Don Lemon: Trump's border visit a 'photo op'

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

  • CNN's Don Lemon criticized President Donald Trump for the government shutdown and for reneging on his promise to the American people that Mexico would pay for the border wall. #CNN #News
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  • Jason black
    Jason black   6 hours ago

    I think Don Lemon secretly wants to suck Trump off and that's why he's always talking shit about him.... Don Lemon and his nasty gay azz nobody cares what he thinks.....

  • HAWKSWIN2013
    HAWKSWIN2013   10 hours ago

    I think a paycheck missed should result in riots and burning of cities... GIVE ME A BREAK! I struggle supporting kids, sick relative, and trying to enjoy life after taxes. Mr Lemon can you help me? Go [email protected]$# yourself.

  • D C
    D C   13 hours ago

    don lemon is legitimately an idiot.

  • Valelacerte
    Valelacerte   19 hours ago


  • Eloina Seguro
    Eloina Seguro   20 hours ago

    Don: i will always watch you but never ever Chris Cuomo

  • AJ Anderson
    AJ Anderson   23 hours ago

    Donnie "LEMON-HEAD" opens her mouth again. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!!! Something "SHE" is used to doing. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!!!!! Girllllll KEEP that mouth closed sometime it will do YOU some good girlfriend.

  • Donald Rider
    Donald Rider   1 days ago

    Don lemon sick pp toucher vary sick sick man

  • James Madison
    James Madison   1 days ago

    Don, are you still mating with white terrorists?

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C   1 days ago

    Tell the Angel Family’s that it’s a manufactured crisis Don!!!!

  • mathusela korn
    mathusela korn   1 days ago

    Hey! Its Don Le-woman hes an idiot. Smart idiot. What the term again?

  • Damonica Jones
    Damonica Jones   1 days ago

    This is really me able to see exactly where this manufactured crisis is going.

  • Leo Romo
    Leo Romo   1 days ago


  • 8534964
    8534964   2 days ago

    Don lemon your a hypocrite just like trump, obama, bush and clinton. Your network is as bad as fox news peddling bullshit to the masses stop thinking your above this you and anderson copper are dogs just like the fox news crew.

  • Thomas Jacky
    Thomas Jacky   2 days ago

    Lemon the hipoCRACKtic. Why don't you bleed out the Truth on CNN about Wendy Gurl?! yeah Frumps a Liar, Crooked, Racists etc... but how different the wheel of Journalism Turns when not one specific detail about Wendy has not been dissected one. You're a joke.

  • MrGedeon94
    MrGedeon94   2 days ago

    This man is literally out of his mind! This is embarrassing..u white folks claim to be superior and u constantly show us how inferior u are. This is the man u elected. Congrats.

  • Scott
    Scott   2 days ago

    800, 000 people, where many are responsible for national security aren't getting paid. Let that sink in for a bit. Drumpf is letting in terrorists by not paying the people responsible for protecting you. That's how dumb he is...that's how dumb his supporters are.

  • agbgab
    agbgab   2 days ago

    hold on hold on hold on.. 😂😂 how is this racist pos still aloud on tv 🤔. wow. and people actually believe a word wat this man talmbout 😂😂😂😂.. woah.. Don lemon is a human..? please tell me this guy is not the same species as me. wow

  • 1776
    1776   2 days ago

    Your a rascist piece of shit!!!!

  • T Camaro
    T Camaro   2 days ago

    wow this guy - the more I watch Lemon - the more I would love to just punch him right in the mouth! I gotta block all CNN content - lies, hate, and just complete false use of the information out of context - It's ok - sooner or later, they will realize no one will watch their stupid shows - and they will probably be off the air .

  • T Camaro
    T Camaro   2 days ago

    ok.. let me sum up Don Lemon, Colbert, and even Maddow - All three of them are as Bright as a Burnt out lightbulb, as Sharp as a Bowling ball, and about a smart as a box of bolts. These people are so stupid - Can you believe any of this when Obama was in office ? Something like this said against Obama that person (s) would be off the air. The best part of this guy ran down his momma's as... and ended up as a stain on the mattress - I think Don's been cheated! what a piece of garbage !

  • J W
    J W   2 days ago

    This is 'news' ???

  • NinjaDude650
    NinjaDude650   2 days ago

  • Dennis McGoldrick, Bankruptcy Attorney

    Lemon, please get another job, one where you don't have to bitch every minute you are alive. Lying Don Sour 🍋 Lemon Head (borrowed, see below)

  • beastofalbeasts1
    beastofalbeasts1   2 days ago

    A photo op? What about the round table? This isn’t reporting. It’s a disinformation campaign.

  • J Lavem
    J Lavem   2 days ago

    Did anybody see a national crisis because I didn't if it was so bad why aren't sending aid instead of moaning on about his pathetic wall the man lies about everything if lying where in the Olympics he'd win gold everytime.

  • Jessica Noble
    Jessica Noble   2 days ago

    People will get their money back. Families who lose their loved ones will never get their loved ones back.

  • Lora Scelsi
    Lora Scelsi   2 days ago

    Have little faith government workers will get their pay. Perhaps this will go on for three to six months. Has our commander and chief and the GOP are not in favor of large government. Also in many right to work states if your employer fails to pay you its your loss. That why it is self defeating at this time to not look for other employment. Wall Street and the utility companies will profit on the fee's these federal workers will incur. What is the record of our politicians on paying their workers on time or at all. The congress and senate are being paid. Why not let border states vote on if they want the wall. If Arizona says yes and Cali says no, build in Arizona as funds allow.

  • wtysont
    wtysont   2 days ago

    Wipe that semen off your face boy

  • ZappaChick
    ZappaChick   2 days ago

    If you are AGAINST the wall then you are AGAINST the American People! Shame on you!

  • Frank Footer
    Frank Footer   2 days ago

    I agree with Mr. Schumer....Build the Wall!!!

  • Hessian MGTOW
    Hessian MGTOW   2 days ago

    The Clarey Test on Don Lemon1). Doesn't come from wealth = 0 points2). Broadcast journalism. Worthless. = 1 point3). Journalist, reporter and media anchor, never worked a real job = 1 point4). Works for CNN which generates its most revenue through advertising (more than 50%), subscriptions and politics = 1 point... Don Lemon scores 3 points and simply provokes one single question: HOW does Mr. Lemon manage to appear that cocky and know-it-all while being a literal NOBODY in terms of true achievments??? How can he talk to educated people who worked real jobs in the free market as if they know nothing but he somehow does??? All he did his entire life is yadda-yadda blah-blah on TV!

  • slylockdefox246
    slylockdefox246   2 days ago

    I'm sorry I'm from. BARBADOS 🇧🇧 watching the mess in the united states.... All I can say is how stupid Trump supporters are to think the President isn't responsible...A billionaire telling yall... Yall will adapt to the shutdown? Wake Up Republicans!

    THIS IS OUR TIME   2 days ago


  • tahitoa
    tahitoa   2 days ago

    he lies ALL the times !!! impeach NOW !

  • Airy bukkake
    Airy bukkake   3 days ago

    I am throwing down a YouTube challenge to Don Lemon, Steven Colbert, Bill Maher the list could go on and on anyone that doesn't think we need the wall and illegal immigration is not a problem in america . Here is the challenge .#1 The participant will be disguised "street clothes and they may use some Hollywood techniques to hide facial recognition" ..mustache, beard, etc whatever they choose.#2 Participant will be fitted with hidden cams #3 participant may not have any devices for self protection but I will allow a cell phone for emergency calls #4 participant will meet me in a agreed upon location at which time I will drive them to a location in the southwest that I feel will make the most impact on their psyche I will drop the participant off at dusk and they must remain there till morning and be visible hiding now !! originally I thought 24 hrs but I doubt that would be required .So if you make it through the entire night unscathed you are the champ and have made your point and may use the footage on your show!! However if at any point you call for assistance or worse you are the victim of crime .. you go on your shows and play the video captured and declare trump the winner and support the fight on illegal immigration ..Any takers let me know?

  • Bourbon Ernie
    Bourbon Ernie   3 days ago

    All of Lemon's videos have so many dislikes. Why hasn't CNN fired this racist tool yet?

  • patriotamerica1
    patriotamerica1   3 days ago

    Let me try and get the facts through your thick stupid LIBERAL heads on here. Illegals cost the taxpayers BILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR! BILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR! Do you comprehend that? Is that so hard to figure out?? And do you also realize that both SCHUMER AND PELOSI were in favor of a wall before Trump became president? They are both dumb hypocrites!!!!!! The entire border wall will supposedly cost an approximate $25 Billion dollars VS. $150 Billion in taxpayers money to the Illegals. Which sounds better?? $25 Billion for a wall or $150 Billion a year in taxes??????? Pelosi is a total idiot in not going ahead with this. The blood is on her hands. She doesn't care at all about the safety of Americans. She's as ANTI-AMERICAN as you can get.R.I.P to all the innocent victims who were murdered by illegals.

  • Tim Stay
    Tim Stay   3 days ago

    You know what Trump wants? He wants to build a wall for two reasons. First his giant ego so that it can be named Trump's wall. Secondly I feel that since Trump seems to want to alienate us from our neighbors and allies and be put instead in Russia's lap! So if we , the American people, who are supposed to believe in freedom for all and the pursuit of happiness. Are supposed to believe in our constitution! Well anyway I can hear the world after we have built this damn wall! Look at those people who t supposed to believe in freedom and they have blocked off their entire southern border! When our statement as a nation starts out with the saying. " bring us your poor and huddled masses"......... Then I can hear Russia use it as a propaganda tool that goes something like this..." "They were after us for decades to tear down the wall that was in Germany. Telling us that it was a symbol of repression, fear and division!! Then THEY GO AHEAD AND BUILD THEIR WALL AND FENCE ! They bitch at us forever and yet THEY ARE THE ONES THAT BELIEVE IN REPRESSION AND DIVISION!!" I can hear it all now! It's all we will hear from those Kremlin expert's!!! They finally would win that war w en though it was only symbolic!! This could very well be another Trump trick to show us weaker than we have ever been! We MUST BE CAREFUL AND KEEP OUR EYES OPEN!! WIDE OPEN!!!! Please my.fellow AMERICANS take the higher road! You can always ask TRUMP to let you off at a far lower floor and help him destroy America if you wish!!!