Super Smash Bros. Ultimate TOURNAMENT! | React: Gaming

  • Published on: December 19 Des 201

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  • Runtime : 9.52


    REACT   4 weeks ago

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  • Clemens Neto
    Clemens Neto   2 weeks ago


  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith   2 weeks ago

    Zero Suit the best main even tho she is cheese

  • ToonTendo
    ToonTendo   2 weeks ago

    You should make them play BRAWL

  • TheRiddler0402
    TheRiddler0402   2 weeks ago

    That first fight was not cool. She begged him not to use his charge move and he didnt use it. As soon as her charge move was available, she used it to win the game. Not cool!!

  • Luke Skkywalkr
    Luke Skkywalkr   2 weeks ago

    Don’t judge me my mains are snake and link

  • No Vibez
    No Vibez   2 weeks ago

    Man I wanted my Boi Ness to win

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers   2 weeks ago

    I'd like to JV3 everybody here, man. Anyone agree?

  • KING
    KING   2 weeks ago

    Anybody wish they were on this show so they could body everybody

  • storm_jaylay
    storm_jaylay   2 weeks ago

    my mains are link,bowser,Mario,king.k rool,jncinaror andkirby

  • Anna Lintz
    Anna Lintz   2 weeks ago

    I currently play a lot of Simon and Zero Suit Samus. Still missing about 30 characters though lol.

  • Maryse
    Maryse   2 weeks ago

    2:52 How to identify someone who barely wins in her life. LMAO

  • BlueF√©nix274
    BlueF√©nix274   2 weeks ago

    I love this game. My mains are Pichu, Ness and the Pokémon Trainer.

  • ChrisCa1601
    ChrisCa1601   2 weeks ago

    React to the Sega Dreamcast. It is the console's 20th anniversary.

  • SplaTunatic
    SplaTunatic   2 weeks ago

    Cloud, Pichu, and Greninja ūüĎĆūüŹĽ are meh mains...cause SSBU too good.

  • Jacky Lam
    Jacky Lam   2 weeks ago

    Can teens play resident evil 2 remake demo

  • Lachlan Mapley
    Lachlan Mapley   2 weeks ago

    I main Kirby and just spam his hammer attack and hope for the best

  • Ed D
    Ed D   2 weeks ago

    The guy from behind the camera sounds like Spencer from Xbox.

  • Silas LeDoux
    Silas LeDoux   2 weeks ago

    Mr.Game and watch, Greninja, and ganondorf

  • Carolina Saad
    Carolina Saad   2 weeks ago

    Mine is Lucas!But sometimes Kirby, Toon Link and Ike