Our GT500 Engine Blew Up... No One Saw This Coming

  • Published on: December 20 Nov 201

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  • Matthew Varnam
    Matthew Varnam   1 weeks ago

    If it had been a Ls 6.2 it would have held up... lol

  • michael tunbridge
    michael tunbridge   2 weeks ago

    lol , how much hp and how many dyno runs u get out of a stock v8 with head , cams and blower upgrade n on the bottle , was a time bomb from the start

  • _King_E _
    _King_E _   2 weeks ago

    Haha i said when u get the engine " its a ford 😂😂itlll blowww " shoulda just through and ls in it and saved time and money

  • yamahonkawazuki
    yamahonkawazuki   2 weeks ago

    sell the broken engine parts to fans to recoup some of the lost money

  • yamahonkawazuki
    yamahonkawazuki   2 weeks ago

    the new and improved version of the cleetus mcfarland ventilated crankcase , not myu place to say anythign my friend, but please dont turn this cvpi into a fordolet

  • E Moo
    E Moo   2 weeks ago

    That's why Chevy is the best

  • blackhawks81H
    blackhawks81H   2 weeks ago

    Had this happen to me in an airplane once. Twin engine shortly after takeoff. Pilots worst nightmare piston just decided to GTFO. Left a nice hole in the top of the wing. Oil everywhere. Unpleasant. Lol

  • Tanner187 97
    Tanner187 97   2 weeks ago

    Can’t make that much power with a ford like that idk if the bottom end is stock or not but the only bottom end I know that can handle that much hp stock is an LS motor. Not to sure about mopar as I can’t afford to build there motors as cheap I can my ford and chevys for some reason.

  • Kiros
    Kiros   3 weeks ago

    looking at those stack of tires, I thought, what if one side put out blue smoke and the other put out red smoke

  • Rjh Jrh
    Rjh Jrh   3 weeks ago

    You guys treat everything like it was half price easy come easy go.

  • Rjh Jrh
    Rjh Jrh   3 weeks ago

    Or the experimenters

  • Rjh Jrh
    Rjh Jrh   3 weeks ago

    You guys should change your name to the random guys.

  • Atheer Sabih
    Atheer Sabih   4 weeks ago

    Fuckin James is hilarious, "Get to welding that piston together"...lmao

  • Atheer Sabih
    Atheer Sabih   4 weeks ago

    You two dog turds should of listened to your tuner. He told you not to mess around with the nitrous, no one does boost+nos without an eventual failure. Idiots!!! You should of upgraded that shitty exhaust manifold. And don't blame James, you told him to do it. That's low bro, trying to put the blame on someone else...sad

  • lexustech48
    lexustech48   1 months ago

    rods and pistons good to about 800rwhp reliably. 2011-12 pistons good to 1000rwhp reliably, just need better rods.

  • wiredkiwis
    wiredkiwis   1 months ago


  • Chevy Racer
    Chevy Racer   1 months ago

    That GTO in the back ground. Nice Ride

  • The Man
    The Man   1 months ago

    Hey it was fun though!

  • lfk156
    lfk156   1 months ago

    it lifted a ring from the nos hit and probably lifted the head gasket leting coolant in get fire rings for it

  • shanerm927
    shanerm927   1 months ago


  • owenslaw
    owenslaw   1 months ago

    Sounds like it was an internal head gasket leak.

  • Ron Rhoades
    Ron Rhoades   1 months ago

    well gosh darn another case of more money than common sense

    DEXTER MORGAN   1 months ago

    In the words of dale from king of the hill. I know whats wrong with it, its a ford.

  • BMF 69
    BMF 69   1 months ago

    This is why we can't have nice things.

  • McGoo x
    McGoo x   1 months ago

    Used auto oil is a carcinogenic

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers   1 months ago

    I would've loved to have had an engine like that. If I ever get one I won't treat it like that. Stick with LS engines boys. Not enough of these engines out there to waist like that.

  • Swaglife 81
    Swaglife 81   1 months ago

    So much damage and a waste of time just to meet a 3 more RWHP goal

  • Guns, Gear and Stuff
    Guns, Gear and Stuff   1 months ago

    Clearly the muffler bearing was bad a caused a chain reaction leading to the hydro-lock situation. Also was the blinker fluid low? that will get you every time.

  • Unbleachd
    Unbleachd   1 months ago

    my f150 had a 5.4 in it you coulda had that block sold a uction for $250

  • Unbleachd
    Unbleachd   1 months ago

    Detonation is no joke kids. Octane levels and oil separators!

  • Lifted_Above
    Lifted_Above   1 months ago

    1068 dyno HP is roughly 1270 crankshaft HP with 16% losses to wheels. I'd say it held up remarkably well, since it broke due to water leaking and didn't break during the dyno pull.