RIP Apollo (for now)

  • Published on: 19 November 2018
  • Welp. The wait begins.

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    Intro Track: Pop Up! Paradise City

  • Runtime : 6:39
  • Apollo Tesla Model S MKBHD crash RIP RIP Apollo


  • Me Troll
    Me Troll   4 hours ago

    the biggest accident in your life was actually being in the 2018 rewind

  • TexasBulldog74
    TexasBulldog74   1 days ago

    Neighbor's parts (front bumper, grill, 2 front lights, hood) took almost 3 months to come in! Autobody shop had it repaired in a week once they got the parts in but he swears he will never buy another tesla until they can get better at offering/having available replacement parts. His insurance only allowed him 30 days for his rental and then the next 2 months he was sharing a car with his wife... boy he was frustrated.

  • Vinny Bruce
    Vinny Bruce   1 days ago

    Wow marques I'm glad you a nd the truck driver are ok

  • nameless
    nameless   4 days ago

    He made 76???? Referrals??????? With his Tesla code????

  • Demarc. C
    Demarc. C   5 days ago

    That’s why you don’t drive beside truckers ...

  • Ramos Does
    Ramos Does   1 weeks ago

    Here in The Netherlands you can only overtake on the left side, this for safety reasons.

  • Nankov K
    Nankov K   1 weeks ago

    You are rich af. Just buy a new one.

  • Ryan Staunch
    Ryan Staunch   2 weeks ago

    I’m a little late, but do you think autopilot would have prevented it ??

  • Victor Momoh
    Victor Momoh   2 weeks ago

    You should get a dash cam - I really wonder why it isn't standard (built in) on new vehicles yet?

  • KellenWiley
    KellenWiley   2 weeks ago

    Make sure you keep the uber receipts for the insurance company

  • seand67
    seand67   2 weeks ago

    Sorry about your accident

  • MJ
    MJ   2 weeks ago

    Did this nigga really name his car like a women or child?

  • sucre
    sucre   2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one looking at 'Grut' behind him to see if it

  • Jake Saglio
    Jake Saglio   2 weeks ago

    Well obviously it's expensive to repair when it's all electric.

  • hafeexius
    hafeexius   2 weeks ago

    Tell Tesla you were in YouTube rewind 2018. They'll understand and send you a brand new model S as a replacement.

  • AJ
    AJ   2 weeks ago

    Mark Ass brownlee

  • Johnny Chimpo
    Johnny Chimpo   2 weeks ago

    You know what's funny. Ending hate. By shorting it. Colonise Venus. You suck.

  • eacorion
    eacorion   2 weeks ago

    In Germany we never ever drive right next to a truck in addition they are suppose to stay in the right lane and you are not allowed to match speed with anyone. Still Things happen. Good luck on the road always.

  • Tony Tng
    Tony Tng   2 weeks ago

    the real question is why were you staying in the truck's blindspot, just get tf out of it

  • Aquual
    Aquual   2 weeks ago

    Colab with Rich Rebuilds

  • Myles Harrison
    Myles Harrison   3 weeks ago

    Doesn't a Tesla have evasion tech? I figured it should've been able to avoid something like this

  • Ryan Luna
    Ryan Luna   3 weeks ago

    Marques Brownlee Have you tried rice?

  • Eirik Andreas Albretsen

    On german highways it almost never happens that two vehicles drive side by side. For a reason!

  • Zak New
    Zak New   3 weeks ago

    Only if it was a Tesla semi

  • cbkenison
    cbkenison   3 weeks ago

    Matte grey with muted chrome, I don't know if I would see you either. You blend in pretty well.

  • Max
    Max   3 weeks ago


  • Lewis T
    Lewis T   3 weeks ago

    You could easily get a refund for all your ubers from his insurance company.

  • Music
    Music   3 weeks ago

    If you repair it, collab with Rich Rebuilds! LOL Gooodluck

  • Leonard Church
    Leonard Church   3 weeks ago

    this is exactly why I dont like driving next to a truck

  • Iubaru Smpreza
    Iubaru Smpreza   3 weeks ago

    1:09 Pro-tip: Never ever, drive directly next to a truck or a vehicle with a much higher ground clearance than yours if you have an opportunity not to, either pass them or get behind them. I do that all the time to prevent this exact thing from happening, I can't even tell you how many times I've had a pickup truck nearly merge into me from being next to them for not even 10 seconds.