1-12-2019 The Politics and Commerce of Hate

  • Published on: 13 January 2019
  • TBA explains how a trip to the store leads to the bank of white power.
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  • Ty Banks
    Ty Banks   2 days ago

    You see what Cris got karma's a motherfuker

  • King David 314
    King David 314   4 days ago

    I got banned from 2 of my pages for saying "Tell the truth & shame the white devil". 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Isis Adger
    Isis Adger   5 days ago

    Ethnic groups are doing twirlies around us, confident that we are uninformed and more likely braindead as a group. Build that Wall!

  • cd pierre
    cd pierre   5 days ago

    9-15-2018 Controlling Their Message The Black Authority•26K views4 months agoTaking the fight to them offline is where the real work begins. TBA explains.https://youtu.be/Q2j9t2JR0wI

  • Pulp Vision
    Pulp Vision   6 days ago

    Ironically, the first urban vigilante film was GORDON'S WAR, a blaxploitation movie where the protagonist who was a Vietnam Vet, goes after the pimps, hustlers and dealers who was responsible for his wife's death. Ozzie Davis' film predates not only Death Wish but also The Punisher.

  • Rodney Hunt
    Rodney Hunt   6 days ago

    The only reality our people (black folks) like to deal with is/ are reality shows.

  • Md S
    Md S   6 days ago

    Doesn't matter if native born Americans commit more crime than immigrants it's their fucking country illegal immigrants do not have the same rights. Build the fucking wall man, black people have no friends and unlike our deadbeat parents we do not want any friends.

  • D Jackson
    D Jackson   6 days ago

    The first Judge Dredd had a master race aryan soldier theme and the remake focused on drugs and gangs taking over the projects. Hollywood puts white supremacy on full display but people are blind.

  • D Jackson
    D Jackson   6 days ago

    IN PLAIN SIGHT. They don't have Black people working the auto and hunting section of Walmart. They don't want you getting any ideas. They stick Black people in the junk food video game sections.As for Black Panther, like all Marvell movies it was insanely marketed and was PGA 13. American Sniper was not.

  • Don Northrup
    Don Northrup   1 weeks ago

    Your really reaching with the seat covers. Stop being pathetic,just stop!

  • Sula Bulungi
    Sula Bulungi   1 weeks ago

    If you ask the average black person on the street if they've heard of TBA, Professor Truth, Tariq, Neely Fuller, or Dr. Claud Anderson, you'll be shocked by how many have never heard of these people. Do your best to spread the news about the new black media. Of course many black people will argue with you for a long time, but the intelligent ones will become regular listeners and hopefully get on code to start acting on black empowerment. Leave behind those whose arguments are illogical. They will kill your spirit and motivation.

  • marty reese
    marty reese   1 weeks ago

    I made a comment months ago saying to the effect that RACE WAR was NOT going to do anything close to BLACK PANTHER. Black people made that movie do close to a BILLION dollars, a FANTASY from the minds of 3 White men and they are actually PROUD of this. This is actually SHAMEFUL, and RACE WAR will be LUCKY to make 50 million.

  • hustler Forgita
    hustler Forgita   1 weeks ago

    Programming 101 methods prepare the Zombies for battle

  • hustler Forgita
    hustler Forgita   1 weeks ago

    That fucking kulls are everywhere the selling of death and war is everywhere most idiots bought into this hatemonger bullshit

  • eye witness
    eye witness   1 weeks ago

    Don’t be surprised if Disney okayed that Punisher Logo. But more recently, Jon Bernthal who is one of be the best actors to revive a marvel character, had to tell the “Alt Right” fandom to fuck off and enjoy the show rather than trying to lionize something that’s not even being depicted. The show is about correct government, private armies, Combat Veterans, & PTSD. The shows antagonists are not people coming over the border, its the people already here in the government.

  • Spencer Brown
    Spencer Brown   1 weeks ago

    1/19/2019 Amazon is saying Race War is unavailable?

  • Frostgrl681
    Frostgrl681   1 weeks ago

    it is much deeper than that, when it comes to Detroit. Aleister Crowley came to Detroit in the early 1900s and did a "working" on Detroit which would activate in the future to assist in taking the city down. Then you have a Stargate sitting on the riverfront, masquerading as a sclupture ( and it is a beautiful metalwork) but this stargate sits on the water to channel wicked water spirits, and it is doing a great job. In fact, stargates can be found in dominant black cities, sitting on the water. St Louis has the arch, which sits on the water, and Chicago has a stargate which is called Cloudgate.( It is beautiful as well) These stargates illustrate what you said about white supremacists weaponizing everything to attack black people, even magic, and occultic spells. I could write a 2000 page book on how Detroit was deliberately taken down, up to and including credit swap derivatives, causing Detroit to go bankrupt. Detroit was back then, because the black people stayed on code .

  • long-time listener , first-time caller

    hey fam, we ain't got no friends out here. check out what this jew piece of shit is saying and please feel free to land on him, he deserves an ass-kicking: https://youtu.be/f5eZcmF7JTY

  • brianFURY
    brianFURY   1 weeks ago

    Even worse. These seat covers aren't just for aesthetics, they actually are used to store extra gear in military vehicles. Typically first aid gear and extra magazines etc. Items a fighter would need fast access to (not getting buried under other gear) and without exposing themselves to enemy fire (by getting out and going into the trunk).

  • ComplexBlackness
    ComplexBlackness   1 weeks ago

    They're not called Bulletproof jackets, they are called Plate Carriers. My fellow black people please educate yourself on tactical gear and the names, terms, survival gear etc. Good grief! It really bothers me on the lack of knowledge black people have, when it comes to Tactical gear.

  • ComplexBlackness
    ComplexBlackness   1 weeks ago

    Chris Kyle record is not exaggerated, he does indeed have 160 confirmed kills. That was through multiple tours. Kyle-160Waldron (Army)- 110Mawhinney-103Hathcock-93EtcHis other stuff was made up or exaggerated.

  • fnjdc 1973
    fnjdc 1973   1 weeks ago

    How were these "Latinos" racially classified in the United States prior to 1964?

  • fnjdc 1973
    fnjdc 1973   1 weeks ago

    Why do people insist upon pretending as if slavery and anti-Black discrimination in the Americas was (and is) strictly confined to the United States?

  • Ian 392
    Ian 392   1 weeks ago

    To live in die in LA...The movie with Kurt Russell i believe fits the theme Jason too! We have What Man want. A new movie out now..thats what we got!

  • SinceImHere 1
    SinceImHere 1   1 weeks ago

    Keep your tactical edge while traveling.Key Features600-denier polyester fabric4-piece designSafe Seam safety technologyBuilt-in access designGear hookBuilt in MOLLE strapsPistol pocketA portion of each sale benefits the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

  • Rex Ruger
    Rex Ruger   1 weeks ago

    White folk are DEAD serious, while Neegrows' are seriously DEAD!

  • Deshon Miller
    Deshon Miller   1 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work! B1 Power Peace & WAR!

  • booch1642
    booch1642   1 weeks ago

    I hear ya player. Killers are'nt born, they,re made. PBT peeped the finesse a long time ago. Thru social engineering and mind control, the shit will thrive on. white supremacy terrorism is the definition of toxic masculinity. Aint that right cnn, msnbc, fbi, cia.  They weaponize every new invention first. As long as you're a world class champion negro athlete on the swirl,  you're safe. Its the school to prison labor pipe line and death by cop for everybody else.

    JOHN DOE   1 weeks ago

    This la cama wench Navarro is a vicious little salsa dancing hispanic coon. I’m glad TBA is following up on what PBT has done on exposing this latin nazi as well as latinos as a group. Thank you both for waking me up to what these hispanics really are through previous broadcasts.

  • Cutti Calhoun
    Cutti Calhoun   1 weeks ago

    I been telling ppl that they wanting to build that fucking wall because they are preparing for the purge black people. Wake the fuck up