• Published on: December 9 Jan 2019

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  • Emily Burns
    Emily Burns   1 minuts ago

    I don't wear makeup very often, but your videos are so addicting. Can you do a beginners guide to makeup?

  • laurasaurus
    laurasaurus   25 minuts ago

    yes PLEASE make a blending video. IT WOULD BE SO HELPFULLL love you x

  • Melissa Morgan
    Melissa Morgan   26 minuts ago

    Love love love all of your videos!! So does my daughter and all of her friends. My daughter just bought your eyeshadow palette and we love it❤️

  • efereiro18
    efereiro18   48 minuts ago

    It came out beautiful! I love your 1st impressions.

  • alliwant15
    alliwant15   50 minuts ago

    I love this Jaclyn ❤️❤️❤️

  • efereiro18
    efereiro18   53 minuts ago

    I need a pt. 2 of this using wet n wild/Milani eyeshadows

  • Tasnim Mahi
    Tasnim Mahi   1 hours ago

    Jaclyn, ur videos are the only ones I’m excited for. Idk y people have to be so negative towards you. U r such a great person 😍 keep being you!!!

  • Erin Green
    Erin Green   2 hours ago

    I would watch your blending video!

  • M J
    M J   2 hours ago

    I think you are being yourself in this video and I love that. Remember what your little "make a wish" friend said "God didn't put you here to be sad". It really encouraged me to find joy in the smallest things and I hope that you don't let negativity bring you down. Xoxox

  • Alison Allman
    Alison Allman   2 hours ago

    don't listen to the haters jaclyn, your so amazing and I love all ur content. PLEASEEEE DO A BLENDING VIDEOOOO PLLLLLLLSSSSSS

  • Mia's Amazing Show
    Mia's Amazing Show   2 hours ago

    Wait so its like a person looks at you and is like OMG shes so pretty but really our face is clickbait!! OMGGGGG

  • Janea House
    Janea House   2 hours ago

    Why do girls wear makeup,they are perfect the way they are

  • Courtney Zapf
    Courtney Zapf   3 hours ago

    Jaclyn, I went to go find baddest beige Maybeline. Somebody had swatched them and dug into them... Maybeline seriously needs to put plastic around their lipsticks because you can just open them. There is not even a little clear sticker holding it shut.

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M   4 hours ago

    Yes PLEASE make a blending 101 video!

  • kayla elizabeth
    kayla elizabeth   4 hours ago

    hey guys! i recently started making beauty videos on my youtube channel. it would mean the world to me if you would check them out! <3

  • Sara Balsells
    Sara Balsells   4 hours ago

    What about the foundation? You didn’t mention anything about it...🙁

  • Yuki Mailoor
    Yuki Mailoor   5 hours ago

    YESSS I LOVE THIS!!! What’s the best lip balm you like?? Your lips looks very moisturized!!!

  • Gen GG
    Gen GG   5 hours ago

    No wonder your husband left your toxic existence and met someone beautiful, gentle, none fame seeking, his real best friend and amazing. You are very not trustworthy and a bit of a joke. You are a disgrace to the YouTube beauty industry. He will have an amazing new life and family with someone new, your ex husband might have PTSD after living with your toxic soul

  • Dorthia Martin Jackson

    Can we have Blending 101 Blending Brushes 101 since there are so many for blending! Thanks! 🤓🤓🤓

  • Samantha Taylor
    Samantha Taylor   8 hours ago

    I would love a blending video! I definitely need to improve and need some tips

  • Lorela Ferhati
    Lorela Ferhati   8 hours ago

    It’s not in the product, the key is the technique 👍🏻

  • ss
    ss   9 hours ago

    Okay Jac I love you so much but that story about pores on your nose made you look like the stupidest bit*h evaaaa 😂 " Oh noooo I have poooooores ".. seriously girl, calm down.

  • Ramona Gal
    Ramona Gal   9 hours ago

    Please do a tutorial on the Morphe party look! 💖💄

  • Terezzi444
    Terezzi444   10 hours ago

    Are you literally complaining about having pores😂😂😂 that’s not a new thing you know, in fact most of us watching have them. Can’t relate ....

  • V S
    V S   11 hours ago

    Promoting her own products no wonder ppl hate you... being extra when you dont need to be

  • Kristina Keegan
    Kristina Keegan   11 hours ago

    So why is everyone hating on jaclyn ? Who gives a fuck if she's high maintenance is it your life ? Is she your gf/ wife ? Have you met her in real Life ? NO so shut the fuck up . She takes the time she needs to keep her mental health up to date so she can make videos for her true supporters . If you don't fucking like her don't watch her ! Especially if you haven't been here from the beginning . She's a beautiful person with an amazing personality .

  • L
    L   12 hours ago

    She definitely part owns Morphe

  • Haart XoXo
    Haart XoXo   13 hours ago

    Why do u post like 1 one in a week? u are literally the worst at uploading

  • AR *
    AR *   14 hours ago

    Yes please do a video on blending

  • Kelsey Kaplan
    Kelsey Kaplan   14 hours ago

    Save yourself 27 minuteshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eXuRVlSgXI

  • Leah Melde
    Leah Melde   15 hours ago

    Please do a blending video!!!!!!! I love your brushes and the Jaclyn Hill palette 🎨❤️🎉