Missing teen Jayme Closs found alive

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • Police in Barron County, Wisconsin, explain how missing teen Jayme Closs was found after disappearing in October.#CNN #News
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  • Bobby Robby
    Bobby Robby   1 hours ago

    So so happy she escaped from that vial pos..its nice to see something turn out good for once. I've been following since the start and always thought someone had taken her. Wish her all the best in recovery ❤

  • Evren KINLI
    Evren KINLI   8 hours ago

    Needs to be clarified as soon as possible. http://www.universenews.site/i-100-think-its-her-heres-how-911-callers-told-police-jayme-closs-was-found/

  • gaby leon
    gaby leon   11 hours ago

    So sad, she escapes and has to hear her parents were murdered

  • Shawn Moody
    Shawn Moody   14 hours ago

    That's not news no more find something else to report about tired of seeing her face

  • Hayden Watson
    Hayden Watson   16 hours ago

    Hes a libtard monster, i can bet my life on it!! You have to feel entitled to take what is not yours!!!! Libtardation at its finest🙄

  • Zihorah Husien
    Zihorah Husien   18 hours ago

    she never mentioned if she was raped, how, who and when the parents bodies were found , did the school call police when she did not show up at the classes, or just she was ignored

  • Kayleigh Roberts
    Kayleigh Roberts   19 hours ago

    Iam sorry to say but no one is anyone’s possession what a wrong word to say in a situation like this , so glad she has been found and weldone to the women who found her and looked after her , welcome home Jayme xxx

  • Brenda Lambert
    Brenda Lambert   23 hours ago

    I live within a fifty mile radius from this horrible tragedy . Everybody can be a hero if they look watch and listen , thank God our prayers have been answered

  • †ANGÉ|†
    †ANGÉ|†   1 days ago

    You guys need to respect our law enforcement officers, peace for police. If they ask you to pull your pants down...pull your pants down, if you get sodomized “accidentally” by their baton...don’t question it.

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker   1 days ago

    The cops had nothing to do with her being found, and all of the praise and credit goes to Jayme for escaping.

    ED POWELL   1 days ago

    neighbors said it took 20-30 minutes for the cops to arrive..pathetic….if they'd used a 'hot donut' sign, cops been there in 5

  • Snufalufagus Shit
    Snufalufagus Shit   2 days ago

    It was all an elaborate plan by her and that guy to kill her parents and make it look like a kidnapping. Then they got in an argument when they realized that they’re not Bonnie and Clyde. Soooooo, she left and blamed it all on him. The truth will come out. Mark my Words!!!

  • Brian Schuerman
    Brian Schuerman   2 days ago

    I exstreamly disappointed that the police think they have the right to take credit for something they did not do. Sad. Good job Jamie for being strong and having the courage to fight back.

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B   2 days ago

    Everyone acts like they did their job and saved her until the FBI credits Jayme for escaping 7 1/2 minutes in.

  • Daniel Lund
    Daniel Lund   2 days ago

    I hate this world sometimes :( may God bless Jayme ❤️

  • Carmen V
    Carmen V   2 days ago

    The girl escaped. Correct. That is noted quite clearly in obvious speech. The police (and so many others in that community) worked very hard from the time she went missing up until the day she escaped, and for that the police and all the volunteers are being thanked. It's decent to show appreciation to everyone who were searching for Jayme Closs. Had she not escaped, they would have continued to look for her. Their dedication and commitment toward finding her was commended. The case is still active. They want to make sure that the man who took her and abused her will pay for what he did to this girl and her family.Instead of people being relieved and happy that she is finally free and safe, and instead of people being appreciative of the fact that there are people who care and will do all they can to find a child that goes missing, you have people turning this into a hate campaign toward the people who actually put in the time and effort to find Jayme Closs. I wonder if there is a single person making these foolish comments toward the police and volunteers being thanked that actually spent a day looking for Jayme. I am not American, but I can attest to people being just so insensitive and slow to show appreciation in my country when people in the community work hard to show they care even if those persons are not directly responsible for the good result that follows. It's just so important to know that there are those in our society and community that haven't given up hope when others are not even prepared to sacrifice even so much as a minute of their day to help the vulnerable, yet, all they would do is offer lipservice when all is done.

  • kwkstar
    kwkstar   2 days ago

    Jayme brought her own self home!

  • Billy Ray
    Billy Ray   2 days ago

    There should be an upcoming film based off of the infamous case in which this pervert killed her parents took her against her will she escaped and he was apprehended.

  • Ohio Against The World

    I really, truly don't mean to sound insensitive, but something doesn't seem right about this story.

  • LoveIsLovely
    LoveIsLovely   3 days ago

    That guy is no hero. Get the fuck out of the picture.

  • someone someone
    someone someone   3 days ago

    Funny how i see fox mics everywhere but no cnn mic..... She was not found she escaped and went up to a woman walking her dog. That woman then took her to a nearby house and told them to call the cops. The cops did no good, the media did no good. The only one that saved her was Jayme. She escaped from a location about 1 hour north of her home in a rural area that is mostly used by seasonal homes. For a better news update from a more reliable source ......https://youtu.be/3OWZqffXenM

  • James Gray
    James Gray   3 days ago

    CNN can't get anything right the liars .. She escaped #FakeNews .. Trump2020

  • Gene Clark
    Gene Clark   3 days ago

    Prayers for this lost young man. May he accept Jesus into his heart and have his sins washed away!

  • Sal'tripin
    Sal'tripin   3 days ago

    idiot cops taking credit for nothing they did

  • Lip stick
    Lip stick   3 days ago

    White Guy: Jake Patterson a White Immigrant Guy, Arrested for Murder and Kidnapping of Jayme Closs... Real Hero, Jeanne Nutter: Jeanne Nutter is the Real Hero Who Jayme Closs found...Where is Donald Trump... Where is Donald Trump... Where is Donald Trump...Where is Donald Trump... Where is Donald Trump... Where is Donald Trump...Where is Donald Trump... Where is Donald Trump... Where is Donald Trump...

  • Uncle Blazer
    Uncle Blazer   3 days ago

    I know you people see other peoples comments. Yet, you still post the exact comment as the person above you and below you. Lol


    😶The majority of serial killers in the u.s. are in the ages between 35 and 45 mostly Caucasian male

  • turea dumonceau
    turea dumonceau   3 days ago

    Self praise is a little over the top, shut up already.

  • Defy Convention
    Defy Convention   3 days ago

    Trump went in the house and got her out thank you president!!!

  • Duke of derp
    Duke of derp   3 days ago

    throw the fucker in a cage and then throw his ass in a river or large pond

  • jimiclemente1
    jimiclemente1   3 days ago

    these people a jerk offs....what are you going to do ...give each other medals?

  • Joseph Van Zandt
    Joseph Van Zandt   3 days ago

    Wisconsin has no death penalty, so the state should castrate her kidnapper and the murderer of her parents and then let him rot in solitary confinement for the remainder of his life, which won't be too long if all he is given is bread and water once a day.