   3 days ago

    Well... here it is. The end of the Rainy Jazz.. btw I have a foot fetish😀😂

  • Zerrw
    Zerrw   3 days ago

    wait what.. how the heck can I study now?

  • Emiliaphilia
    Emiliaphilia   3 days ago's over?? how will i study now? for real, I had the stream running daily in my house and it calmed my nerves and helped me concentrate. Hope it goes live again one day :)

  • onefineday111
    onefineday111   3 days ago

    I've had this playing every night while I've slept because I hate sleeping with silence... Goodnight, sweet prince...

  • Gail Jones
    Gail Jones   3 days ago

    oh no!! I loved this so much! Thanks for it. xx

  • Joe Stephan
    Joe Stephan   4 days ago

    I live in an old vw camper. It's a rainy night here on the California Central coast. As before, I will be leaving it on while I sleep. Good night.

  • Government
    Government   4 days ago

    It was nice to see all of you nice people during the stream been great talking to you guys hope we meet again in another stream

  • Lio.
    Lio.   4 days ago

    Thank you 🌊

  • Mikey Kingett
    Mikey Kingett   4 days ago

    Can we get an F in the chat for the live stream

  • Legendary Singh
    Legendary Singh   4 days ago

    This was a fantastic live stream. Sad to see it go though.

  • sebastianj1
    sebastianj1   4 days ago

    this is the end of the history of Goku :')

  • João Pinho
    João Pinho   4 days ago

    I wish you good times. I Love to play the Piano and Music. ARTS in general. Hugs and Kisses

  • Gorflaxsack
    Gorflaxsack   4 days ago

    Rip live stream, thank you for all the amazing times.

  • MidgarFullOfFlowers
    MidgarFullOfFlowers   4 days ago

    I was in a coffee shop, running away from home when I heard the news. Our hero, Jecht, gone. Vanished into thin air..