Why Tobey Maguire Will Always Be the Best Spider-Man

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

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  • Dorkly
    Dorkly   1 weeks ago

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  • Gerardo Anguiano
    Gerardo Anguiano   4 minuts ago

    I鈥檓 sorry but I simply can鈥檛 agree with this video. Tobey Maguire is just a terrible.

  • Ocean T
    Ocean T   8 minuts ago

    I just find Holland's take on Spiderman boring. I don't care how comic accurate Marvel's made him. It's boring. I'd do anything to watch Spider-Man 4 馃槶

  • Lukey boy
    Lukey boy   13 minuts ago

    No hes horrible his acting sux. Overall I like all three films but he is by far the worst part of it. IMO Tom Holland/MCU is the best as that version had to deal with 5 films prior and is still fresh.

  • Amarvir Johal
    Amarvir Johal   30 minuts ago

    This is Holland isn鈥檛 as good. Sure he鈥檚 a good actor but he鈥檚 not peter, he鈥檚 some one else

  • Eruren Tho
    Eruren Tho   42 minuts ago

    just admit yall have nostalgia boners and move on

  • RealiableCandy4
    RealiableCandy4   1 hours ago

    Consequences. Tom's Spiderman doesn't face the consequences of his actions.

  • ThomB1031
    ThomB1031   1 hours ago

    The first two toby versions were good. The third one... not as much. That said, none of the follow ups have been very good.

  • T路 S路 W路
    T路 S路 W路   2 hours ago

    I feel like Tom was the better Spidey.... But maybe Toby was the better Peter.

  • Kieran Corkle
    Kieran Corkle   2 hours ago

    Reason 1: nostalgiaReason 2: nostalgiaReason 3: nostalgiaReason 4:p i z z a t i m e

  • Lala Mabaso
    Lala Mabaso   2 hours ago

    It鈥檚 the story that you鈥檙e talking about

  • Cons29
    Cons29   2 hours ago

    The Spider-Man with the dancing is cringe lol. I personally like other Spider-Man compared to Toby鈥檚, except his first maybe. I do like the train scene.

  • TerminalHamster
    TerminalHamster   2 hours ago

    Kiiinda missed the point of the Tom Holland spidey. Tom Holland Peter WANTS to be nothing but Spiderman. he wants the fame train.Tobeys Peter acts like Spiderman is destroying his life (when clearly the toxic assholes with unreasonable demands around him are the real ruination of him).Toms Peter feels like he's being kept on the ground, and denied his true calling because of feeling responsible for May. Something he realizes later is wrong when he decides to be a Friendly Neighbourhood Spidey and stop trying to overreach before he's ready, just like Tobey. The point of Ironman being his benefactor is that it compromised his values temporarily, overinflating his ego and ambition.

  • Daniel Ortega Marte
    Daniel Ortega Marte   2 hours ago

    Really love how the spiderverse omage has made a lot of creator recognize Mcguire Spider Man.

  • Torinux
    Torinux   3 hours ago

    Why the hate towards Garfield? Garfield's movies created a perfect mix, they gave Spidey's cockery and big mouth and Peter's personal life struggle. Tobs gave us a good Peter and Holland a good spidey.

  • oDieseLz
    oDieseLz   3 hours ago

    I thought Andrew Garfield did an "Amazing" job. He doesn't get the credit he deserves.

  • Manav Vohra
    Manav Vohra   3 hours ago

    No homecoming does everything better

  • Caleb
    Caleb   3 hours ago

    Tobey is hands down the worst Spider-Man and I鈥檓 not watching this video I鈥檓 just here to dislike it

  • Kostheory82
    Kostheory82   3 hours ago

    I see nobody in the comments mention spiderman 3.. 1 and 2 were good for their time but 3 was awful. Homecoming was a much better rendition than the first 3.

  • Morgan Guyer
    Morgan Guyer   3 hours ago

    You're fucking wrong. How 'bout that? I understand that the Sam Raimi movies were the ones we all grew up with, but they haven't aged well. Like, at all.

  • Luke Reid
    Luke Reid   3 hours ago

    Not a fan of the latest Spiderman having no Spider sense, other than his opening scene in Infinity War. No having his own webbing. Being reliant on a tech suit in large part.Tom Holland is great but these iterations are vastly overrated.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy   3 hours ago

    Nah, Tom Holland's Spidey captures Peter Parker/Spider-Man more completely and that's with just 1.5 movies. I think given more time to see how being Spider-Man affects him it'll just get better/more complete.

  • BS Killa
    BS Killa   4 hours ago

    Toby Maguire is the best bc he's the best Peter Parker. He was a down on his luck, type of "loser" that overcame. Garfield and Holland are like the cool/normal guys in highschool you'd want to be friends with. Peter Parker in reality is the guy most people avoided and made fun of, yet he sacrificed himself for u, that's what makes him Spider-Man.

  • Khy'Ree Tabron
    Khy'Ree Tabron   4 hours ago

    Why can't some of you grow up and just see these are all different Spidermen in different universes. We had a whole animated movie for this reason, okay not really but it was an amazing movie. Plus you have to give the newest Spiderman some time to grow Tobby didn't just get molded in one movie. Ones a kid in a universe with other heros making the job that much simpler the other didn't get that just give him time to grow.