College Kids Read 10 Funniest Test Answers (REACT)

  • Published on: December 3 Jan 2019

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    REACT   1 weeks ago

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  • Mildred Ruiz
    Mildred Ruiz   1 days ago

    The girl who said Freddie Mercury you are a queen!!! Love you.

  • random person
    random person   2 days ago

    Idk y, but Madison reminds me of Clarke from "The 100". Anybody else ?

  • T. Rex
    T. Rex   2 days ago

    No offense, I would do the all of these, I am a kid...

  • fransptr
    fransptr   2 days ago


  • mrs. zawsome
    mrs. zawsome   3 days ago

    7:23 I could get away with that because The teacher puts the anwser up on the board and then we check are own work and problems like that are "sample anwsers" which can't be wrong LOL

  • king Naruto
    king Naruto   3 days ago

    05:30question paper is in Afrikaan #south africavraag 3 stands for question 3

  • It's_Flicker
    It's_Flicker   4 days ago

    1:48 “It’s the lion king!” No, it is pink panther.

  • Akshay Jadhav
    Akshay Jadhav   4 days ago

    All these American kids with their perfect teeth 😪

  • Martin Mccann
    Martin Mccann   4 days ago

    Maddison is lovely and beautiful. Can wait to watch her in another video. Family must be proud of her

  • Bri
    Bri   4 days ago

    4:21 she’s my new favorite person

  • Ohmanom
    Ohmanom   5 days ago

    7:24 I’ve actually done this many times..... I mean at the very least I’d be more specific and say subtraction, addition, etc. Most of the time lol.

  • Imraan Barzizoui
    Imraan Barzizoui   6 days ago

    5:44 it was ritten in dutch i know that because i live in the netherlands!

  • • ᴘᴀᴘᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡɴ •

    Once in Geography we had the subject "volcanos" and wrote a test.One of the questions were "The floor is lava. Why can't you day “the floor is magma”?"The teacher corrected the tests and bursted out laughing when she saw that my bestie wrote "because that's not how the game works" as an answer.

  • Little Lilly
    Little Lilly   1 weeks ago

    I remember a long time ago in kindergarten. They told me what is 3 + 2 and I put five... then it told me how to explain I put "I counted with my fingers"Wait I forgot something and then the teacher laughed at me!😂🤣😂🤣

  • DestroKind
    DestroKind   1 weeks ago

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  • Piper Woods
    Piper Woods   1 weeks ago

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  • IncAlien
    IncAlien   1 weeks ago

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    IncAlien   1 weeks ago

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  • Brittany Stack
    Brittany Stack   1 weeks ago

    I indeed like this video. It did actually cheer me up a bit. Way to go!

  • Em M
    Em M   1 weeks ago


  • //•_em _bell _𓆉_•//

    Wait... Did Alberto just say he likes little kids 😂 in every other video he’s literally always saying how much he hates kids 💀