Steve King speaks out following white supremacist remark

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • Rep. Steve King (R-IA) issues a statement following accusations of supporting white supremacy. #CNN #News
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  • Rayan
    Rayan   14 minuts ago

    Let’s see here, as far as I can remember the clock, coffee, camera, cleanliness, universities, surgical instruments, maps, the system of writing down music, algebra, the first windmill and even checking accounts as well as many other inventions and concepts all came from the Islamic world not the west...didn’t mean to flex❤️ PeaceAndLove

  • Gai Jin
    Gai Jin   1 hours ago

    Steven king for president Segregation now tomorrow and forever if you ain’t white then you ain’t right

  • Cole Tanner
    Cole Tanner   2 hours ago

    Oh please, King has repeated said in the article he was misquoted and that "these words" was Western Civilisation..Not white supremacy and white nationalism. Actions speak louder than words and when you have the Woman's March refusing to allow Jewish women to March because of March's racist stance with Farrakhan(As Obama and Clinton have stood with him as well) then 1/2 the nation knows the Dems are the KKK starting racist Jew haters.

  • People Health Truth
    People Health Truth   2 hours ago

    King allegedly asked 'when' did certain terms become offensive? Demonrat Rashida Tlaib called #1 white man leader of the world a motherf***r on her 1st day and Speaker Pelosi says she won't censor her speech. Satanist Hillary lost because of her open hatred of white Christian and normal who she calls Deplorable and Irredeemable.

  • Marcos Juarez
    Marcos Juarez   2 hours ago

    Congressman Steve King and Donald Trump are like the anti-immigrant lunatics in Carpentersville, Illinois.

  • EAB
    EAB   3 hours ago

    Lets not forget Pat Buchanan!

  • Oliver Dash
    Oliver Dash   4 hours ago

    All King did was sing the GOP anthem in public and people are up in arms,he broke the cardinal rule this must only be done in private that was his sin

  • Lori A
    Lori A   4 hours ago

    Here come the speech censures! Now he’s homophobic too? Hang him!!!! Lol

  • Ethics Underground
    Ethics Underground   5 hours ago

    "The president of the United States gave him permission to use that word". You mean the nasty word "Nationalist?" You are a complete f345king idiot.

  • Roshan Mashoor
    Roshan Mashoor   6 hours ago

    Professor Noam Chomsky was right. “ Republican Party is the most dangerous organisation in the world” it’s synonymous with racism/global warming denial,etc

    ALIPAC   6 hours ago

    Rep. Steve King Releases Statement – Debunks New York Times Report and Outrageous Accusations of Racism

    EJ GIGGEY   7 hours ago

    WTF idiots in Iowa? Are you all brain dead or just dumb fucks? Keep electing him. Iowa sucks.

  • scorpion528
    scorpion528   7 hours ago

    Tell me ONE country that by sheer definition of the word nationalist isn't nationalist? Go on name one country that puts other countries before their own interests ! This bag O rocks is trying to conflate White- nationalist with nationalist. The dumb masses won't catch it because they're DUMB !

  • Len Peterson
    Len Peterson   7 hours ago

    The superior white race invented cars, trains, planes, rockets, insulin, electricity, radio, TV, computers, youtube, telephones, and everything else. We need non-whites for what?

  • coolsouth S
    coolsouth S   8 hours ago

    Oh shit! Here we go, cue the virtue signaling! We are indeed a " western civilization " ! Lol. 😭😭😭 big babies!

  • wand1263
    wand1263   9 hours ago

    Free speech only applies to some apparently

  • Albert Vartanijn
    Albert Vartanijn   10 hours ago

    Why gay is right? Why to be a gay is right???????,Bible clearly says gay is wrong, why gays rapist child molesters murderers having more right's than innocent good people????? Liberal democrats must be hangt very high

  • Albert Vartanijn
    Albert Vartanijn   10 hours ago

    🗽🇺🇸American people gay is wrong very wrong. Why innocent people must be punished??????

  • Len Peterson
    Len Peterson   10 hours ago

    The movement of people across the world (refugees, immigrants) is always in one direction only: from non white towards white. What does that tell you about total racial superiority?

  • weitzfc1
    weitzfc1   11 hours ago

    I don't particularly  like  outsiders judging Midwesterners , whether their on the left or right . especially the trash from the bubble beltways . the truth is not a racism .  I recognize political postering to take out opposition . negroes are not above being judged for their behavior , and pride in the white race , is not racism .

  • wang mary
    wang mary   12 hours ago

    May God bless those righteous and let those lying or distorting the truth to repent!

  • Lirin
    Lirin   12 hours ago

    Being a nationalist doesn’t mean racist wtf 😑

  • Nidal Shehadeh
    Nidal Shehadeh   13 hours ago

    " six million Jews died in the Holocaust " ,what about everybody else who died in the concentration camps German and American ?do we have any statistics as how many Japanese Americans US citizens born in this country genocided in the American concentration camps ?what about the Japanese peruvians who where brought from Peru and incarcerated in the United States ?can anyone explain that to me please ? don't forget the German and Italian Americans who were incarcerated in the American concentration camps for no guilt of Their Own ,all of this happened in the land of Jefferson and Washington in the land of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights " the land of the free and the home of the brave " ,In WW2An estimated total 70 to 85 millionpeople perished, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population which was estimated at 2.3 billion human beings ,an additional estimated 19 to 28 milliondeaths from war-related disease and famine ,World War II fatality statistics vary.what about with the Zionist is doing to the Palestinians ?The Zionist project in Palestine began in 1886 it was the beginning of Jewish settlers moving in and displacing Palestinians ,that is 3 years before Hitler was born and 47 years before Hitler gain power ,132 years of genocide being inflicted on the Palestinians and there is no end in sight .can any of you tell me how many grandfathers does an average Israeli have buried in Palestine ?I have at least 18 in the same hole buried as Palestinian Greek Orthodox Christian .At the 1936 world Zionist conference , chairman Wiseman said ," perhaps only 2 million Will Survive the upcoming Holocaust but they will be ready for life in Palestine " ,it is a historic fact that the Rothschild and Wartburg Jewish Bankers who controled Wall Street and the Bank of England had a heavy hand in financing Hitler and the Nazis ,this historic fact does not get mentioned anywhere in socalled Western media,prior to financing the Nazis Jewish Banker Wartburg financed the Communist Revolution in which the great Russian genocide off Russian Orthodox Christians was the direct end result of that financing anywhere from 85 million to 120 million. American politicians in a heartbeat apologize for the Holocaust yet not a single one of them is willing to ask what happened on that Infamous day when the Israeli genocided American Christians on the USS Liberty ,with friends like these who needs enemies God help us in the US our own American politicians are the ones who are bringing about our demise .

  • Vexing Hiraeth
    Vexing Hiraeth   13 hours ago

    Hello fellow NPCs, White Genocide good. Orangeman bad! Steve King bad!

  • Alexander Martin
    Alexander Martin   15 hours ago

    You all who are proudly still supporting cry Trump baby.... YOU all, have shown this side. EVER since, cry Trump baby came down escalator of his dumb corrupted building

  • Football Planet
    Football Planet   17 hours ago

    House Democrats to vote on rebuke of Rep. Steve King over white supremacy comments; GOP strips him of committeesRead More Here:

  • Katrina SL Resi
    Katrina SL Resi   20 hours ago

    Our founding fathers who formed this great country and gave us our great constitution - fact is - they were all white! Folks of all color are coming in droves as a result! Show me one country run by a person of a different color that people are fleeing too? I’ll wait!!!

  • Max Power
    Max Power   21 hours ago

    Kalergi Plan for White genocide.

  • Edison73100
    Edison73100   21 hours ago

    How is that Steve King, who is Jewish, is a white supremacist? Who allowed that to happen?

  • Pasha Pindrik
    Pasha Pindrik   22 hours ago

    How about rampant black racism ? All government offices, many large companies, medical institutions infested with blacks, who only draw big salaries and benefits without performing any useful functions, denying white people needed services. This is what's the most dangerous in today's America.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith   23 hours ago

    You are delirious if while listening to CNN and these comments, you give even the slightest acquiescence to the veracity of their criticism. Wasn’t long ago nationalism was a prerequisite to being a good American. The quasi-sophomoric illusory contemporary wit that suggests it is somehow immoral to love ones country, it’s history and culture, is pernicious and diabolical. This insidious doctrine that hates everything western and finds it fashionable to criticize it Represents the highest form of ingratitude, for everyone living in our borders are privileged. CNN’s would make you all furious. These sick pampered trolls to virtue, look at their smug idiotic stares! Truly gut wrenching!

  • emovon Taii obas
    emovon Taii obas   23 hours ago

    SE CUPP well spoken God Bless You Girl. Russian Sponsored Steven King and four others with one democrat

  • molly cruz
    molly cruz   1 days ago

    Loaded words or not, Trump is not a "Nationalist"; he is a global trader, who sees the Earth as Real Estate to be developed as he has done. Virtually everything he spouts is mendacious and pandering to the bottom crust of the American Pie. The truth of course is that there are no Nations and we're all brothers. All our troubles stem from our mutual denial of this fact.

  • Rob Lòpez AR
    Rob Lòpez AR   1 days ago

    White supremacists hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha how little they are Anglos suck at sports Latinos and blacks are supremacists in sports 💪

  • Jah C
    Jah C   1 days ago

    It's fascinating that Republicans speaking out against him also take the time to insult democrats about how they don't call out their members who say or believe particular stuff. And I'm Ike who? Haha. Also, everyone has known about this dude for years. We the public knew, his colleagues must have known. Republicans need to do more and do better.