Trump voter: The wall shouldn't be on our backs

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • CNN's Scott McLean reports from Ogden, Utah, where the shutdown is taking a toll across the entire city caught in a partisan battle being waged in Washington. #CNN #News
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  • east dallas
    east dallas   4 minuts ago

    She is getting a glimps of how minorites live

  • truth truth
    truth truth   18 minuts ago

    these evil swine hog's should not be getting any assistance from anywhere they are anti American terrorist

  • Carlos Arias
    Carlos Arias   42 minuts ago

    They deserve it. I hope America is great for them.

  • Darrell Dawson
    Darrell Dawson   44 minuts ago

    I think this is called ' buyers remorse'!!! It's too bad you have 2 more years to waddle in this B**!!s**t!!

  • Denise Rylander
    Denise Rylander   1 hours ago

    It should not be on any Americans backs. She missed that her favorite, candidate, president she supported turned against All Americans to satisfy his fleshly desires. And these people still support him. That is sad

  • Nik110512
    Nik110512   2 hours ago

    'Who's gonna pay...?'Not Mexico, that's for sure

  • Daniel Serna
    Daniel Serna   2 hours ago

    hes fucking his own people. keep on voting for a fucking clown

    DIMAS LOVE   5 hours ago

    I dont get it, so trump people are for the government or not??? They voted Republican but love the government shut down? They either love the law or not... "Stand by the country, not by the president"

    DIMAS LOVE   5 hours ago

    So How's the wall issue going? Mexico still paying for it?... 😅

  • Jokermel66
    Jokermel66   5 hours ago

    Trumps being crazy right now everything was fine then all of the sudden the Simpsons episode comes to life!

  • Fuktrumpsupporters Tj

    Hahaha ha these people all voted for trump. They didn’t care when they thought he he was going to other people suffer they only care now that they have to suffer. You trump supporters deserve exactly what you get. Go fuck yourselves.

  • Im Winning
    Im Winning   7 hours ago

    Is this what winning looks like!!! I think not!!!

  • treboomboom
    treboomboom   9 hours ago

    Yeah. CNN definitely speaks for Trump voters 😂 Fake News Anyone!??

  • raynarayskye
    raynarayskye   9 hours ago

    Dumb bitch. Why don't people know there's already a fucking wall and a blimp? We see how well that worked.

  • ItsMyDank747
    ItsMyDank747   9 hours ago

    Although Hillary cant be trusted but I am sure she would've not forced federal employees to beg for food and waste more time. Really sad what Trump voters voted for.

  • rob p
    rob p   11 hours ago

    taking it out own your own people is not resolving anything...

  • rob p
    rob p   11 hours ago

    people do your homework you asked for this and now we are paying for this..its gonna get worse, we will never recover these loses. smh

  • Nizia Harrison
    Nizia Harrison   11 hours ago

    That’s crazy they voted for trump Guess now they are regretting voting for him🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Max Eisenhardt
    Max Eisenhardt   11 hours ago

    LMAO! The same thing that makes you happy also makes you sad.

  • Jerome R Hanus
    Jerome R Hanus   11 hours ago

    I'd like to propose a new movement Tacos for Trump a taco and help out our demented pres so he can erect some cyclone fencing....

  • Enriqueta Ingram
    Enriqueta Ingram   11 hours ago

    Hahaha to those Trump supporters, now whining and begging!! Didn't he said Americans first, well he sure put Americans first to suffer!!

  • G Hill
    G Hill   13 hours ago

    He doesn't care about real people, it's to far outside his experience. He never had to budget or save. No concept of the importance of next week's pay. No sympathy for 80 percenters losing sleep trying to hold there lives together.

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying   13 hours ago

    I have no sympathy for these people that voted for Trump . And any of them that still believe this President is on their side should suffer. Just ignorant and racist.

  • C Jay
    C Jay   13 hours ago

    I have no sympathy for the ones who voted for trump...This is on you.

  • simon chau
    simon chau   13 hours ago

    You'd think shit like this would make some people more humble after everything but nope still ignorant af

  • Silver Mist
    Silver Mist   14 hours ago

    Hahahahaha! Screw these Federal workers who voted for Trump. Let us know when you are done winning (Racist F*cks).

  • Daniel Serna
    Daniel Serna   14 hours ago

    thats what yall get You fucking retards for voting for him jajajaja

  • Dimitra Katsoulis
    Dimitra Katsoulis   14 hours ago

    How dare you cannot relate to any of these people. How dare you even dare to say you relate. You know nothing about the problems of people not being able to put food on the table.You are a coward...and you have no compasion for 800,000 people who are suffering. Shame on you!!!!!!!

  • Rich Solo
    Rich Solo   14 hours ago

    Maybe this is what Putin got trump in there for. Weaken the country for an attack maybe.. Hmm..

  • rstone7727
    rstone7727   14 hours ago

    You miss one paycheck and have to sell your car? You have deeper issues..... CNN is fake news..

  • Pedro Joubert
    Pedro Joubert   14 hours ago

    Life ain't sweet now you feel what those Honduras people are feeling hunger no home's ,no ribeye steak eating ja learn to trust God not Donald Trump next time

  • Jfi Xiong
    Jfi Xiong   15 hours ago

    This is what happens when you voted a billionaire to be your president.

  • WAlkONRebel
    WAlkONRebel   15 hours ago

    Haha trumpers voting has consequences Hillary wasn’t perfect but I knew she would have ten times better than this clown 🤡 so fuck you

  • supererik man
    supererik man   15 hours ago

    hey Ogden!!! you can all go screw yourselves, you voted for this remember that

  • Ruby Ice
    Ruby Ice   16 hours ago

    It’s nice that Trump doesn’t need a pay check... what a lucky rich baby....

  • Michael McMillan
    Michael McMillan   16 hours ago

    Take solace in the fact he’s holed up in the White House with an order of take away food that is ‘small change’ for him.

  • reakwonnji
    reakwonnji   16 hours ago

    Where the Trump supporters to help? They got enough to spare since they agree with the shutdown.

  • Tshyne
    Tshyne   16 hours ago

    First of all, why would anyone support a person who has lied over 3000 times. Do you really think that person cares about you? -- And those same supporters would punish their children for telling one lie. Trump has the power of Jim Jones over his supporters. They're like Mikey, they'll eat anything he's dishing out.