Project Neighbor Goes INSANE... Then Catches on Fire! (Cleetus and Cars FL Burnout Contest)

  • Published on: December 13 Nov 201

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  • Runtime : 35.12


  • Jordan Deaton
    Jordan Deaton   3 days ago

    Dang bro it's been a while sincel I've been to ur channel and last time I was here u were barely over half a million subs but with co tent like this I can see how the channel grew so quick lol

  • bocam57fe
    bocam57fe   1 weeks ago

    well im an ozzy cleetus and you cant beat ozzy burnouts, but you guys have more fun! good onyas

  • Patrick P
    Patrick P   1 weeks ago

    You're the EPA's wettest dream -lmao!!!

  • Mitch Lowe
    Mitch Lowe   2 weeks ago

    hope you guys get a bigger pad soon, Cleetus looks like he has been working on his tip ins \m/ noice work brother

    MXSLICK   3 weeks ago

    yeah i think id rather not breathe that in.

  • BeastFreak
    BeastFreak   4 weeks ago

    I love how the tires light up just as he raises his hands in the air to get the people cheering.

  • Spencer
    Spencer   4 weeks ago

    fuck yeah! trans am! Love those cars!

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez   1 months ago

    lol once james got out I said "bet hes gonna pull an axel" XDDD

  • Conan Bicknell Jr
    Conan Bicknell Jr   1 months ago

    So much 'Murica in this video!!!! I fuckin love itAlso im back from Army BCT

  • Piotrek Wiktorowicz
    Piotrek Wiktorowicz   1 months ago

    When a mustang appears, I immediately go to the next burnout.I know that nothing good missed me.

  • Alex Norman
    Alex Norman   1 months ago

    Don’t let the EPA see this😂😂

  • hi life swamper
    hi life swamper   1 months ago

    Feel sorry for those people who r eating pavement roosters tails and flying rubber and choking on tire smoke

  • Stôan
    Stôan   1 months ago

    11:49 Shotgun to the face, LOL

  • Skyler
    Skyler   1 months ago

    5:50 is absolutely terrifying. The way he spins around, completely smokebombs himself, and then you just see that from end blowing smoke like a train. That car was a whole different monster it seems evil in the most badass way

  • nicholas langevin
    nicholas langevin   1 months ago

    lmfao that mustang didn't wall tap he just put more hate on the mustang crowd killer campaign good thing that barrier was there ;) LET ER RIP TATER CHIP!!!!!

  • HEMI Momma
    HEMI Momma   1 months ago

    Hippies are seizing up in mass after witnessing this epic carbon footprint display.

  • Jesus Leon
    Jesus Leon   1 months ago

    That TBSS 19:08 😍😍🙌💯

  • Grumpy ol' Boot
    Grumpy ol' Boot   1 months ago

    Man, the truck @ 31:35 was pretty awesome, that guy was sending it.

  • Bushman
    Bushman   1 months ago

    Bring Neighbor to Summernats and let Lynchy drive it

  • Peekadam
    Peekadam   1 months ago

    Way to roach a decent motor.

  • amie gee
    amie gee   1 months ago

    Garrett thats gotta B the best aussie burnout ive seen out of an American, LETHERRIPTATORCHIP ONYABRU

  • MaximusX45-1911
    MaximusX45-1911   1 months ago

    These burnout contest are a lot of fun I do this almost every year at the Wisconsin dells automotion...

  • john morello
    john morello   1 months ago

    IDIOTS ! why would any one abuse thier cars like this ??????

  • baseball1090
    baseball1090   1 months ago

    thats one way to keep the bugs away in Florida

  • Jew Killer
    Jew Killer   1 months ago

    Hell yeah brother it's the cleetus #mcbutslut channel

  • Kris Jennings
    Kris Jennings   1 months ago

    in australia we don't stop when we hit a wall :")

    THE BANANA NINJA   1 months ago

    Cleetus bro would hav been dope u got some like drone footage from above wouldve been dope awsome vid

    JERRY FARRIS   1 months ago


  • Mark's Snakepit
    Mark's Snakepit   1 months ago

    Stupid way to take care of a car. I like your racing videos! This shit is stupid.

  • Drift-Ninja
    Drift-Ninja   1 months ago

    looks like cleetus picked up a few tricks from his trip to australia ;) hell yeah brother

  • ikillz96
    ikillz96   1 months ago

    As an Australian, I speak for all of us, we'd love to see neighbor down here at summernats

  • Jaron Corn
    Jaron Corn   1 months ago

    Hope James won in the s chassis!