Lindsey Graham on shutdown: Never been more depressed

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) issued a statement calling for President Donald Trump to invoke national emergency powers to fund his border wall after saying he's "never been so depressed" following failed efforts to end the government shutdown.#CNN #News
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  • jbond5150
    jbond5150   1 hours ago

    Gop senators can end this stupidity right now but they wont because they all have to suck trumps mushroom dick.

  • saint jack
    saint jack   2 hours ago

    Trump knows Graham is gay that is why is is sucking Trumps dick.

  • Stan Mann
    Stan Mann   11 hours ago

    Lindsey Graham is a closet homosexual being blackmailed by the defense Department

  • D Edmonds
    D Edmonds   1 days ago

    Now do you guys love the Obama lol 😆 wish they were in the White House don’t you guys now

  • Erik Nerheim
    Erik Nerheim   1 days ago

    Cursing democrats for no negotiation then trump tells him to F himself I want it all, baby.

  • Lisa Thomas
    Lisa Thomas   1 days ago

    I know how we can give you some energy, Lindsey ! How about putting a hold on you and yours paychecks ! Americans need to realize we need to stop corporate capitalism politics NOW !

  • gnahthe
    gnahthe   1 days ago

    This is why no one can believe what Graham has to say.

  • Dave Weese
    Dave Weese   1 days ago

    They can't even tell us where they are going to build the wall, why they think it will work better then the crazy new tech which costs a tenth takes days to install instead of years , is more effective at around 95% ATM but its ai so it learns. The drones call border patrol and tell them to leave while giving their precise location and telling them to go home. Furthermore the ground sensors trigger the drone release, and the drone confirms its a person and informs the ground sensor which then gets better at recognizing the difference between humans and animals. Therefore why spend 5 billion on Stine age tech which can easily be overcome by a 5 dollar shovel or ladder? That and its far less expensive to upgrade, and replace.

  • Dave Weese
    Dave Weese   1 days ago

    Wow he looks awful, that's what happens when trump keeps moving the goal line. The dems don't trust trump thus some sort of temporary deal won't work period plus they know trump wants comprehensive list immigration reform something the senate good won't support let alone dems. Thus trump is literally just demanding money for his wall and offering nothing. They couldn't do this when they controlled everything so why should dems which have been powerless to stop trump give in. If they do trump will do this over and over. Thus graham is praying for a national emergency since this shutdown hits his state hard.

  • S. Gillespie
    S. Gillespie   1 days ago

    I say SHUTDOWN THE ENTIRE CONGRESS (without pay) until this is settled! This "s__t hole" Congress/president thinks NOTHING of sending our men to war, they think NOTHING of people not getting paid WHILE DOING their jobs! NO MORE WARS! NO MORE SHUT DOWN until Congress is willing to put "some flesh on the line!"

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen   1 days ago

    Missing a paycheck or missing a family member / son /daughter ??? CNN is falloff Feces ???/

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen   1 days ago

    Oh the poor families of the laid off ??What about the families that had their family member Killed by an illegal ?? CNN you are so full of FECES ???

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen   1 days ago

    Hundreds of Americans have lost their family member to an illegal murderer ?? CNN is silent to that fact ????

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen   1 days ago

    There are no meeting scheduled because the DIMs are in Puerto Rico or Hawaii ???

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen   1 days ago

    BORDER Right now our border is only 20/30 % effective with immigrants and the left want to keep it that way The Dims want to control OUR borders with drones like ZERO fighting ISIS and watching them expand Allowing the dims to run immigration is like the fox guarding the hen house The wall is a foundation and the wall will stop 70% of the illegals After that the Republicans propose to add technology as necessary What you got to be careful about some company comes along and wants some advertising and pays for a portion of the Wall ??? Monsanto / Goya / Purdue /Apple / BUD etc ???? Be glad your not one of those people who has had a relative killed by an illegal ??If Chucky concedes to the wall funding he keeps his job If Nancy concedes to the wall funding she looses her jobIf the Don concedes to the wall he looses his jobIf Chucky maintains his stance not to fund the wall he looses his job If Nancy maintains her stance not to fund the wall she also looses her job If the DON maintain his stance he wins reelection in 2020 Chucky has one chance left Nancy is gone Nancys / Chucky's job is in the balance - all or nothing The DON has backed the DIMs into a corner and the longer this goes on it resonates with the public against the Dims especially when the Dims are on vacation and the DON is in the WH ? The DON has many alternatives while Chucky and Nancy are done , they are out of ammunition except for more created lies with no Camera ? The DON has backed them into a corner and their political life is in the balance ?? Make no mistake this is a democratic shut down and democrats don’t care about DACA or American lives as they said ??

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen   1 days ago

    I hear that the Dims are all in Puerto Rico watching HAMILTON for an exorbitant price and Nancy is in Hawaii ?? What about the government workers ?? The Don is waiting ??/ CNN is full of Feces ????FOF ???

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen   1 days ago

    This is why Lindsey is NOT the POTUS ?? he is too eager to capitulate to the dims ? If the POTUS were to stop the shut down for 3 weeks than advantage to the dims ?? Playing games with the government employees is not smart ?? The DON knows this ?? The Dims knows this ?? Lindsey does not ??? Lindsey shut up and watch ??

  • Chashunka
    Chashunka   1 days ago

    When history books will soon describe how a great nation became a banana republic, Lindsey Graham will play a major role in it.

    IAM GORT   2 days ago

    WHY...Miss Lindsey I do declare you're the woman that cinched up your skirt and said to Donald Trump 'come on Don come fuck me and the GOP right up the ass! and YOU backed him every step of the way you disgusting hypocrite. The people affected by this shutdown are certainly going to remember turds like you and Trump next time they are in a voting booth. YOUR LAST TERM MISS LINDSEY!

  • One Nation Under God? Really?

    “Never been this depressed...”. Really?!!!! So, you weren’t depressed by “on many sides...”. Or “collusion is not a crime”. How about when Spanky embarrassed the nation in front of the whole world when he sided with Russia over our own intelligence agencies? “Mexico is going to pay for the wall...”. Remember him saying that you prissy little worm of a man? Get off your knees and tell GI Joke to fix this mess he!

  • Thomas
    Thomas   2 days ago

    If anyone ever votes for or believes the GOP party lies in the future. They should be suspended from voting. They are not only traitors, but cowards too!

  • Chris Fisher
    Chris Fisher   2 days ago

    The votes to fix this are in the senate but there’s a turtle blocking the way.

  • Carl Malone
    Carl Malone   2 days ago

    He needs to be deported to Russia after he is executed for treason.

  • mkbxtr44
    mkbxtr44   2 days ago

  • Evan Harris
    Evan Harris   3 days ago

    Graham is an insufferable sycophant. He’s Trumps lap dog. Spineless fool.

  • Betty G.
    Betty G.   3 days ago

    Graham needs to be voted OUT.    such a wuss

  • Spencer Anderson
    Spencer Anderson   3 days ago

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones   3 days ago

    FUCK YOU grham cracker piece of shit. You wanted this and you got it. Maybe you should go home and sodomize your daughter with the likes of your peers that work at walmart

  • Gregory Lewis
    Gregory Lewis   3 days ago

    Fuck the wall pay the federal workers now and pass a bill that Congress or the president don't get paid the next time something like this happens and it will not happen I promise you that

  • Gregory Lewis
    Gregory Lewis   3 days ago

    Try not getting paid that would really make you depressed forgo your check this month Lindsey Graham and see how depressed you really could be give me a break Congress should not get paid the fake ass President should not get paid

  • Me
    Me   3 days ago

    So Graham it took this to make you depressed? So, you weren't depressed when children were put in cages? You weren't depressed when you wanted to take healthcare away from millions You weren't depressed when Trump won? You weren't depressed when you acted like a lunatic at the Kavanaugh hearings? (Great job, imbecile you got to be chairman) You weren't depressed when Trump believed Putin over his own intelligence? You weren't depressed when the Saudi's murdered and dismembered Jamal? You weren't depressed when Trump took Russia under his wing? You werent' depressed when McConnell wouldn't put through bills to vote on?

  • James Peter
    James Peter   3 days ago

    No temporary fix to DACA. We don't trust Trump.

  • Morien 50
    Morien 50   3 days ago

    Lindsey Graham doesn't know his ass from his elbow and has been lost in the tall grass since senator john McCain passed away

  • mountaingoat1003
    mountaingoat1003   3 days ago

    Lindsay Graham needs a good stiff kick in the mouth. Real bad.