We Bought an Auction Corvette and It's an Absolute Nightmare... (Truck Engine Inside)

  • Published on: December 29 Nov 201

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  • Adrian Prophet
    Adrian Prophet   5 hours ago

    when you said iron block I instantly thought, boost it to the moooon!!! that sucks though man

  • Smooth Trooper
    Smooth Trooper   12 hours ago

    Auction sites only give you what the vin says kinda like how i bought a ford f250 that said 6.0 powerstroke but had a 12v cummins swapped in it

  • Josh Hawke
    Josh Hawke   15 hours ago

    I'm betting somebody out there's got a nice LS motor in their truck

  • killerdoxen
    killerdoxen   1 days ago

    This is the kind of car I'd go for. Wrong engine? Throw in a built all aluminum upgrade. Nice car, considering.

  • Richard T
    Richard T   1 days ago

    Call it the Reamer... cause you got it bad.

  • bmxchopper7707
    bmxchopper7707   1 days ago

    1st of i dont want to see ur face man u look ugly as fuck just show the car

  • Joey Witt
    Joey Witt   1 days ago

    What auction did u buy it at in California it's practically impossible to get dealers license and copart if u win the auction they usually demand $500 more than it sold for plus another $300 for another license bidder and then there fees etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

  • J Cunningham
    J Cunningham   1 days ago

    i was in florida for a month in january many years ago and it was 70 during the day 30 every night

  • bumperxx1
    bumperxx1   1 days ago

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  • bumperxx1
    bumperxx1   1 days ago

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  • Paul Rak
    Paul Rak   2 days ago

    What a stupid noise! Sounds like a toddler..

  • CaptainSeamus
    CaptainSeamus   2 days ago

    That reminds me of the Dodge Pickup with the Viper motor in it years ago... and the statement about the iron block going in the Viper being "the worlds heaviest and slowest Viper"

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford   2 days ago

    The name should be " Red Skies at Night " for the fire department being called to put the flames out .

  • J H
    J H   2 days ago

    Very Little Red Corvette

  • Bebe and Chips
    Bebe and Chips   2 days ago

    Why do i gotta have 5 15 second ads in one vid bro are you makin that dough or is google screwing us both? Cause i will FUCK GOOGLE IN THE STREET!

  • P Millner
    P Millner   2 days ago

    Nothing against you guys. You guys are fun to watch! No one should buy without seeing first! It raises the prices of cars like this.

  • Central Group
    Central Group   2 days ago

    must be very inexperienced not checking before buying

  • crazyman8472
    crazyman8472   3 days ago

    6:45 "It was at this moment, Cooper & I knew we were screwed." 😵

  • Gregory Anderson
    Gregory Anderson   3 days ago

    “We can’t really tell if it’s a 4.8 or a 5.3 unless we look @ the crank”?I’ll show you how you can tell; bring it over to my shop.

  • Darren Rhodes
    Darren Rhodes   3 days ago

    Fun fact all corvette oil pans and front cover are assembled in traverse city Michigan at smi

  • MatiasFPM
    MatiasFPM   3 days ago

    asking a MAYBE dumb question... but how much would cost to put in there a 2JZ GTE( A.K.A. Toyota Supra engine) inside of that car??? last time i watched one of those another 10 grand on Ebay...JUST IMAGINE THE POSIBILITIES.....

  • Steven Suvia
    Steven Suvia   3 days ago

    I don't mean to focus on the auctioneer, but it's pretty much impossible not to. This fellow has brought shame upon the auctioneer brotherhood and needs to go home.

  • Ufphen
    Ufphen   3 days ago

    i knew it was Mannheim just off the car lane and the bidding site, use to one of the lane runners in dallas and ft worth.

  • Justin Horning
    Justin Horning   4 days ago

    Wish I had 10 grand to blow, I just work my nuts off everyday and barely scrape by.... but no, that's cool, enjoy

  • Max Welsh
    Max Welsh   4 days ago

    Little red Shittvette...bibbledybibblebibbleybibble

  • Jesse Gunter
    Jesse Gunter   5 days ago

    ....You paid 5 or 6 grand over what that POS is worth.Unless you don't live in the continental US.

  • Will Mathieson
    Will Mathieson   5 days ago

    never buy cars at auction, they are there because you can't sell them anywhere else for any $$

  • redrobiin
    redrobiin   5 days ago

    blibbabababobobbababiblobabab 1 bigmac pls