Google Pixel 3 XL Review: The Shadow of the Notch!

  • Published on: December 19 Okt 201

  • Google Pixel 3 XL. The best camera got a better phone.MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comPixel skins: Verge's post: Gear I use: I'm using right now:
  • Runtime : 15.17


  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee   2 months ago

    Hey I'm gonna use this pinned comment for fact checking:The smaller Pixel 3 display is made by LG, while the XL is by Samsung

  • global talkshow
    global talkshow   26 minuts ago

    hey Marques ! why haven't you record the video for sony Xperia xz2, xz2 comp. & xz3 ? are you a sony hater ?

  • Logan Collins
    Logan Collins   3 hours ago

    The gestures take literally like 10 maybe 5 seconds to get used to... It's called being different

  • Dave Harman
    Dave Harman   9 hours ago

    Video looks much better in wide-screen, also who's dog is that?

  • Farvids
    Farvids   3 days ago

    Is anyone else here dying trying to choose between the note 9 and the pixel 3 xl?

  • G Cart
    G Cart   4 days ago

    Can't be a Freemason video without a globe being put in the background, no black cubes today Marques.

  • Arlo Cordell
    Arlo Cordell   4 days ago

    amc XX la puente......proper staffingheroin feel inducing seatssecure and safe building environmentnon racist and protective mall staffclean, sterile level clean, could bring ur furry children here and have them eat off the floor np...watching, the mule right now......ttyl!

  • Tee Jackson
    Tee Jackson   4 days ago

    What is the actual resolution of this video?

  • Vlad
    Vlad   4 days ago

    to much price for this phone. But backside is scratch on second days after unboxing - wow! Next problem is a noch - no one show us how probably working hub with notification. In Pixel 2/3 (not XL) its all good -- you just swipe normal down and seen all notification, but in Pixel Xl 2/3 you have -- what you have? You have big empty space (with microphone/camera/etc) this is not good -- in price you bought 6 inch screen but its not true 8( And you have specific popap on 3:43 Objectively this phone may cost $549 not more

  • Kyle Korb
    Kyle Korb   5 days ago

    Got mine today and I'm already loving it. Thanks for the help on deciding between this and the Note 9 :)

  • otto Van De Steene
    otto Van De Steene   6 days ago

    I'm wondering how the pixel camera would work for more production-style video, and how it would compare for this with the iPhone Xs and the Samsung s9. Especially with FILMIC PRO LOGV2 it could be an interesting idea to compare them for a video?

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz   6 days ago

    Someone know where i can find that "blue-purple" wallpaper? Minute 3:33

  • gurra747
    gurra747   6 days ago

    What is that intro song called?

  • THE Caballo
    THE Caballo   1 weeks ago

    Does the Pixel 3 keeps the battery longer due to the smaller screen ?

  • Yuvaraj Sj
    Yuvaraj Sj   1 weeks ago

    hey Marques ,can you please suggest me a mobile to buy

  • ウルママ
    ウルママ   1 weeks ago

    I have big hands, And The iPhone most of us are used to so I'm used to notches. I would go with the 3 XL for the bigger screen of course the bigger battery

  • Brandon Hesketh
    Brandon Hesketh   1 weeks ago

    I wish google would somehow create their own os aside from iOS or android but this is going to be my next phone switching from iPhone X to this hope i like it

  • Birb Activist
    Birb Activist   1 weeks ago

    The notch is deeper than the mariana trench.

  • Carles Spriggs
    Carles Spriggs   1 weeks ago

    As a Total package phone or close too a package ,which phone would you recommend the Google Pixel 3XL , Samsung note, or the iPhones!Fir Gaming,Vlogging, video recording...etc ?

  • Bryce Congdon
    Bryce Congdon   1 weeks ago

    Watching with my pixel 3 xl and the notch cuts off some screen but honestly not even an issue

  • Dirk Coetsee
    Dirk Coetsee   1 weeks ago

    The price and design of this phone is a slap in the face for loyal customers. More money for no extra value. No innovation. Terrible design. High price. Loads of bugs. I'm off to Apple

  • xraymods
    xraymods   1 weeks ago

    Your new wider widescreen looks gorgeous on my xs max 🤤

  • Renz Reyes
    Renz Reyes   1 weeks ago

    Where did u buy ur hoodie???? :(

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer   1 weeks ago

    From an iPhone X user... thank you for making the video wider

  • Jason Lant
    Jason Lant   1 weeks ago

    Im not a sub but always come here when im looking for a new phone, love the content Marques, nobody does it better. Gonna pick this up :D

  • César Alvaro
    César Alvaro   2 weeks ago

    No, one of the top comments is mentioning how they want another pillow on the other side of the couch