Yanking Out Leroy's 1500hp LSX Heart... Compression Test Revealed Injured Eagles!

  • Published on: December 29 Des 201

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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland   2 weeks ago

    Yes there obviously could be a different problem with the engine then what we came up with. Will find out soon!

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben   38 minuts ago

    Loving it for Leroy.. 👍 🇬🇧

  • Mark Elliott
    Mark Elliott   2 days ago

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  • schonzen
    schonzen   1 weeks ago

    Is it time for a top mount heat/ac on the trailer?

  • baggedhemi
    baggedhemi   1 weeks ago

    Would love to see you guys make the trip to Pomona, CA for one of the National events!

  • Nick Bianco
    Nick Bianco   1 weeks ago

    You should fog the engine with wd40 or fogging oil before it sits to prevent rust/moisture build up. Should maybe have a fuel cut-off and before it dies fog it. My father has a 63 nova making 1000hp. Sits in the trailor between races & winter time with no problems. We always fog the engine at end of day

  • Bill Pigg
    Bill Pigg   1 weeks ago

    If you put the image of the engine on a T-shirt, make sure it does not look like a uterus.

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin   1 weeks ago

    Rust in 24 hours? On oily parts?Wha????

  • T wagner
    T wagner   1 weeks ago

    It's amazing what a small world it is. Steve Reinhart from northwest OHIO is a common name here since I live in northwest Ohio too. I'm not a Chevy man but love the channel.

  • darthvader4hire
    darthvader4hire   1 weeks ago

    My Grandad used to put a couple drop light (SHOP LIGHTS) under hood when moving race cars from one climate to another and had little issue.

  • GetsumJ
    GetsumJ   1 weeks ago

    Keep up the vids bro, I enjoy them so much. ~ North Texas

  • Ivan Gallardo
    Ivan Gallardo   1 weeks ago

    Naw the water couldn’t have caused that. It was tsp fault

  • Mr. Aldrich
    Mr. Aldrich   1 weeks ago

    Next time cover the exhaust pipes blond's

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay   1 weeks ago

    Did they degree the camshafts or how did they time it. Thats what happens when you don't upgrade everything but that's how you learn and get better.

  • Kyle Case IH Harvester

    Can you turbo one of our work trucks ? With a mini crane on it that would be amazing and get great ppl checking it and promote let me know thank you Hiab cranes [email protected]

  • Kyle Case IH Harvester

    Much respect bro I only been welding for 1 year now i love my save phace helmet like a cool blue easy on the eyes. I mostly might weld at work I build sub frames for cranes and sensor brackets and all still learning

  • Joshua Rousselo
    Joshua Rousselo   1 weeks ago

    Have you considered switching to mirror turbos so the piping can be equal length to the intake?

  • pete smyth
    pete smyth   1 weeks ago

    0:25..plays the southern,good 'ol boy thing good..too bad he's not.

  • J.P.
    J.P.   1 weeks ago

    Well at least u know now the next time u haul his ass up north in the winter to get ya a couple heaters to put in the trailer! That's why we see the 2017 cars that drive down here look like they're 10yrs old! Poor guy must've felt so whored out on that trip!

  • Dads Junk
    Dads Junk   1 weeks ago

    Love the fan mail !! As always :-)

  • CW M
    CW M   1 weeks ago

    Wtf, you have a Supra that your not making videos with? Why?

  • clogivemeaname
    clogivemeaname   1 weeks ago

    Man I want a t-shirt with the McFarlan Fabrication logo that guy made. super sick!

  • T. E.
    T. E.   1 weeks ago

    You guys really do get the best fan mail.

  • Michel Linschoten
    Michel Linschoten   1 weeks ago

    Lesson number one...Never ever let your youtube "experts" dictate how-what-when.

  • Simply the best
    Simply the best   2 weeks ago

    Why not just run the car for a couple days and it will get better rather than ripping the motor apart I guess you just need content though

  • motard nation
    motard nation   2 weeks ago

    Leroy the little Brother from the Hoonicorn :-)

  • Thomas Shipman
    Thomas Shipman   2 weeks ago

    The power of " The Green Nectar of the Gods " !!!!!!!!!

  • Justin Valenta
    Justin Valenta   2 weeks ago

    Drill a hole and put a valve stem in the new wet shot sprayer. Fill it with shop air, no pumping and more pressure!!

  • Mark M
    Mark M   2 weeks ago

    should have sprayed some wd40 in the cylinders before starting. such is life.

  • tunbridgefirefighter
    tunbridgefirefighter   2 weeks ago

    I would install a fan on the left and right side of your trailer one in one out to help with the temp change in the trailer. Power it off the marker lights. We had to do that in our enclosed equipment trailers.

  • Neacail Campbell
    Neacail Campbell   2 weeks ago

    With the engine out and looking like that, it makes me VERY curious to see what it would do on an engine dyno...