The HOLY GRAIL of Corvette Diffs Just Arrived for Leroy!!!

  • Published on: December 2 Des 2018

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  • Runtime : 13.03


  • Wayne Hunter
    Wayne Hunter   1 weeks ago

    B.M.F. Beautiful Murica Freedom what else??

  • Aaron D.
    Aaron D.   1 weeks ago

    Minute 4:50, talking about the delay out of Orlando due to weather, was the transmission shipped by air? if so, the weather was probably in Tennessee where the main air shipment sorting hub for the entire country is. Just sayin'...

  • ITz Andy94
    ITz Andy94   3 weeks ago

    im surprised u guys haven't gone for a trz rear sub frame or do they not do 1 ?

  • Kimber 10MM
    Kimber 10MM   3 weeks ago

    i hate fedex they suck.. wish company's would let u chose fedex or ups

  • Ian s
    Ian s   3 weeks ago

    Would it be faster with a body

  • rob heathcote
    rob heathcote   4 weeks ago

    Hey Cleetus, we all wanna see the numbers, put it on the dyno

  • Mustang Sally
    Mustang Sally   1 months ago

    We raise Chocolate Labradors, and they all eat acorns, they like the nut inside....crazy dogs. Love the differential wooo whoo.

  • Josh Berube
    Josh Berube   1 months ago

    "Grab my wallet. Which one is it? It's the one that says bad motherf*** on it" lmao

  • Josh Berube
    Josh Berube   1 months ago

    Bro...... c2 drift car pleeeaaasseeeeee

  • Manny C Weiss
    Manny C Weiss   1 months ago

    I wish you guys spoke less about nonsense and showed more of how you installed it how it looks in the car from a bottom up perspective, is it a transaxle or just a diff? why is it so long if it's just a diff? So engine in front and Tranny/Diff in rear? just like a 1981 Alfa Romeo GTV-6, or '87 Alfa 75...... They call it the DeDion REar end, it's just like your but has inboard brakes as well as Watts links and it all sits in a triangle which pivots at mid car and give you sort of a mechanical 4 wheel steering, so you go into a turn, front bites and rear end "comes around" kinda like if your pulling a radio flyer kids wagon, that center pivot being the handle on the wagon...I digress, wish you guys were more mechanical oriented in terms of content, showing us the grunt work thats what's fun, not just watching you guys be best friends, that's cool too but should be 10% not 90% of content...just saying

  • Manny C Weiss
    Manny C Weiss   1 months ago

    i think you guys are normally lame in joke department but once in a while you have moments of genius like "ribbed for leroy's pleasure", got me by surprise and I had to spit my coffee out.. good one..

  • Tom Selick
    Tom Selick   1 months ago

    Damn, sweet diff and obviously needed with all that motor/boost.... I gotta tell u bro a straighter frame will improve case strength and keep u straighter on the track which could shave a tenth off ur times. I wouldn’t say that if I wasn’t officially addicted to the Leroy saga!!

  • hot_sotcks
    hot_sotcks   1 months ago

    Ribbed for leroy's pleasure hahahah I'm dead 😂😂😂

  • BMF 69
    BMF 69   1 months ago

    Cute kid James, congratulations.

  • BMF 69
    BMF 69   1 months ago

    You're welcome for the Diff.

  • SpocksBro
    SpocksBro   1 months ago

    Imagine how boring all this tuning business will be once most fossil fuel powered cars will be replaced by electrical ones.

  • maverick buckley
    maverick buckley   1 months ago

    All babies look like Winston Churchill after being told that the war was all just a dream. "Wha..what?!?!!"

  • achilliard77
    achilliard77   1 months ago

    Cleetus If you ever want to go to a real drag Race sway bar hit me up and PAC Racing Springs will get you squared away. Bigun's (Beer Money) Fab shop will be putting in one of our bars on Mike Finnegans Blasphemi in the coming weeks. We make all the valve springs in Texas Speed Motors too!

  • 2guitarme
    2guitarme   1 months ago

    James, beautiful baby girl! Congrats. You remind me of Bryan Dennehy .

  • MrDavidelliottjr
    MrDavidelliottjr   1 months ago

    That dudes must not be a car guy. Like dang dude. I would have been like. Omg. Cleetus and James. Y'all back your truck up right here I'll get ya loaded right up.

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman   1 months ago

    What a baby acting like s child because you guys want your diff lol

  • Al Smoke
    Al Smoke   1 months ago

    5:01 - 5:43 And thats why packages show up fucked up sometimes. This guy should be fired. #fedex

  • Ryan Daniel
    Ryan Daniel   1 months ago

    I would send that video part to FedEx

  • stroked ute
    stroked ute   1 months ago

    Its so cute watching everyone who hasnt driven a forklift in the industry comment on how that bloke was operating the forklift. Smile snowflake

  • DylanAaron
    DylanAaron   1 months ago

    I waited for the first ten minutes of this video for a side by side comparison of the diffs and you just shoved it in the car!?! James, get the tool box!!!

  • res1492
    res1492   1 months ago

    Cleetus...don't let holly eat acorns they are poisonous to dogs...honestly..please read this

  • Geoffrey Wozniak
    Geoffrey Wozniak   1 months ago

    Damn, I really should have gotten my credentials for PRI.

  • Greg Adams
    Greg Adams   1 months ago

    I'm hoping you are putting spacers in those gaps instead of bolting those down to take the clearances. The body twist could affect the power train at launch.

  • Viper Fritz
    Viper Fritz   1 months ago

    Congratulations Brother! May the new diff stay stiff with all those ribs.!

  • npx20
    npx20   1 months ago

    "Holly look its dads new diff"  that's when you know dads excited lol.

  • Wilson Lessley
    Wilson Lessley   1 months ago

    New diff makes it look like Leroy has giant kahunas