Tapper: Trump denies wall claim? Roll the tape

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

  • President Donald Trump says throughout his campaigning he never claimed Mexico would pay for his proposed border wall. CNN's Jake Tapper shows the claim is far from the truth. #CNN #News
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  • Jaime Madera
    Jaime Madera   9 minuts ago

    This reminds me of the time Michael Scott promises those kids that if they graduated he would pay for their college tuition

  • Canadian Civilian
    Canadian Civilian   8 hours ago

    It is a crisis, a crisis that should have been fixed long before Trump ever came on the scene, and btw Trump never ever gave a date for Mexico to pay for the wall... they still may cut that check.

  • Jay Savage
    Jay Savage   14 hours ago

    That funny he gonna declare a national emergency when people in flint still don’t have clean drinking water smh.

  • I Love Lane County
    I Love Lane County   16 hours ago

    ABC/WaPo Poll: Support for Border Wall Soars Among Swing Votershttps://www.langerresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/1203a1GovernmentShutdown.pdf

  • FanOf Funny
    FanOf Funny   16 hours ago

    How about this for Wall talk...lolhttps://youtu.be/GRpOcB6jcn4

    NIXON ALI   16 hours ago

    I’m sorry American people for the clown you have as president.

  • kalid Al xayyari
    kalid Al xayyari   22 hours ago

    Trump vocabulary definition = the Lamprey-gigantinopous T virus.

  • Anthony Vaughn
    Anthony Vaughn   1 days ago

    Lieing Ass Alf.Drump your a coward and a loser. You have let the American people down

  • James Darr
    James Darr   1 days ago

    Tell ya what....Brick walls work best!!! Lets hire some illegals to gather up all the bricks Liberal/Democrats shit when Trump won the Presidency....There should be enough free bricks to build the wall! And labor will be cheap!And whos gonna try and climb a wall made of shit bricks anyway????

  • Pamela Mitchell
    Pamela Mitchell   1 days ago

    The lying monster in chief is crushing America. Why is he here? He IS NOT A PRESIDENT!

  • J Lavem
    J Lavem   1 days ago

    He's was in charge for two years why didn't he do this then why now the Dems are in charge he's stamping his feet me crying it's not fair.

  • Jesus Castanares
    Jesus Castanares   1 days ago

    President Trump, the democrats don"t care about your administration, because you are not corrupt enough. You cannot afford to lose trillions trillions of dollars like Obama. Trump, don't say you admire China . That's preposterous.China and Obama might be in cahoots in their work for Africa.

  • Alexander Perkins
    Alexander Perkins   1 days ago

    Jake Tapper is a bitch along with anyone who still watches CNN

  • Mr Bogart
    Mr Bogart   1 days ago

    He doesn't have the balls to call a National Emergency, he knows he will have stiff opposition to it.

  • Mr Bogart
    Mr Bogart   1 days ago

    Ms Kaitlan has that permanent smile, beautiful.

  • D Edmonds
    D Edmonds   1 days ago

    You voters have been tricked. You can't believe your eyes. My God continue to come foward if it is his will

  • Jim s
    Jim s   1 days ago

    Jake tapper, crime : working for an enemy propaganda site; Verdict; guilty ( treason).

  • Happy
    Happy   2 days ago

    Let’s be honest. Trump only wants the wall because his family already created a company that will get the bid to build that wall and pocket most of the 5 billion after using the cheapest material. We all know that the family has been running out of money the last couple of years. That’s why we have not seen his taxes

  • Kenetech
    Kenetech   2 days ago

    Trump is the national. We need to lock him up pending his treason trial, then sit him in a giltedElectric chair.

  • Kenetech
    Kenetech   2 days ago

    The wall is a straw issue to distract us from Russia.

  • Angela Simmons
    Angela Simmons   2 days ago

    Ummm. Theory: summarised from his Twitter posts.being back troops (just enough to build a wall) close government long enough for military to intervene...to build wall.People not being paid because of government shut down, most of them are republican votes.Stop money used for Florida Forrest fires. Just enough to pay for wall.The wall is going to happen. He don't care about consequences, because he (in his mind) can validate every move he has made. And besides, given time people will forget any consequences, he built the wall, So when it comes to next presidency....ect ect.

  • S MOH
    S MOH   2 days ago


  • doug aussie
    doug aussie   2 days ago

    oops, 71 year old guy forgot he said something, only talking twitting everyday for the last three years to every media outlet hounding him over everything. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast two days ago.

  • Julio Garcia
    Julio Garcia   2 days ago

    The fatal flaw of every other famous wall in history: the Great Wall of China, The Maginot line (France) and the Atlantic Wall (Germany), the astonishing cost to construct and maintain them Vs the small impact (at best) that they had in the "impenetrable" defensive strategy that they supposedly would achieve. Trump has any idea of how to solve this "little" flaw in his border policy?

  • Kaycie Mosher
    Kaycie Mosher   2 days ago

    A convenient lie or two or three or four or five or ...............

  • S B
    S B   2 days ago

    FUCK CNN !!! Build that wall, wide and tall. President Trump, deport them all!

  • Sandra Payne
    Sandra Payne   2 days ago

    Someone should have smashed the table over your meathead.

  • Luis bud
    Luis bud   2 days ago

    I would like to see peludosi wearing a bikini showing her balls in congress

  • Luis bud
    Luis bud   2 days ago

    I live in mexican side Trump must stop the immigration. Cities on the border are in crisis

  • stenka razin
    stenka razin   2 days ago

    What dickhead wears his own stupid merchandising? MAKE AMERICA GRATE AGAIN. Dump Drumpf

  • Superegio42
    Superegio42   2 days ago

    We all know this is just a road side distraction, but beware, remember he is under deep investigation. Just remember: We must remember we are loyal to the Constitution and not a man, If you love a man more than the Constitution, you are a traitor to the Ideals of this Nation.

  • Eric Kuzma
    Eric Kuzma   2 days ago

    Funny thing is, it still has to be voted on