My 1st Mukbang!!! Missing The Old YouTube? Why YouTubers Aren't Growing

  • Published on: December 30 Sep 201

  • To start your free 30 day Audible trial and receive a free audiobook visit or text jackieaina to 500 500!Hey boos! Today is my first REAL mukbang eating show! I’m chatting about the death of the “old YouTube”, why some people don’t success ok YouTube and other life happenings!! Enjoy!!C O L L A B S Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai) O N N E C T W I T H M E:instagram: @jackieainasnapchat: jackieainafacebook: Jackie Ainatwitter: @jackieainaB U S I N E S S:For business inquiries please contact [email protected]*Some affiliate links are used, which means I may receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. My content is 100% not influenced by brands, PR products received, usage of affiliate links, or brand partnerships.Changing the standard of beauty, one tutorial at a time :)Phil 4:13
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  • siera d
    siera d   2 weeks ago

    i watch to start a channel only for my family members that no longer live where i live.. and to document my journey through life so i won’t forget because trust me i forget A LOT about my own dang life. i want to be able to look back at where i came from. at 25 i don’t care about the money or the sponsorships but that would be great. yes extra income is always good but i don’t need the issues that come with this platform..

  • OMGDeek
    OMGDeek   1 months ago

    Can nobody talk about real shit, unless you have been through some real shit and this is exactly what I gathered from this video. Thank you Jackie!

  • Diamond Brown
    Diamond Brown   1 months ago

    I use to receive an email about your videos ! YouTube isn’t sending them anymore ! I have so much to catch up on ! Love ya though! Thanks for sharing !

  • Nappy Kay
    Nappy Kay   1 months ago

    I admire you, just keep being yourself ❤️🤷‍♀️

  • ChiChi ode
    ChiChi ode   1 months ago

    wire hangers!!!!! OH MY GOD WHAT A SIN🙅🏾‍♀️😤😡🤬😂

  • EatCreateDecoratewith Leslie

    I've learned to live your life like its GOLDEN and for You. The older you get the less you worry about :) Nothing is wrong with change. It's called growth! Keep pushing Jackie.

  • Tara Dixon
    Tara Dixon   2 months ago

    I loved this! I really loved your messages in this video. I particularly liked how you said talent isn't everything to be successful and that people over romanticize the old youtube. You're a BOSS.

  • Vina's World
    Vina's World   2 months ago

    Thank you soo much Jackie for this honest video I was going to give up on my channel but this has truly made my mind up to keep at it.

  • Bebe
    Bebe   2 months ago

    I so love what you do! You’re amazing st it and someone who I j thoroughly enjoy! I’m not even a big beautyholic or make up junkie, but your videos j entertain me 🤷🏽‍♀️ And I pick up some inspo too!

  • Thatslovelyy
    Thatslovelyy   2 months ago

    Oh man. Exactly what I needed!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Thatslovelyy
    Thatslovelyy   2 months ago

    Oh man. Exactly what I needed!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • ambr chrsty
    ambr chrsty   2 months ago

    OK but kambucha has become part of my regular life lol

  • Bernadette 1994
    Bernadette 1994   2 months ago

    Yes!!! I only follow and consistently watch like 5 girls in the beauty community and I was always confused when I watched the rare gossipy video that would come into my suggestions because I never saw it. Then I realized that I just wasn't following the messy bitches. I love you and your channel, keep doing you

  • Tabitha
    Tabitha   2 months ago

    Those kombucha drinks are 2/$6 right now at Target!!

  • jamaican0721
    jamaican0721   2 months ago

    Just because your up doesn’t mean you will always be there. Even the Kartrashians down time will come eventually. Humble yourself.

  • SevrenLuna
    SevrenLuna   2 months ago

    "The beauty community is not in shambles, y'all arre just following problematic people." Speak truth Jackie!!

  • TaiGedeon
    TaiGedeon   2 months ago

    I love this so much!! I’ve learned I can be one of those people and what you said hurt but spoke to me . I appreciate that you’re so real and honest. It’s humbling and we need this! Self reflection is the best thing we can do because like you said when our feelings are into something we can be bias and not see the truth. I can honestly say as a person you’re inspiring.

  • kloves 39
    kloves 39   2 months ago

    I wish I kept my channel back in 2009, 😣 where would I be now??🤔

  • Watch MeEat
    Watch MeEat   2 months ago

    You’re cutting out the eating girl! More than eating less talking 😂😂😂. I have a special place in my heart for a good mukbang.

  • chidera321
    chidera321   2 months ago

    And also you store food in your cheek while you talk 😫😫nooo

  • chidera321
    chidera321   2 months ago

    Love you, I watch all your vids —-but please please please don’t do another eating video. It’s really distracting bc you constantly pick @ your food, take super tiny bites and fiddle with your food & it’s so hard to watch 😩 this in no way is a mukbang more of a me screaming internally for you to just eat the food like you’re actually hungry 💀

  • M Melton
    M Melton   2 months ago

    I seriously 💗 you, my daughter and I think you have some of thee best vids around. Cheers Sis!

  • Glambino World
    Glambino World   3 months ago

    You should try Kevita sparkling probiotic drink.

  • She.Workz
    She.Workz   3 months ago

    I've followed you for years and you're the same down to earth chick, you just blew up through hard work and commitment to what you loved to do. Its a great thing that you recognize when you were hating and opened your mind to truly grow. Keep getting it sis, you inspire women!

    LYRICXL   3 months ago

    god ive been missing out

  • dafrastar
    dafrastar   3 months ago

    Ive said it before and I'll say it again: the fact that the Kardashians have zero talent YET made it this far in pop culture is a testament to their branding abilities, and I absolutely agree that's a MASSIVE skill. They make these numbers girl. I do not care for them, but I would be the first in line the day Kris opens a branding masterclass; homegirl made an empire out of NOTHING.

  • dafrastar
    dafrastar   3 months ago

    Drinking my ginger lemon kombucha as I watch this ❤️❤️😂❤️

  • AspenCierra
    AspenCierra   3 months ago

    Where did you get those white trunks with the rose gold trim? I need them!

  • VULTUREE Is me
    VULTUREE Is me   3 months ago

    What I learned is that you need to focus on you and what your contribute to the people that follow you and what they like to see. Most importantly is to pray for continued growth and success so that you remain on the pedestal of your platform because you are right people love to see you do well but the masses are fickle and are also waiting to see your fall.

  • blkpplcantberacist chinksaintsmart

    I don't get what you are saying about talent and skill and being successful just because you have appeal is not a good thing. You don't realize that being liked just for being liked is a shallow thing. Ppl are shallow af. That's not a good thing. Ppl like the Kartrashians because they are controversial, attention whores who ppl think are pretty. That's not a good thing. I don't agree w the talent thing. Talent and skill should be most important. There are alot of popular YouTubers who are assholes, who are boring and who are stupid af. They are popular because the ppl who like them are boring, like mess, are shallow and don't know what good entertainment is. That's not a good thing. I disagree w your view on talent and skill.