Meteorologist fired for racial slur on air speaks to CNN

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

  • Former WHEC-TV meteorologist Jeremy Kappell speaks to CNN's Don Lemon after being fired by the network for using a racial slur on air while referring to a park named for Martin Luther King Jr. #CNN #News
  • Runtime : 7.30


  • Benjamin Camp
    Benjamin Camp   8 minuts ago

    "Graphic language." "Used a racial slur on air." Used implies intent, you insinuating idiot. Get bent, CNN.

  • kks086
    kks086   29 minuts ago

    White people in the media have been making this “slip up” for 60 years but it’s always by accident. Yeah right I wonder why Don didn’t give him the Kevin Hart treatment. Maybe this guy should dedicate his life to being an advocate for Black people.

  • Eagle Crow
    Eagle Crow   1 hours ago

    if he was fired for a slip of the tongue, fire anyone who works period.

  • Robert Richardson
    Robert Richardson   1 hours ago

    He did it on purpose, to try to fuck with ppl n the media head. Crackaz

  • Daniel
    Daniel   2 hours ago

    In high school, we voted Don Lemon “Most likely to Succeed”. We thought ‘succeed’ was two words

  • Kale Phillips
    Kale Phillips   2 hours ago

    Give him his job back what the fuck is wrong with the you people. I give up on the world

  • Misty Clouds
    Misty Clouds   2 hours ago

    Coon and King sound nothing alike. How many times do we EVER use the word “coon”? He’s full of shit and he knows he’ll get away with it. I don’t believe his apology. Fake.I hate when the WS actually quite Dr. King to defend themselves! The balls of this man!

  • M M
    M M   2 hours ago

    I don't think he would do that on purpose. Even here he is slurring his speech.

  • itsnotpoliticallycorrect

    This network 24/7 threatens the Presidents life and his family. Promotes an anti white anti American pro communist agenda 24/7. Really assholes?

  • xele fonte
    xele fonte   4 hours ago

    The guy is a closet-racist, simple and short. Why is it always the racist that have these accidental slipups? #DonImus I've never made the slipup of calling Martin Luther Coon Jr but of course when a closet-racist Trump voter gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he wants to completely deny it ever happened and apologize to save his precious career. Jeremy Kappell is as inauthentic as Kim Kardashian's ass. What an absolute loser and racist troll who got what he deserved. He really thought he could call MLK a coon and get away with it. And he almost did if it wasn't for a number of people who noticed. Nobody pays meticulous attention to meterology reports; it is one of the most boring reports next to traffic. Jeremy Kappell had one FUCKING job, to report the weather and he failed. He had to make it politicial even though he's a wannabe-news journalist who wants to air out his right wing grievances instead of just report the weather. He is a profound loser by every meaning of the word. If he wants to talk like this, he should go work for Fox News not a local news team...but of course he couldn't get a job with Fox News. How obnoxious of a privileged middle-aged white man who lives in the comfort of his affluent Rochester neighorhood which is one of the segregated parts of the United States..just to call a man like MLK Jr a coon.

  • xele fonte
    xele fonte   4 hours ago

    Hey, Jeremy, fuck you dude. Your apology is not accepted despite the support of Al Roker, Don Lemon and other carefree white-washed black people. You don't get the benefit of the doubt because you're a right wing Trump-voting troll who distances yourself from blacks as much as possible. Calling MLK Jr. a coon was a troll moment that backfired on you. Obviously, you didn't care to think about your family or kids that would be exposed because of your foolishness. You can make stupid apologetic Facebook videos with your wife and say you slipped up, but WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU BASED ON YOUR HISTORY. But, I do find it hilarious watching you shuck and jive for black people by posting numerous MLK photos as if you actually give a fuck about the man (you still don't)...and associating yourself with a handful of black people. You're the very type of white man who counts your black friends to prove you're not racisr. Jeremy Kappell, you are so fucking fake. I hope you never get a job in news media. You are a piece of shit and a disgrace and I'm glad the nightmare you are experiencing for thinking you could play a little joke that nobody would catch. The joke's on you. LOSER!

  • xele fonte
    xele fonte   4 hours ago

    Why do you guys give this right wing troll Jeremy Kappell? As a black person, I have to say it's comical watching this pathetic loser play the Michael Richards routine, apologizing for his offensive behavior by being a racial cuckold and posting infinite phots of Martin Luther King Jr or as Jeremy would say "Martin Luther Coon." To know whether Jeremy Kappell's intentions, it's important to understand his background. He's from Indiana and Kentucky, two heavily Trump-endorsed states. But, you can't assume he's a Trump voter because of that. I looked at his pro-Trump facebook history back in 2016 and anti-Hillary.

  • jeffinitely
    jeffinitely   5 hours ago

    This is stupid. Anybody who speaks knows how easy it is to slip up and blend two words together. "King" and "Junior" mixed together could easily sound like "coon". It doesn't sound intentional and this poor guy is just the target of unjustified outrage. Lets save our outrage for things people do intentionally not slip-ups like this.

  • LH Rose
    LH Rose   5 hours ago

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  • Twizla Rootz
    Twizla Rootz   5 hours ago

    Martin Luther coon king gimmie a frickin break it what he says when he is with his white friends stop defending stupidity

  • Erin Brooks
    Erin Brooks   5 hours ago

    Combining the words King and Junior into a word that is a racial slur should have a consequence, but his whole job? Dang..CNN covered this story very well though. Very thorough

  • pamalojo
    pamalojo   5 hours ago

    I have noticed that the news meterologists always speak rather quickly; they need to because they have about one minute to get in three minutes' worth of words. So it's not surprising that there's a flub every now and then and that when there is a flub there's no time to self-correct. Poor guy didn't even realize what he'd said. He should be reinstated and allowed to issue a formal apology.

  • Marquita Russell
    Marquita Russell   7 hours ago

    If you are real you can watch this and tell that he's sincere this man it's not one of those you can tell him and his wife is not on none of that💯

  • sola 225
    sola 225   7 hours ago

    What the hell. One can't make a mistake again. Jeez

  • pstewart1058
    pstewart1058   7 hours ago

    I'm a black female. I don't think this man should have lost his job. Anybody can make a slip; anyone can misspeak. I mean, come on people. Give this man his job back. Dr. King would be the first one to say give this man his job back.

  • Darrylene Mason
    Darrylene Mason   7 hours ago

    I think he was so used to saying it around his family and friends, that it automatically came out.

  • Xander Patten
    Xander Patten   7 hours ago

    He ain't king of me. Americans frown on royalty who you aren't allowed to insult.

  • Nikki Daniels
    Nikki Daniels   8 hours ago

    He didn't mean to say it on the air. He's Definitely said Martin Luther Coon before, definitely joking around. That's not a coincidence. Kane Keen Maybe but not Coon. He should definitely lose his job.

  • jamal williams
    jamal williams   8 hours ago

    King and coon sound nothing alike, M.L.Coon, really, the subconscious is quite revealing sometimes, a freudian slip, rid his ass of employment, now he has to tell his family what he has done, all the telephone callers on blk ppl, and others will pay for their so called mistakes, this troglodyte doesnt seem remorseful,

  • Connie Green
    Connie Green   8 hours ago

    Don will forgive him but not Kevin Hart?!!!!!huh??

  • Connie Green
    Connie Green   8 hours ago

    In from upstate New York, trust me it wasn’t a slip!!!

  • Terrance Gilbert
    Terrance Gilbert   10 hours ago

    Fuck all you crakers that's defending this bullshit. What yall think we are that stupid? No yall are.

  • Miles Salzer
    Miles Salzer   10 hours ago

    Theyre not even trying to get his side theyre just trying to corner him and get him to break.

  • desmond simon
    desmond simon   11 hours ago

    Fuck nah he was use to saying he fucked up and said it if you can't see that you just as dumb as the ones saying Trump not racist that is no mistake...he has the right to say anything he wants and yes one fuck up ruins a lifetime of good deeds just the cards we were dealt...

  • Midnight Ink
    Midnight Ink   12 hours ago

    I don’t even understand what was bad about what he said. He never swore or said anything bad... I think people are just throwing a fit over nothing cause they have nothing better to do or maybe the company just wanted him gone and are no using this lame ass excuse.

  • Gregory Ross
    Gregory Ross   12 hours ago

    I don't expect anything different from these moonskins... If Dr king was alive today you white folks would hate him and that's a FACT... Didn't you guys blow half his head off because he wanted to integrate with you guys.???