Border official shows Trump tunnels under wall

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

  • President Donald Trump said he is nearing a decision to declare a national emergency on the southern border, which he visited in person Thursday despite earlier reservations about taking the trip.#CNN #News
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  • Pop-Actor
    Pop-Actor   1 hours ago

    Why is he wearing a baseball hat?

  • San Dan
    San Dan   1 hours ago

    He's a fucking idiot he's sarcastic dumbass he doesn't even know what he's saying or doing he's just an idiot

  • Wayne Yira Taylor
    Wayne Yira Taylor   2 hours ago

    Just think if CROOKED Hillary Clinton were president ... we'd all be learning English as a SECOND language.

  • Wayne Yira Taylor
    Wayne Yira Taylor   2 hours ago

    The REPROBATES will never support our great American president, but those of us who love America, and want to see it great again, will support him!!!

  • Steve Cains
    Steve Cains   2 hours ago

    Trump said don't lie to me. I hate liar

  • k bone
    k bone   3 hours ago

    Libturds are so fucking stupid.

  • k bone
    k bone   3 hours ago

    Libturds are right , we need a 30 foot deep barrier as well. Hahahah.

  • Jo Mane
    Jo Mane   4 hours ago

    What a miserable man trump is!

  • mrzwerus
    mrzwerus   5 hours ago

    wall for canada to keep ms13 in usa👻

  • javier castellon
    javier castellon   5 hours ago

    The media has managed to brainwash a lot of people.  A lie repeated 1000 times becomes perception.  Perception becomes truth.  Slowly but surely the liberal media is brainwashing us all.

  • TheLostRealist513
    TheLostRealist513   5 hours ago

    The American people elected him for a wall. We voted for a wall. Give us our wall!

  • Horacio Flores
    Horacio Flores   7 hours ago

    N Mexico will not pay 4 the wall even if they lose the war they still won't pay lol have fun Trump n it's people

  • no hassle
    no hassle   7 hours ago

    He lives in a strange world of his own.

  • hmoob luj
    hmoob luj   7 hours ago

    Mexico, more tunnels that is the way to get in the u.s.!

  • Str8Killa
    Str8Killa   8 hours ago

    And thats all you got from that meeting CNN? What about the drugs that were seized? what about what about everything the lady said about the border. Oh that doesn't fit your narrative huh? Argh and thinking people buy your bullshit Clown News Network.

  • Duane Kleppe
    Duane Kleppe   9 hours ago

    Walls go down into ground. Ladders dont work on all walls and most of the problems are at the border. Not in the air. If you speak with any border official they will say 100% without any doubt they want a barrier.

  • Gar Laa
    Gar Laa   10 hours ago

    4:04 Comrade Rump says, “The buck stops with everybody”

  • Phantom analyst
    Phantom analyst   10 hours ago

    Jim Acosta! What an asshole. I can't believe he sued when his press pass was pulled.

  • Bill P
    Bill P   11 hours ago

    Ask the French how the Maginot line worked. Trump is an egomaniac, a megalomaniac and several other types of maniac.

  • Sweet Raw Healing
    Sweet Raw Healing   11 hours ago

    DISTRACTION!! Do people realize that there is a LOT more going on in the US and worldwide? It's The Cabal and the Deep State thats the actual problem. People need to do some research about Q (QAnon) and the members of the Cabal. Mainstream media is controlled by the "Elite" and they want you to stay asleep. What occurred is that a group that called themselves as Q began posting real-time takedown of the Deep State on anonymous online image boards (8chan). And these take-dows and mass-arrests by The Alliance and white-hat groups will at some point go viral and will be shown internationally.

  • 🍕
    🍕   13 hours ago

    McAllen is one of the safest places in the USA? The fuck? This foo hasn't lived in the valley it seems.

    GUESS WHO   17 hours ago

    Ya he's right we r under attack by criminals just look at politicians and what they are doing. Did you know gov duvet is on a board called Arizona Mexico commission they claim to have agreement with Mexico and entry portals for trade and with Canada as well adot planning on highway from Mexico they u.s into Canada hmmmm human trafficking drug smuggling they think it's from the poorest ppl crossing over walking ya right he full of it

  • Stephanie Coursey
    Stephanie Coursey   17 hours ago

    Hmmm... my thought...Build the wall. THEN you have more time and resources to tackle the tunnel issue. Drones aren’t going to stop anyone, it’s like a car alarm in the sky pretty much useless. BUT if there’s a Wall the drone will alert and action could be taken BEFORE the migrant crosses over our border. Other technology like ground sensors for tunnels, cameras, drones etc help as well. The wall forces migrants to funnel in through ports of entry so the process could be dealt with in a more legal manor. Yeah... whoever said ladders... are you serious? 🙄

  • Mario Z. Alvarez
    Mario Z. Alvarez   20 hours ago

    More proof that we have the most stupid President that we have ever had. And on top of it all. He is the biggest liar that has probably ever lived. This lier is only barely topped by the unholy bible in which he also believes. Oh my doG! No he definitely is not making our Country great again. Instead he is bringing it down. Now the rabid pit bull is embarrassing and embarrassing all Americans, as he continues to lie at the border and every where he opens his rabid piggy’s mouth wit nothing but lies, even as experts and those who are in the know, and know better tell him, there is no invasion, in the style of the ancients in the unholy book, he just keeps repeating his lie about the invisible invasion, which he only sees. We got to stop him at any cost possible through other criminal charges or impeachment, which ever comes first. Or give me a citizens posey, and I will carry out a Citizens, arrest of our criminal little big leader, who tried to sell U.S. to the Soviet Union, as if our country was his property also.

  • carol yvette
    carol yvette   21 hours ago

    People you forgot that before trump the Democrats talked about border security but never did anything... fuck that trump build the wall

  • madlion1988redeemer
    madlion1988redeemer   22 hours ago

    How stupid is TRUMP? Border Agents showing TRUMP tunnels going under a wall. You can't make this stuff up.

  • NomadRepublic
    NomadRepublic   23 hours ago

    Fake, out of context news as always. Her name is agent Melissa Lucio. Go peruse her social media if you stupidly believe she doesn’t support a wall. She 100% does.

  • Samuel Jerkson
    Samuel Jerkson   23 hours ago

    There are still plenty of ways to get over that steel slat...its not even that high

  • MrSheepSlider
    MrSheepSlider   1 days ago

    OMG US so panicwarn to TRUMP IDIOT dont make statement on twitter, statement on twiter only for kids

  • leo luna
    leo luna   1 days ago

    russian sleeper cell , has taken democrat workers hostage , putins boy toy . AMERICA , THE WALL IS TO KEEP PEOPLE IN , THATS WHY HE WANTS ALL THOSE NEW TENTS . FEMA CAMPS THE N.W.O. WORLDS LARGEST ...REZ.

  • tim simmons
    tim simmons   1 days ago

    What's the purpose of the wall when us Americans or the ones buying the drugs and Loki making drugs?

  • Virian Bouze
    Virian Bouze   1 days ago

    Why don't you stop lying, go show us those tunnels you are not talking about! "Ding-Bat"!!!!!

  • Cloud Avenue
    Cloud Avenue   1 days ago

    Listen, Bush was way worse. In Fact, the worst President in history and nobody did or said anything until now.. C'MON

  • Cloud Avenue
    Cloud Avenue   1 days ago

    What good is wall when they could use Ladders and tunnels underground ????