Dan and Phil AND DOGS!

  • Published on: December 2 Nov 2017

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  • Runtime : 11.57


  • nan ni
    nan ni   1 years ago

    they dogumented this very well

  • Fren
    Fren   2 hours ago

    Or you know you could just get a dog

  • ally. r.
    ally. r.   1 days ago

    I like to think I'm a rat in this

  • Shaymien Hopp
    Shaymien Hopp   2 days ago


  • Pansexual_ Pancake
    Pansexual_ Pancake   2 days ago

    3:10he protecche attaccBut most importantly I want him to come bacc

  • Brie M
    Brie M   4 days ago

    dan says anything: everyone cackles

  • Ginalyne McGee
    Ginalyne McGee   4 days ago

    Is it just me or when Dan and Phil were doing the school shot they looked like they were Hogwarts students?

  • Mzima Tomkins
    Mzima Tomkins   6 days ago

    What is the dog breed that they used for the winter / sking month

  • Blackpaw AJ
    Blackpaw AJ   1 weeks ago

    honestly i want to know why i havent seen this until now ;-;

  • Ch1sp1t4s
    Ch1sp1t4s   1 weeks ago

    I'm still so mad that Phil didn't say "dogument this"

  • Cloverleap
    Cloverleap   1 weeks ago

    can you make a 2019 or a 2020 version?

  • charlie
    charlie   1 weeks ago

    i’m waiting for dan and phil and cats

  • kydpml
    kydpml   1 weeks ago


  • Starlv Gacha
    Starlv Gacha   2 weeks ago

    Me: sees cavilers on the wallMe: must buy

  • Zoe Gordon
    Zoe Gordon   2 weeks ago

    They posted this a day before my birthday and it's the best gift I could have ever recieved

  • Hufflepuff . Howell .

    If they think that the corgi is heavy they need to try lifting my giant lurcher off of a sofa

  • Lottie Wakefield
    Lottie Wakefield   2 weeks ago

    I don't know who to be jealous of. The dogs or Dan and Phil.

  • Mylou Hedwig
    Mylou Hedwig   2 weeks ago

    This was the first yt vid i watched in 2019 (lol actually) And I rlly will keep rewatching this video for the rest of my life

  • Emelia UWU
    Emelia UWU   2 weeks ago

    They proteccthey attacc but most importantly we want them to got a doggoI don't care that it doesn't rhyme i'm just stating the obvious...

  • Becca Barry
    Becca Barry   2 weeks ago

    I will throw a bitch fit for an actual lady dog. Plz get a dog (this request is non-gender specific I said lady dog for pun purposes) but plz plz plzzzzz

  • SoTotallyNotCrazy
    SoTotallyNotCrazy   2 weeks ago

    Would you say that the sausage dog was FAST FOOD? I'll let myself out.

  • Lexli Nelson
    Lexli Nelson   2 weeks ago

    This video has actually helped my depression

  • GlossyDemy
    GlossyDemy   3 weeks ago

    im just sad bc 2018 is ending and I wont have a snazzy calendar anymore