The key moments from George HW Bush's funeral

  • Published on: December 5 Des 2018

  • From the emotional speech of George W Bush to the painful tensions between Clinton and Trump - here are the key moments from the funeral of US former president George HW Bush Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► mourns George HW Bush as Trump gives cold shoulder to Clintons ► in Focus podcast ► the Guardian ► Guardian YouTube network:The Guardian ► Jones talks ► Football ► Sport ► Culture ►
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  • RockAllStarsCollaborationProject D

    Little do most of the commentors here know but theres a wholee conspiracy set up here. This Q shits real. Trumps part of it but i’m still not sure of his personal intentions...

  • Evelyn M Barsom
    Evelyn M Barsom   4 days ago

    I remeber your dad leaning right into Gorbachap and pucking in his lap. I was young too. Good memory. During your Dad's four years National Geographic Magazine had to issue a new inflateable world globe to all who wanted one. No longer U.S.S.R. but Russia. I mourn with you and your brother Jeb.

  • Force User
    Force User   4 days ago

    3:10. Something's about to be exposed and don't ask me what that letter is about, the looks on his face told it all.

  • Michael Moyes
    Michael Moyes   4 days ago

    Wonder what the note said that secret service passed to bush and showed to jeb YOUR NEXT

  • Fauzia Ayaz
    Fauzia Ayaz   4 days ago

    Now suffer like the Muslims have suffered. You guys don't know anything.

  • Survivrs
    Survivrs   5 days ago

    What is wrong with you people and your vile comments? Is that how you would feel if your father had been a president? Some of these comments are just plain cruel and it's so uncalled for.

  • Just Ton
    Just Ton   5 days ago

    Hell is where he is at burning screaming in the hottest place in hell next to hitler

  • Lynn Winn
    Lynn Winn   6 days ago

    why wasn't Jr there with him when he died like most famlies do

  • dannyg
    dannyg   6 days ago

    What about the envelopes?

  • some body
    some body   6 days ago

    Oh..The tears, young bush, but how man mother's , fathers brother's daughter s wailed for those you and your cohorts had murdered on 911 to usher in your skull and bones NWO of lies. May you all burn in the hell of your mischief. Rockefeller goneBush Sr. Gone They'll never see your dream of NWO SELAH!

  • uva antonio
    uva antonio   6 days ago

    What hours they will serve the chocolate and tamales hots oaxaqueños gringos ??????

  • B G
    B G   1 weeks ago

    That was a comedy show ?

  • Lu Tello
    Lu Tello   1 weeks ago


  • 危延强
    危延强   1 weeks ago


  • kmusic
    kmusic   1 weeks ago

    You know if he wasn't the former president that messed up the country I would have actually liked him a lot...

  • T Cross Franco
    T Cross Franco   1 weeks ago

    Wasn't so long ago the media was thrashing his he's being deified all over YouTube...go figure.

  • Vlad Dracoson
    Vlad Dracoson   1 weeks ago

    You seem to have left out one of the most significant parts of the ceremony... the wrinkles on the flag and implications this commands under military tradition. This is not an honorable ceremony.

  • Black Witch Veve
    Black Witch Veve   1 weeks ago

    Hi. I have a question. I’m French, so I don’t recognize all of the faces. I recognize Obama, Trump and his wife, of course, but... who’s the botoxed queer with the white hair sitting behind Trump?

  • Hsin Kuei Lu
    Hsin Kuei Lu   1 weeks ago

    Be the most accountable person at your father’s funeral - Jordan Peterson

  • Michael Sutanto
    Michael Sutanto   1 weeks ago

    When Hillary attempts to ignore Trump when he sits down

  • ryan93c11
    ryan93c11   1 weeks ago

    Wow this is distasteful who makes a “key moments” video for a FUNERAL

  • Random Things
    Random Things   1 weeks ago

    I'm just gonna say this: took you long enough

  • Debbie Bell
    Debbie Bell   1 weeks ago

    So sad for a family to grieve in public

  • Unknown • 5 years ago

    Melanie is gonna use those lines when Trump dies. All jokes aside RIP to George H.W.

  • Josimar Lopes
    Josimar Lopes   1 weeks ago

    Not to mention that he was the one who opened Guantanamo.

  • Aloha Ackbar
    Aloha Ackbar   1 weeks ago

    Sometimes I like to stick my finger up my anus then smell it

  • chris malone
    chris malone   1 weeks ago

    Be truthful didnt like his policies but so much respect for bush senior was a beautiful person damn i dont like trump sorrie rest in peace bush senior

  • james nelson
    james nelson   1 weeks ago

    RIP JFK that dag Benji is now dead dead dead