NYT: FBI opened inquiry into whether Trump was working for Russia

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • CNN's John Berman discusses the New York Times report about the FBI investigation into President Donald Trump working on the behalf of Russia. #CNN #News
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  • Renym P
    Renym P   1 hours ago

    Watch "BUSTED: CNN Censors Damning AG Questioning Over FBI Russia Investigation" on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/xIofYx-HWoU

  • zoellar11
    zoellar11   2 hours ago

    I have no doubt that Trump is being used (either knowingly or unknowingly) by the Russians and scored the biggest investment return in the history of political economics. There is a reason why our chief adversary, Russian and their President Vladimir Putin have been sleeping very well at night for the last two years.....and will continue so for the next two years. Another Benedict Arnold.......

  • Henri Hu
    Henri Hu   8 hours ago

    Will. Nicole Corto in Buffalo. Alma Gonzalez (killed in bathtub), her ex is bothering Nicky. Illuminati. OJ kill folk. Buffalo should seek counseling and honesty.

  • EZ Off Grid
    EZ Off Grid   22 hours ago

    Thank God the Russians exposed Hillary's crimes and kept that criminal out of the White House along with her sexual predator husband.

  • Jeffrey Thomas
    Jeffrey Thomas   1 days ago

    Wait, I thought we hated comey? Oh, that was when Hillary didn't like him...

  • Heat Fire
    Heat Fire   1 days ago

    Anderson Cooper started his career at the CIA. How naive do you have to be to believe anything on MSM like CNN or Fox?

  • Heat Fire
    Heat Fire   1 days ago

    Deep state coup against President they didn’t pick/control. They didn’t find anything. Rest In Peace JFK.

  • Honey Buns
    Honey Buns   1 days ago

    Just talked to a well educated historian and philosopher. He had a laugh at this and said that it’s more accurate to say that Democrats play more of a role of being Russian agents since their ideology is more in line with communism as opposed to that of Republicans. What a bunch of propaganda and brain washing!

  • missmusicdiva
    missmusicdiva   1 days ago

    Has this big ugly baboon not done enough already that has put us in jeopardy from something he's doing? No president in US history has been such an ass as he has been. His conduct. his behavior. his name calling. his ridiculing. his belittling. his obstruction of justice. he's shutting down the government for a wall that the majority of the people do not want. the list just goes on and it don't stop there. Don't let me start on the tariffs trades that Americans will end up paying for as well as other countries as other countries gain off of us. He damn sure ain't working for America, I can tell you that much. #dumptrump #impeachtrump

  • Charlie Rodriguez
    Charlie Rodriguez   1 days ago

    Is this still a thing?LOL, I thought the birther movement was a joke, this takes the cake.

  • tony D
    tony D   2 days ago

    Lol but this isn't a witch hunt.. Fbi is definitely corrupt

  • Ken Phillips
    Ken Phillips   2 days ago

    When presented with a choice between stupid and evil you should usually pick stupid but in Spanky's case he's both evil AND stupid.

  • Sly Ny
    Sly Ny   2 days ago

    You might as well investigate my dick its very big unlike the FACTS u will find to back up your claims CNN

  • NanL Phillips
    NanL Phillips   2 days ago

    So who determined to investigate? Peter Stzrok? or Andy McCabe?

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez   2 days ago

    The lying Jew media had to dust off the Russian hoax once amonth cause Trump keeps winning..lol

  • D Edmonds
    D Edmonds   2 days ago

    Obama’s come back asap this is ridiculous

  • Cory Williamson
    Cory Williamson   2 days ago

    How in the fuck, after 2 years, are we still talking about this nothing of a story??? Seriously!! Why are we still doing this??? CNN, come on!

  • Robert Ryan
    Robert Ryan   2 days ago

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keXx0zxTarE How about this?

  • RINOtards Suck
    RINOtards Suck   2 days ago

    Trump needs to open an investigation into whether CNN is working for the communists to overthrow a duly elected president of the United States of America. They just don'[t know when to quit even though there is no evidence, yet, There are copious amounts of evidence that democrats have been working with foreign agents to overthrow our government.

  • AmericanPatriot2011
    AmericanPatriot2011   2 days ago

    After Mueller’s investigation wraps up, the FBI needs to be gutted and rebuilt from scratch. They’ve gone rogue.

  • Billy Hunter
    Billy Hunter   2 days ago

    Let's not forget this one which left most Americans outragedhttps://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/07/19/trump-open-russian-questioning-former-u-s-ambassador-mcfaul/799041002/

  • Jim Kanzelmeyer
    Jim Kanzelmeyer   2 days ago

    News Flash!!! CNN exclusive: Secret sources reveal to the NYT that Trump is secretly working with Russia! Good thing there are important leaks to make sure we all hear about it. Thank you NYT and CNN for bringing this up to the American people, we have never heard of anything like this before! The American people must feel so appreciative of your high journalistic integrity, is there still time to get Hillary back for president? Or maybe Pelosi!!!!!

  • Rks 639
    Rks 639   2 days ago

    Traitor Rat , The truths coming to light ,Putins Puppet, Repubes hero.

  • Debora Adkins
    Debora Adkins   2 days ago

    Where is that Porn Lawyer that beats his wife,when you need him!!!!

  • against pigs
    against pigs   2 days ago

    How many people did piglet donnie jr say were in the trump tower room the first time? He lied to Americans It grew to 8. Why didn't he know what blocked phone number he was dialing to? Why did pig drumpf lie to the American people while russia had spy submarines at America's coastal waters nearby DC? Why after winning the presidency he arraigned a meeting with putin out of the country near russia then canceled because it was too soon? Why did drumpf make sure he was alone with putin? Why does drumpf torture innocent Americans economically with this government shutdown with a no care attitude & drumpf works harder to ease Russian oligarchs from sanctions that got him elected? Drumpf loyalties are to russia.

  • Debora Adkins
    Debora Adkins   2 days ago

    I am offended I am Russian....I have as much Russian in me as Pocahontas/ Warren has Indian in her...Will some one take my case?...lol

  • Debora Adkins
    Debora Adkins   2 days ago

    CNN is Racist against Russians people...our country is equal rights for all... Racist ,Racist, Racist!!!! Discrimination !!! They are saying don't talk to Russians people!!!!! They are Racist!!! Russians are a minority in America ... So now CNN wants to push their hate speeches against Russians!!!!

  • against pigs
    against pigs   2 days ago

    The FBI was not meeting with russia at TRUMP TOWERS.The FBI was not peeing with Russian prostitutes in Moscow.The FBI was not conducting business to build trump towers in Moscow.The FBI was not sitting in Russian Putin's throne chair with ivanka.The FBI didn't invite the russians to the RNC convention.The FBI didn't lie to Americans no business deals with russia.The FBI doesn't have a sob son donnie jr meeting with russian spies.The FBI wasn't in the Oval office with russians laughing about Coney firing.The FBI didn't hire drumpf administration Russian operatives.The FBI was not on Ukraine ledgers played outs. The FBI didn't lie to the FBI.The crook & the treason is all moron drumpf= former Ukraine president Victor. Where is he now? Hiding in russia after his country booted him out for being a Russian puppet.

  • arthur taylor
    arthur taylor   2 days ago

    Is this Hillary's FBI or Obama's FBI that was investigating?

  • William O'Laughlin
    William O'Laughlin   2 days ago

    Maybe it’s an imminent financial crisis like a crash of about 70% of the DOW