GIANT NITROUS SHOT vs. Auction Corvette! Will the Truck Engine Survive!?

  • Published on: December 4 Des 2018

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  • Runtime : 29.56


  • StilwellMotovlogger
    StilwellMotovlogger   1 weeks ago

    13:07 “We’re gonna spray it hehe.” The way he says that and laughs sounds like a kid in a candy store. The affect that Bald Eagles can have on people

  • Nan10ify
    Nan10ify   1 weeks ago

    300 horsepower with Nitro shut how much they think make without a Nitro , I think my Geo Metro got more power

  • Bjorn Kus
    Bjorn Kus   1 weeks ago

    Might as well throw holly in there.... and the reach around lol

  • Andy Smart
    Andy Smart   1 weeks ago

    "lets just sit Holly in there" hahahaha

  • Carbocide_warrior
    Carbocide_warrior   1 weeks ago

    Gotta bite the bullet and get rid of the engine or cut ya losses and try and flog it on

  • Dee Tm
    Dee Tm   1 weeks ago

    New shirts “It’s Fineeeeee 😉”

  • MStrickkk
    MStrickkk   1 weeks ago

    "Your squirts were on point"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkay

  • Mr. Aizawa
    Mr. Aizawa   2 weeks ago

    I wanted a small sports car. I told my sister that whatever car I get I would name it Lucy, a fitting name for a small sports car. I ended up getting a 2002 Firebird for my first car... I now have a really big car... Named Lucy... I love her. She's mean and adorable at the same time. :)

  • Richard Herring
    Richard Herring   2 weeks ago

    So I’m gonna need James to hang onto my hood and spray some nitrous in my mustang on my next race haha

  • Andrzej Ziemskov
    Andrzej Ziemskov   2 weeks ago

    Кончили мотор. Бедная смесь, пропорции не было

  • Ser Rod
    Ser Rod   2 weeks ago

    Good stuff haha. Cool video Subscribed

  • Q. FL
    Q. FL   2 weeks ago

    These boys are BRAVE! Lmao

  • Rockfire
    Rockfire   2 weeks ago

    Call it Phoenix. It may just rise from the flames.

  • Amen XV
    Amen XV   2 weeks ago

    Soo awesome loved the way you pulled out maximum power from it...

  • Nightstalker 1
    Nightstalker 1   2 weeks ago

    Only my third vid watching these guys, but the secret to their success is these are just everyday guys you would want to spend an afternoon tinkering on a car with and enjoying a couple pops. You got a new sub fellas.

  • Nikel87
    Nikel87   2 weeks ago

    I have never seen a dyno graph write letters before.

  • Larry Calhoun
    Larry Calhoun   2 weeks ago

    I'm getting motion sickness watching this video...please get a new camera man!

  • Isaac Shapiro
    Isaac Shapiro   2 weeks ago

    We don't need Jeremy, just get holley on the keys

  • DiabloManiacz
    DiabloManiacz   2 weeks ago

    You are such a great leader and these videos are hilarious!

  • Brad Brad
    Brad Brad   2 weeks ago

    Well golly cleetus, if your done with your sister can i have her

  • Diego Alonso
    Diego Alonso   2 weeks ago

    Bastante salame este boludon! Que cara de ortiva tiene, parace de 15 años, alto Virgo!!!!