AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!

  • Published on: December 3 Des 2018

  • AirPods 2 & 3 Are Coming! New Design, Features & Colors? Everything We Know Including Release Date, Leaks & New Concept!Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks: iPhone Leaks:
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  • Mr. St267eve
    Mr. St267eve   1 hours ago

    Wait so should I ask santa for the air pods 1 or should I wait until the AirPods 2 come out and buy them ??

  • Ter Stegen
    Ter Stegen   3 hours ago

    Just bought air pods 1 today ....

  • Bril
    Bril   3 hours ago

    You can shortcut this video to 4 minute

  • Historia
    Historia   3 hours ago

    Fuck I just bought the first AirPods

  • D Parker
    D Parker   5 hours ago

    No, they don’t fit everyone ears the same. For me, they’re to big and hard. They rub my ears raw, it’s the same with the earbuds. My ears are hard on the inside, everyone doesn’t have fat ears.

  • Connor Chow
    Connor Chow   5 hours ago

    What brand is your chair? Where is it from?

  • Nic LaVallie Drums
    Nic LaVallie Drums   7 hours ago

    5% of apple iPhone users use them because most know that they suck and don’t fit in your earl well nor stay there. I’ve always had a problem with their headphones not staying in my ears. Not to mention tons of others sound better for less money.

  • OnePiece 4Ever
    OnePiece 4Ever   8 hours ago

    Pls apple do something better on the airpods sound, the sound could be better

  • Stinealis
    Stinealis   13 hours ago

    Pretty sure the best selling accessory is a charger

  • Tyler Wood
    Tyler Wood   15 hours ago

    go to @ijustine she's actually legit

  • ben hartson
    ben hartson   17 hours ago

    how’d he get the coloured airpods ?

  • PhoenixDestiny Phoenix
    PhoenixDestiny Phoenix   20 hours ago

    Did you spray paint an AirPod to Space Grey, to think its an AirPod 2??? To have ppl think you have one. I’m curious,,, & yes I agree to some ppl you are repeating yourself.

  • Surya Coapy
    Surya Coapy   20 hours ago

    Hugely repetitive, speculative guesswork and no facts. Clickbait title.

  • Leslie Barraza
    Leslie Barraza   1 days ago

    I feel like AirPods are just AirPods there is no AirPods 2 or 3

  • Strictous _
    Strictous _   1 days ago

    I just don’t want white air pods😩

  • Spookpy
    Spookpy   1 days ago

    So should I wait or ????

  • Bailey Evans
    Bailey Evans   1 days ago

    Air pods are so uncomfortable to me they deadass hurt my ears bad af lol🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max   1 days ago

    In other words just buy the Jabra Elites. Way ahead of you

  • Ronni Ochoa
    Ronni Ochoa   1 days ago

    I just got my air pods stolen haha🤠🤠

  • Vloggers Show
    Vloggers Show   1 days ago

    Should I buy AirPods now or wait till new year and see cus I feel like when I buy them the new ones will come out

  • xd Azovan
    xd Azovan   1 days ago

    This is why I have ad-block on.

  • CozmicsHD
    CozmicsHD   1 days ago

    Rather buy i10 tws on Alibaba

  • RuizuKun_Dev
    RuizuKun_Dev   1 days ago

    the differences that I can confirm is the prince increase.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller   1 days ago

    How many commercials can you pack into an 11 minute video... I got 4 commercials... how many did you get? this channel is almost more commercials than content... annoying... unsubscribed...

  • Hayden Baker
    Hayden Baker   2 days ago

    i cant wait until i put my phone and airpods in my pocket and my phone starts charging my airpods until i have no battery left

  • XxNATE29xX
    XxNATE29xX   2 days ago