Cowboys vs Rams playoff watchalong with Shango

  • Published on: 13 January 2019
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    Dallas Cowboys vs the Los Angeles Rams
  • Runtime : 3:44:53


  • John Brousseau
    John Brousseau   6 days ago

    putting your hands on zeke gonna be tough uhu news flash we stopped his ass in his tracks GO RAMZ

  • Matthew Estrada
    Matthew Estrada   1 weeks ago

    Kris As HC or OC Or DC we need new coaching these coaches play way too old play calling if garett is a son to Jerry demote him to OC And get a New coach pleaseeeeee

  • joseph stuhr
    joseph stuhr   1 weeks ago

    John Legend is from Philly you know? GO EAGLES!!

  • Richard Coleman
    Richard Coleman   1 weeks ago

    Hey 1980 all DA cowboys needs is some more Soul players like some draf from Clemson an some Alabama an A soul coach so Jerry cut The Bull naw

  • MrBaddog7676
    MrBaddog7676   1 weeks ago

    I'm gonna have to laugh at the people that blame your OC for this loss.Those people don't actually watch the game, and just blindly follow along like sheep.The Cowboys lost because they gave up 275 yards in the ground. Your defense lost that game last night.With that said, I'd love to do a video with you, next year, Shango!

  • DJ MEL
    DJ MEL   1 weeks ago

    Need a young mind calling Offense plays or something. My Wife was calling what play we was going to do smh. I'm getting a Dak Jersey next year I see bright future for him

  • JR
    JR   1 weeks ago

    Why why was Sean Lee in the game, he was fucking up and he fucked up the Goff qb run by being out of place against and not recognizing he was running when it was beyond obvious. He fukked up the chemistry of those young linebackers

  • Richard Coleman
    Richard Coleman   1 weeks ago

    Hey 1980 I think we need 2 hard nose running back behind zeak an DB DB DB. +LB LB

  • Alexander Vasquez
    Alexander Vasquez   1 weeks ago

    I don't know why you expected anything different you guys get hyped up and all of a sudden fire Jason Garrett ya just suck

  • Jayson Enrique York
    Jayson Enrique York   1 weeks ago

    Shango thinking in his head forget that game Iam going to John legends house 😁😂

  • sally chan
    sally chan   1 weeks ago

    Dak n zekil idiot r sissy, fagot pansy cowgirls doesn't know play football, we r eagles we will show you guys how to win football we will win SB 53 can bet on it

  • google must_die
    google must_die   1 weeks ago

    YouTube blocked me from even watching your stream it didn’t show up in my feed

  • Willie Fitts
    Willie Fitts   1 weeks ago

    Dude it that’s Dam Coach man, we been saying this for a long time now they are not prepared meaning Coached, Rams where ready Coach wise we are not, our Defense has been carrying us, the Offense of our IQ is not smart