Try Not To Eat Challenge - Holiday Movies | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

  • Published on: December 13 Des 201

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    REACT   1 months ago

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  • Hector Rangel Jr.
    Hector Rangel Jr.   3 weeks ago

    Does any when else want to eat some of that and did any when get hungry like if you did

  • ToxicLeo64
    ToxicLeo64   3 weeks ago

    Man, I would have eaten the ice-cream with everything else!

  • Rimzu
    Rimzu   3 weeks ago

    who else is watching on christmas eve or christmas

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith   3 weeks ago

    Try to not to eat challenge, but with disgusting food! Now that would be a real challenge.Food ideas: Pancakes with real worms (Hotel Transylvania)Special Cream Puffs (Van Wilder)Peanut Butter and Onion Sandwich (Little Monsters)The Entire feast from Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

  • Chris Felke
    Chris Felke   3 weeks ago

    What is the point of "winning" this game?

  • Ayano keiko
    Ayano keiko   3 weeks ago

    Alberto looks like cole sprouse kinda

  • Real xoxo
    Real xoxo   3 weeks ago

    We're the real victims we don't even decide

  • Black Girl Magic
    Black Girl Magic   3 weeks ago

    I would’ve been out at the Polar Express. Literally the only movie that would’ve gotten me.

  • genesis Hernandez
    genesis Hernandez   3 weeks ago

    Omg the polar express I love that movie on the last day of school for winter break we all saw the movie everybody in the school we got the tickets,Santa was there,presents a party

  • sh3ikh4
    sh3ikh4   3 weeks ago

    Ice cream? marshmallows? cherry? nahh I can make them myself

  • angel energy
    angel energy   3 weeks ago

    who's watching this on christmas/christmas eve 😂

  • Toy Tales
    Toy Tales   3 weeks ago

    It's currently Christmas for me

  • Tom the Blue Bird
    Tom the Blue Bird   3 weeks ago


  • mike
    mike   3 weeks ago

    Africa has been doing this challenge for sideways 8

  • Norah Grace88
    Norah Grace88   3 weeks ago

    At 6:17 she goes " I want Christmas now!" I am watching this on Christmas Eve😂😂😂

  • jungle fangirl
    jungle fangirl   3 weeks ago

    in germany its today CHRISTMAS😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Anne-Marie Paulissen
    Anne-Marie Paulissen   3 weeks ago

    You know I keep thinking if you ate something you already get a punishment so you can actually eat everything because even if you only eat one thing you also get a punishment so why not eat everything and get only one punishment

  • Arachnophobia
    Arachnophobia   3 weeks ago

    I love the two girls who ate every round! They are such a big mood

  • Mashka Mars
    Mashka Mars   3 weeks ago

    Can you leave recipes? Maybe i want to make this dishes too :c