Nick Cannon on Kevin Hart Oscar Backlash

  • Published on: December 12 Des 201

  • Nick Cannon dishes about his holiday plans, reveals why he stood up for his friend Kevin Hart and tells us about his new show, "The Masked Singer".
  • Runtime : 14.13


  • Lit TV
    Lit TV   1 days ago

    Clearly Nick wishes she was a real woman😥 This is disturbing

  • Darrell Otteson
    Darrell Otteson   3 days ago

    I don't see any draw to this transexual woman. Why does she have a show??

  • Colleen Curran
    Colleen Curran   3 days ago

    Somebody from Wendy’s camp most certainly has to be reading these!! This is NOT the first interview she has bombed. The poor guests have to find their own way! As an interviewer, she needs to be able to guide a guest down a path instead of pushing them in a thorn bush! Yes- some could do it like that and get the real juice... but Wendy just gets that awkward juice that drips out the thorns... Eh.

  • Powelly
    Powelly   3 days ago

    The watch though ❄️

  • Wes Christenson
    Wes Christenson   4 days ago

    This lady is soooo awkward and rude. It doesn't make for good content, it's just cringe-worthy.

  • Hilly M
    Hilly M   4 days ago

    She kept opening her eye wider like it's not already wide enough. Stop it lady...u're freaking me outOnly watched cuz i saw nick cannon

  • sillieww
    sillieww   4 days ago

    What a horrible interviewer and human being this Wendy Williams creature is.

  • JC Shepherd
    JC Shepherd   4 days ago

    Salute to Nick cannon keeping it humble, cause I'd spit in this trannies face if she ever called one of my children "oops baby"

  • KSH H
    KSH H   5 days ago

    I don't like Wendy Williams' way of asking questions. Seems all she is interested in GOSSIP!!!

  • markus 0385
    markus 0385   5 days ago

    Its funny because Wendy's husband had a oops baby on her. Lmao. Ooops

  • Samuel Zogbo
    Samuel Zogbo   5 days ago

    Nick cannon,please try and come Liberia 🇱🇷 is in west Africa

  • Danielle Marie
    Danielle Marie   5 days ago

    Hey Wendy how’s your husbands mistress baby doing ??? I heard your HUSBAND has an Ooops baby right now!!!! Your so rude Wendy ... please cancel her 2019

  • Paula West
    Paula West   5 days ago

    Nick like flavor Flav a hype man and nothing more ! Lost Richard Pryor roll to Mike Epps , Mike Epps couldn't act his way out of a paper bag ! So what does that tell you !

  • Paula West
    Paula West   5 days ago

    Rumble young man if you can catch Ariana grande and get her money go boy !

  • Paula West
    Paula West   5 days ago

    Lbqtv very fitting Nick talking to Wendy the man !

  • mark rigg
    mark rigg   5 days ago

    This woman is vile. I really do not like her. So glad she ain’t on TV over here. Vile human being

  • abraham Rubio
    abraham Rubio   5 days ago

    He she mad!! because he Nick Cannon backed up Kevin Hart.. herself being transexual we all know that she used to be a dude kudos to her that's her problem no offense... but she shouldn't have to be that disrespectful?? I would straight out walked out of the interview!!!!

  • Stephene Smith
    Stephene Smith   5 days ago

    If you’re shaped like the letter P and look like a man all your life, you would be rude too.

  • Me Colin
    Me Colin   6 days ago

    she looks like a fucking man and nobody even knows who this ugly whore is, I pray every night that she gets raped and commits suicide.

  • F L O W !
    F L O W !   6 days ago

    Sorry but when you become a celebrity you don’t have a personal life

  • Pardeep singh
    Pardeep singh   6 days ago

    why is he wearing gloves in the studio and wendy is dressed for summer lol.

  • stargate905
    stargate905   6 days ago

    Nick was in front of a firing squad there

  • Junes Satiu
    Junes Satiu   6 days ago

    Nick cannon is so well spoken and professional. Wendy Williams is annoying af

  • ReaPer2U RePeNt
    ReaPer2U RePeNt   6 days ago

    So there's a lot if jimmys and James up in dem talk shows huh...ima be brangin some swag up in dur...😂😂👎na I'm good

  • 4ever Aqua
    4ever Aqua   6 days ago

    You should change the title to “Nick kindly shuts down Wendy”.

  • NathanGaming -Roblox & More

    I could care less about Wendy. The way she talks to her guests is just so offensive the way she called one of Nick's kids an "oops baby" is so disheartening. I dont even know how she has her own show. To me she's no that charismatic. But then again that's just my opinion.

  • Frank D'Amelio
    Frank D'Amelio   6 days ago

    I’m over it too. Kevin, never change. Bravo 👏 You my friend deserve an Oscar for handling the media the way you have. Go promote your movie and it’s not fair the talk shows keep bringing this up. They are just looking for ratings with the exception of Ellen, she clearly had your back.

  • Frank D'Amelio
    Frank D'Amelio   6 days ago

    Why is he wearing a coat, gloves, and scarf inside a studio?