Ocasio-Cortez fires back at ex-Democrat: New party, who dis?

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fighting back against criticism from her own party. CNN's Jason Carroll finds a new report says Democrats are looking for ways to reign in their newest member. #CNN #News
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  • strobed22
    strobed22   35 minuts ago

    I'm pretty centrist, so it's pretty sad to see both sides doing exactly the same things to each other and then point fingers as if they're innocent. At least the Republicans are holding firm for now on border security against the hypocrital Democrats.

  • Tony G
    Tony G   37 minuts ago

    You can keep her, we don't want her.

  • diamond cutter
    diamond cutter   39 minuts ago

    Dam who is that fat women that replaced Erin Burrnet?

  • daisy castaneda
    daisy castaneda   41 minuts ago

    her loyalty is to her queens people and not money!!!

  • Antawn Winton
    Antawn Winton   51 minuts ago

    We got your back AOC start the progressive revolution

  • Squash Ua
    Squash Ua   1 hours ago

    AOC shouldnt be interested in being on your BS corporate 'news' program. Fake news could be the one thing that sticks from Trump.

  • Ellison Capers
    Ellison Capers   1 hours ago

    WTF CNN... even this lady pointed out that CNN didnt show the whole clip and refuted the talking point of comparing her to trump... CNN is horrible!!!!!!

  • juanwithnatur3
    juanwithnatur3   1 hours ago

    She's not here to work with the team! She's here to work for the people! As they all should be doing, but only interested in money for themselves!

  • killoreo
    killoreo   1 hours ago

    She called her immature and then apologized lol. How come SNL wont make skits on her goofiness?

  • Jay Rock Jinx
    Jay Rock Jinx   1 hours ago

    The corporate Dems are scared and they should be. YOUR TIME IS OVER.

  • Jay Rock Jinx
    Jay Rock Jinx   1 hours ago

    Hey Joe Lieberman drop dead already. Your “Team” gave us Trump. Progressives are the party now and if you try and screw your base over like you did in 2016 you will get Trump again. But maybe you don’t care.

  • Ian Reid
    Ian Reid   1 hours ago

    I love watching this. Elite Democrats are getting bent out of shape over an idiotic socialist who does not know thing about economics.

  • m B
    m B   2 hours ago

    Democrats version of trump. Go the brainless populists

  • Vini SThrill
    Vini SThrill   3 hours ago

    Her loyalty lie with those who put her there!

  • Castle
    Castle   3 hours ago

    Isn't this the girl who was sworn into 1 of the 3 chambers of Congress and is trying to sign a new health care bill as we speak? That's what she said she would do.

  • now crazt
    now crazt   3 hours ago

    I like her...however you cant punish anyone for being successful. Who wants to pay 70% taxes of your income. That would deter anyone from engaging in developing new business...No No

  • H2 Joe
    H2 Joe   3 hours ago

    Ocasio’s new motto“What’s in Your Wallet?”

  • H2 Joe
    H2 Joe   3 hours ago

    Bet her daddy, the rich architect will never pay 70% of his income...Ocasio...your agenda is to steal from the middle class and give to those who never spent one moment to earn it

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes   4 hours ago

    What an 8th response from Cortez but I’m not surprised seeing as that’s about as far as she has matured. Liberals don’t want to be factually correct they just want to be sassy and have the last word...like an 8th grade girl. I miss the jfk Democrats that we’re patriotic, socially liberal but fiscally conservative.

  • Matt Jonson
    Matt Jonson   4 hours ago

    Please let Cortez run against Trump in 2020!😂

  • mike oren
    mike oren   4 hours ago

    Occasional Cortex's thick numbskull's empty to the point at the "TIPPY TOPS." Easily #1 stupidest female ever elected to Congress. #1 stupidest male ever elected to serve in any capacity worldwide since the beginning of recorded history will always be Congressman Hank Johnson who thought Guam would capsize! Both buffoons are Democrats. No surprise.

  • EbonySeraphim
    EbonySeraphim   5 hours ago

    CNN with shitty reporting"She's unpredictable" - no she's not. It's clear where she stands on all substantial policy issues more than all of the Democrats that CNN does support. What CNN really means is "she isn't likely to follow our agenda" in which case, they are correct. Unfortunately, if CNN was honest about their agenda, and actually discussed the differences, they'd be 100% exposing themselves for just how little they care for the average citizenn"She doesn't care to be accurate on facts, we can say the same about Trump" - wooowww CNN. Really? Donald Trump intentionally lies, on top of being terrible at speaking. When asked to address it, he doesn't answer, never admits that he ever said anything that could even be construed as misleading or wrong. Here AOC admits she said something that sounds inaccurate, but stays on her original point (which was clear to begin with), and is morally right. But CNN is the liberal or balanced outlet calling that single incident equivalent to Donald Trump?Wake up Americans. CNN loves Trump. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, all of your mainstream media outlets are what brought us Trump. The media and politicians stopped caring about real issue and real fixes a long time ago and its happening in front of your face

  • Wrecked Gt
    Wrecked Gt   5 hours ago

    Corporate democrats shaking in their boots. Down with establishment dems

  • Milan Davitkov
    Milan Davitkov   6 hours ago

    Wait, Bernie and AOC have a strikingly similar platform. What do you mean he’s not a democrat? AOC isn’t center left either, she’s not a corporate hack.

  • jm michaels
    jm michaels   6 hours ago

    This woman thinks this is a free for all

  • TheMsLady4Real
    TheMsLady4Real   7 hours ago

    Anderson Coopper is worried about his Vanderbilt money! He doesn't give a damn about the average American citizen! I'm with Bernie Sanders!

  • TheMsLady4Real
    TheMsLady4Real   7 hours ago

    AOC is exposing their corrupt asses! I'm tired of corporate Democrats! Yes, the Democrats need some new energy and they should be working hard for the people! I support AOC! Get rid of those old ass ideas!

  • cheto50
    cheto50   7 hours ago

    Cortez 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 CNN is freaking out 🤣🤣🤣

    MKMUSIC BDMusic   7 hours ago

    It's not that she is speaking out. It's because she doesn't know what the hell she is talking about.

  • Rich Cervantes
    Rich Cervantes   7 hours ago

    Why can't the Democrats see what's happening? Neoliberalism is a failure. AOC is the first of a millennial wave that understands this. Many more to come!

  • Doug Tilley
    Doug Tilley   7 hours ago

    She would have to be the most stupid brain dead idiot ever...

  • isaac powell
    isaac powell   8 hours ago

    I hope she runs for president 🙏😂TRUMP 2020🇺🇸