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  • parafrogman187
    parafrogman187   11 hours ago

    Address the American drug problem for once douche bag!!

  • Brayan Nunez
    Brayan Nunez   12 hours ago

    CNN: the border wall trump wants to build across the US-Mexico border to stop drugs from crossing wont stops drugs coming from China through mail..........This is why I, Mexican am NOT A LIBERAL! They complete changed the subject to something totally different! What’s next? Ice is racist because it doesn’t deport American citizens?

  • Mindmilling
    Mindmilling   13 hours ago

    UMM! Mexicans and Hondurans have passports. This means 99% of the people in caravans can split off and cross into the USA to "Buy shoes", "Visit Disneyland", or go to "Las Vegas".. In Theory... Then overstay.A 100 Trillion dollar dome over the USA will not stop a single "Tourist" from overstaying their welcome. So a wall is less than pointless. Unless America wants to ban tourism from most every country.Imagine how YOU would get into the USA if you were a Honduran with a passport (Fact: Every south American country issues passports)This is a Canadian perspective. I could cross into the USA and overstay my welcome.. but I won't because my odds of getting murdered multiply by SIX (6) as soon as I cross into the USA, and my free healthcare makes us live years longer than those in the USA.

  • Sal C
    Sal C   22 hours ago

    Only idiot Trumpanzees think a wall will help.

  • genesis gonzales
    genesis gonzales   1 days ago

    So, the wall has gaps between them, and homes near them? Anyone can just walk up to the wall and do drug exchanges. Lol. Good job TRUMP

  • James Ham
    James Ham   1 days ago

    I don't know why we rather give money to Syria and Israel are tax dollars when we can at least use the money on american soil like building the wall. The dems & senate would rather give our tax dollars to these countrys rather than use it in the United states. So many I've heard were not paying for the wall with our tax dollars, but you rather give Syria and Israel money doesn't make sense. President bring back billions and would like to use some for border security and port of entry. Senate says we dont have the funds my question is why they trying to give money to Syria and Israel cause the priority is throwing our money away just to keep there friends and allies horrible that we have to buy them off.

  • VinnyCx
    VinnyCx   1 days ago

    Did they forget they got rivers ? Lmao

  • Angel 123
    Angel 123   1 days ago

    Has anyone ever wondered if our government is making a killing with all those drugs that get confiscated ? It would not surprise me to find out they are the ones in control of drugs that come in and out of our country.

  • Wolfgang Breitenseher

    It will make smuggling more difficult. That’s as much as anyone can expect from barriers. Smugglers will always find a way. Does this mean you won’t put obstacles in their ways? Is that Democrats logic?

  • El Republicano
    El Republicano   1 days ago

    Not a single Republican thinks that building a wall alone is going to stop the drug problem. Just build the wall and walk away?? Its build the wall and border security! Even then it wont stop it all but it's better than doing Nothing! We have police officers to stop crime, but we still have crime, maybe we should get rid of the police, based on liberal logic.... And Mexico will benefit from this Wall and Border Security. If we can stop the drug money and guns going back to Mexico, then maybe Mexico can function as a normal governing State with less cartel corruption! The US should declare war on the Cartels after building the WALL and SECURING our Border.Viva Trump! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels   1 days ago

    The cartels have been using tunnels, planes, submarines/boats via Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean and majority of drugs make it through border security thanks to number game. A giant wall in China didn’t stop the mongols from invading centuries ago and it won’t work here.

  • p p
    p p   1 days ago

    Trump: Mr. Hypocrisy.  The Dept of Homeland Security issued 15,000 new temporary work visas for foreign workers in 2018. (note the designation "new." source: Fox News.Between 2016 - 2017 out of 144 open positions, Trump hired 1 American. Source: Dept. of Labour - numerous news outlets (you can check).Mara Lago cost $200,00 to join then $14,000 per year. Source numerous news outlets (you can check)Why? cheap labour? Can't afford decent wages or Americans?In 2018 Trump aggressively declared "“My administration will follow two very simple rules: buy American and hire American.” Source: numerous news outlet (you can check)MAGA! make sure the rich get richer by higher cheap foreign workers,

  • Carlos 'El Genio' Bustamante

    Walls do not work where bridges should be built. United States needs to show more compassion for these people. These people are refugees who came here for a better life. USA has moral obligation to let these people in, NOW!

  • The Screaming Severed Heads

    So even if only 10percent comes in with illegals crossing over, should we ignore that 10percent? That's still a lot of narcotics. How many Americans can die from 10percent of the deadly narcotics coming into the US?

  • Shawn Moody
    Shawn Moody   2 days ago

    It won't solve UN united States problem because un united States benefit off the drug industry and everyone got their hands in the pot they don't want to stop it to profitable grants and other nonsense

  • Look Both Ways
    Look Both Ways   2 days ago

    It may not end the drug problem but it's a start.

  • carol yvette
    carol yvette   2 days ago

    I want a wall ... if the wall didn’t work why most private home have them for security

  • Death By Design Graphics

    Unless they make the wall 100 feet high several feet thick and at least 20 feet deep into the ground, noting is going to stop people from throwing shit over it digging under it or cutting right through it. This trump agenda is the biggest waste of time and tax dollars one could imagine. This president is not very big on logical solutions to ongoing problems. The wall is nothing more than a meaningless icon or security blanket for the paranoid and ignorant Americans who have xenophobic tendencies. And asking Mexico to pay for it is beyond delusional. No sane and rational person would ever think such a thing would ever happen. This is the person in charge of our country ladies and gentlemen! God help us!

  • Eduardo Mizuki
    Eduardo Mizuki   2 days ago

    The border between Cuba and Florida is a narco-route sponsored by Donald Trump

  • Ziyaad Dhorat
    Ziyaad Dhorat   2 days ago

    Can’t people fly over or get around the wall with a boat?

  • Brandon Olivas
    Brandon Olivas   2 days ago

    Drugs being flooded into our country is Narco terrorism, same things happening in russia. Really CNN has all these people convinced that if it doesn't solve 1 problem out of 5 then we should just give up. I wanna know how many gang members, convicted rapists and past tense drug dealers DONT get in because they have to go through point of entrys? 🤦

  • FantomasMXss
    FantomasMXss   2 days ago


  • Burgess Bigglesworth

    Keep the government permanently shut down President Trump. Use that money to build the wall. Cut at least three-fourths of all government bureaucratic jobs. Since you're not even accepting a wage Mr. President cut the wages to the house and the Senate by 3/4 that would still leave them over $100,000 a year. Return the education to the states and dissolve the IRS and cut the FBI and the CIA in half. Totally dismantle the anti-American anti-christian National Endowment for the Arts. Cut out all funding to Hollywood, the music industry, the television networks, and Silicon Valley. Return all the national parks to the states where they are located. Disband and kick out the Federal Reserve. Sound only the military for the National Defense science space and exploration and energy. Also ranchers and farmers and the food industry and the clothing industry. Of course maintaining the roads and the bridges and the dams. Stop all funding to any colleges or universities that have professors who are marxists or communists. Make it against the law to form any political party that does not conform to a constitutional republic. Bring the death penalty to pedophiles and drug dealers as well as murderers and rapists. The death penalty should also include anyone convicted of treason. Make the murder of unborn children, abortion, illegal except in the case of the life of the mother. Any doctor performing an abortion afterwards should be charged with murder and executed by firing squad or hanging which should be the two main types of execution from here on out. Throw shysters in jail who claim climate change is real and caused by men. We know it's real climate always changes it has for billions of years it just isn't caused by men and there's not a damn thing we can do about it anyway. Also Mr President make perverted marriage of any kind like homosexual marriage illegal again. Where it should have remained. Also Mr. President make the hangings of Brennan, Obama, the Clintons, Holder, Clapper, and that whole lot public and a national holiday so we can all witness what happens to murderous traitors. The Benghazi family members who lost their loved ones should be on the front row. After that then we can start lining up some of these Marxist journalists in front of firing squads or better yet just for fun hand some of them over to the public and let us rip them to shreds with our bare hands !

  • Tyler 4KMarketing
    Tyler 4KMarketing   2 days ago

    If I was trying to smuggle drugs by driving across the border then why would I drive through a border check point? Why wouldn’t I just drive right over the border instead? There is no wall to stop my car and plenty of places to drive right in. Sorta like a DUI check point. I’m pretty sure if someone was drinking they would try to avoid checkpoints. You even see people posting on social media to avoid DUI checkpoints these days.

  • Miguel Peraza
    Miguel Peraza   2 days ago

    Why aren't Russians helping Trump with the border wall?

  • Keef Riffhard
    Keef Riffhard   2 days ago

    The steel fence is just part of it. They're gonna spend a lot on better detection at the ports of entry. But yea, Americans gotta quit taking that poison. They'll just find more sophisticated ways to get it here

  • 3rd Revelation
    3rd Revelation   2 days ago

    One more reason we need a wall. https://youtu.be/BLXv42N39fE

  • Eddie Hauser
    Eddie Hauser   2 days ago

    I actually support building a wall but I hate the politics and lies and propaganda behind it and to me this is the most ridiculous argument! Mexican drug cartels are some of the richest, most powerful organizations in the world, and if you think a wall is going to stop them from bringing drugs into this country you are extremely naive!

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith   2 days ago

    Vegas must be a mess! So drunk and so close to the border

    THIS IS OUR TIME   2 days ago