Do Teens Know Their Parents’ Favorite 90s Songs? | React: Do They Know it?

  • Published on: December 6 Jan 2019

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    REACT   1 weeks ago

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  • Atrenn
    Atrenn   21 hours ago

    Time for a posthumous abortions...

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones   21 hours ago

    Do these kids have brain tumors? You can't say you've never heard these songs.

  • Brianna Boyles
    Brianna Boyles   23 hours ago

    when you’re younger than the kids and still know all the songs

  • Xeno Bauz
    Xeno Bauz   23 hours ago

    0:52 me and my sis thought they were siblings

  • Kurt Xainan
    Kurt Xainan   1 days ago

    Even my 2 year old boy listening to Nirvana. #SaveYourKids

  • Hunter Mayle
    Hunter Mayle   1 days ago

    doesn't know nothing else matters I'm younger than most of you and ik that

  • Marcus
    Marcus   1 days ago

    Im 28 and those were the songs I listen to. Hahaha how old are the parents!!

  • Nanki D.
    Nanki D.   1 days ago

    I legit only knew the last one 😂

  • hypno tize
    hypno tize   1 days ago

    I'm very dissapointed.... My heart broke..... ITS METALLICA FFS

  • Nick Kellam
    Nick Kellam   1 days ago

    You should do a guess the Metal song ChallengeAlso nothing else matters is 1991

  • hafiz nazri
    hafiz nazri   1 days ago

    Lol the mother who answers mariah before their child... Mariah, celine and whitney are mom and even dad staple

  • sjshhsh
    sjshhsh   1 days ago

    Jordan and her mom are insanly atractive

  • Girl bye
    Girl bye   1 days ago

    6:28 lambs thank me later 🦋 🎶

  • Adam Harb
    Adam Harb   1 days ago

    React to Celine Dion -All By Myself

  • Jan F.
    Jan F.   1 days ago

    Jayka sings! 💜 Filipino spotted. Hehe.

  • Incognitø o
    Incognitø o   1 days ago

    omg kay and jaeka look the same. like theyre twins.

  • Teagen Smith
    Teagen Smith   1 days ago

    this is a dad songShows the one dad saying "this is my song"

  • Teagen Smith
    Teagen Smith   1 days ago

    I related when she went "Mark Walberg? He's actually hot!"

  • Serendipity Studios
    Serendipity Studios   1 days ago

    I absolutely love the Counting Crow's music. Although, I am surprised Waterfalls by TLC or even No Scrubs weren't on here.