Leroy Breathes SNOW! Moving Him Into the Texas Speed Booth at PRI 2018!

  • Published on: December 7 Des 2018

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  • Jake Heffron
    Jake Heffron   4 days ago

    Its killing me that I cant find that wrapping paper! Gonna have to give a call to Holley and see if I can get my hands on it

  • Mattias Hautala
    Mattias Hautala   2 weeks ago

    Cold? The snow wasn’t even sticking. It’s -20F here rn sooo

  • TubeScavenger
    TubeScavenger   3 weeks ago

    You ain't seen a Bald Eagle Multiplier with Pure Bald Eagle Power until you've seen this: https://youtu.be/wPzfeACxP-Q?t=85

  • Nathan Edwards
    Nathan Edwards   3 weeks ago

    You should do a meet while you’re here next time!! Hope we treated you well in INDIANA brother!!

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi   3 weeks ago

    Lol fuck talk about America 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man   4 weeks ago

    Oh that screen is tit

  • Asad Iqbal
    Asad Iqbal   4 weeks ago

    Bruh you don’t know what cold is

  • FireWaia
    FireWaia   1 months ago

    As a Swede, it hurts me hearing you say this is a full blown blizzard. That isn't even tuesday here.

  • #DOITFORDALE! 3800life
    #DOITFORDALE! 3800life   1 months ago

    Lol I'm from mn and when cooper said it's a blizzard I could not handle myself I started dying😂😂 "blizzard" yeah and my built is supercharged and when it's cold out I let a rip tater chip!!!

  • DrtyBrd5.0
    DrtyBrd5.0   1 months ago

    If you get rid of that wal-mart battery you might run a 6

  • broderp
    broderp   1 months ago

    You pussies dont know what snow is.

  • BoostedR36MK3
    BoostedR36MK3   1 months ago

    how come Jeremy hasn't added to the cranking pulse to get that to start in colder weather

  • Crushonius
    Crushonius   1 months ago

    it says leroy on the screen so i guess you have to do it it was his christmas present after all so you better make it work

  • Tim Spaw
    Tim Spaw   1 months ago

    Put some all terrain truck tires on leroy and go at it in the snow. I live in Cincinnati and do it a lot. Mainly we take the go-kart out in the road and go at it in the snow.. 32 horse go-kart woo hoo haha..

  • Justin Shook
    Justin Shook   1 months ago

    So what does that giant turbo actually go in? Anybody know?

  • brad moore
    brad moore   1 months ago

    "a full blown blizzard." oh sweetheart you have no idea

  • Joe Fair
    Joe Fair   1 months ago

    Y'all were in my back yard for this.

  • A-Rondo Magnus
    A-Rondo Magnus   1 months ago

    You:”Yeah, my car is a stick shift. Yeah, it runs 7’s.” Me:”But will it start in the cold?”You:”......Uhhh”

  • BMF 69
    BMF 69   1 months ago

    Spoiled Floridians it ain't cold until you have to chip the ice off your windshield.

  • Mike44460
    Mike44460   1 months ago

    You kids ( I'm 70 ) are insane, keep it up!

    DARKSYDCUSTOMS   1 months ago

    Ayyee we were there with the isky racing guys but the Texas Speed Booth was so busy when I went over there it it was impossible to say hi

  • navs 鋤
    navs 鋤   1 months ago

    "full blown blizzard" bruh it was barely spitting snow..

  • Zachery Weddle
    Zachery Weddle   1 months ago

    Dude i wish i knew you were coming to Indianapolis 😞 i live in Indianapolis and i would have loved to meet you and see the car

  • Natedog_37 s
    Natedog_37 s   1 months ago

    What no Video of the 1JZ swapped Mitsubishi Starion.

  • Van Ouellette
    Van Ouellette   1 months ago

    try coming to the upper peninsula of Michigan she's 15 F and we got 2-4 foot of snow

  • Anthony Coleman
    Anthony Coleman   1 months ago

    Your video is being sponsored by an "Impeach Trump" petition add. Smh....crazy.

  • Yan Elgaard
    Yan Elgaard   1 months ago

    Spray bottle of fuel goes in the trailer from now on?Lo freaking L

  • Bull Frog
    Bull Frog   1 months ago

    You dont know what cold is til you make it to Buffalo NY in December brother, Do it for dale!