Google Pixel 3 XL Review: The Shadow of the Notch!

  • Published on: 19 October 2018
  • Google Pixel 3 XL. The best camera got a better phone.
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  • Runtime : 15:18
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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee   3 months ago

    Hey I'm gonna use this pinned comment for fact checking:The smaller Pixel 3 display is made by LG, while the XL is by Samsung

  • AllYourBase
    AllYourBase   2 days ago

    the call screening is silly. if they know about it they know you are there telling the thing what to do.

  • Alamda Ali
    Alamda Ali   2 days ago


  • Kehsihba
    Kehsihba   3 days ago

    Why have you marked India on the map?

  • Anon73618
    Anon73618   4 days ago

    I'd buy it if it didn't cost twice as much as the OP6 here. No point when Google only sells them in a few selected countries.

  • Orlando VR
    Orlando VR   4 days ago

    Help!I’ve been trying to buy a Pixel 3 XL but I can’t find it anywhere (I’m looking on the internet, I haven’t gone to any physical store because I don’t know where it could be sold). Any place I should look for?

  • Robot Cool
    Robot Cool   5 days ago

    The notch like great wall of china😂

  • Ddd Bbb
    Ddd Bbb   5 days ago

    That huge ugly notch is a deal breaker for me It's sad since this phone is amazing

  • Joe Doherty
    Joe Doherty   5 days ago

    Lol no headphone jack = no money from me

  • C.H.I.E.F. Treasurer

    Mine literally just came in the mail and this is the first YouTube video I'm watching on my pixel 3 xl 😂😂

  • global talkshow
    global talkshow   6 days ago

    hey Marques ! why haven't you record the video for sony Xperia xz2, xz2 comp. & xz3 ? are you a sony hater ?

  • Logan Collins
    Logan Collins   6 days ago

    The gestures take literally like 10 maybe 5 seconds to get used to... It's called being different

  • Dave Harman
    Dave Harman   6 days ago

    Video looks much better in wide-screen, also who's dog is that?

  • Farvids
    Farvids   1 weeks ago

    Is anyone else here dying trying to choose between the note 9 and the pixel 3 xl?

  • G Cart
    G Cart   1 weeks ago

    Can't be a Freemason video without a globe being put in the background, no black cubes today Marques.

  • Tee Jackson
    Tee Jackson   1 weeks ago

    What is the actual resolution of this video?

  • Vlad
    Vlad   1 weeks ago

    to much price for this phone. But backside is scratch on second days after unboxing - wow! Next problem is a noch - no one show us how probably working hub with notification. In Pixel 2/3 (not XL) its all good -- you just swipe normal down and seen all notification, but in Pixel Xl 2/3 you have -- what you have? You have big empty space (with microphone/camera/etc) this is not good -- in price you bought 6 inch screen but its not true 8( And you have specific popap on 3:43 Objectively this phone may cost $549 not more

  • Kyle Korb
    Kyle Korb   1 weeks ago

    Got mine today and I'm already loving it. Thanks for the help on deciding between this and the Note 9 :)

  • otto Van De Steene
    otto Van De Steene   1 weeks ago

    I'm wondering how the pixel camera would work for more production-style video, and how it would compare for this with the iPhone Xs and the Samsung s9. Especially with FILMIC PRO LOGV2 it could be an interesting idea to compare them for a video?

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz   1 weeks ago

    Someone know where i can find that "blue-purple" wallpaper? Minute 3:33

  • gurra747
    gurra747   1 weeks ago

    What is that intro song called?

  • THE Caballo
    THE Caballo   1 weeks ago

    Does the Pixel 3 keeps the battery longer due to the smaller screen ?