Baldwin: Shutdown an 'American embarrassment'

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • CNN's Brooke Baldwin reacts to the 21st day of the government shutdown as negotiations continue to stall and hundreds of thousands of federal workers missed their first full paychecks. #CNN #News
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  • oglimpdog
    oglimpdog   11 hours ago

    another opinion piece fron CNN.

  • edward diaz
    edward diaz   1 days ago


  • Juanita Martinez
    Juanita Martinez   1 days ago

    Why isnt anybody do anything to trump. To stop. This. 👭👬👪👫😘💓💞

  • Juanita Martinez
    Juanita Martinez   1 days ago

    Why is the american people allowing this to happen. If the people sitting in thegovwrnment sits can easyly be replaced. This is unbieveable 😎👭👬👪👫

  • Conservative USA PA
    Conservative USA PA   1 days ago

    Out of work for 3 weeks and can't afford her copay. Whatever happened to keeping 6 months of expenses back for emergencies? Typical American - living paycheck to paycheck. Her kids have more common sense than her - they advised her to find another job.

  • javier castellon
    javier castellon   1 days ago

    A president has the right and the duty to protect his borders. A president does not have the right nor the duty to promote abortions for money and politics. Like Democrats do. Abortion kills one, hurts another.

  • Pat d
    Pat d   1 days ago

    Demon👹Rats don't care about shut-down. They're vacationing with lobbyist not out-of-work DemWits.

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark   1 days ago

    Democratic party members taking vacations during shut down.

  • novato tornero
    novato tornero   1 days ago

    Asshole Trump is a inconsiderate asshole cracker, he does not care about federal workers unable to pay their mortgages or make car payments he will use disaster relief aid to build his border wall if he cannot get Congress to approve funding for his wall. Shithead Mitch McConnell and Asshole Lindsey Graham attempted to sue President Obama for using executive order to fix the immigration system but they allow Asshole Trump to bypass Congress to get funding for his wall poor dumbass crackers in Kentucky and South Carolina WHO RELY ON FOOD STAMPS may not received their monthly balance on the following month, Shithead Mitch had done NOTHING for poor Blacks and poor lazy crackers in his state yet dumbass crackers CONTINUE to reelect him on the Senate. Dumbass crackers need to WAKE THE FUCK UP and stop supporting Asshole Trump, if he use disaster relief funds to build his border wall dumbass crackers in Florida will not be able to rebuild their homes after Hurricane Michael one year ago.

  • Carlos 'El Genio' Bustamante

    We do not need a wall where a bridge should be built. USA has moral obligation to let these people in! They come here for a better life and should not be turned away because of an imaginary line. No more border. These people are not illegal, they are refugees who come here and improve the quality of life in US. United States needs to have compassion for these people.

  • Nemon Parson
    Nemon Parson   2 days ago

    If this sick fuck has a second term may god help us all !

  • theugliestART
    theugliestART   2 days ago

    Usa often ran to other countries in need of help. Which is great! But... Are any other countries out there going to help us out at all? Pleaseee, Because we are going to need it, seriously. And thank you. And we mighttt even need help escaping here before this is all over too.From a friendly usa american.

  • Betty G
    Betty G   2 days ago

    America is an embarrassment since 2000, it took you 19 years to realize it. Too late

  • A Artisan
    A Artisan   2 days ago

    If you think this is bad wait until the Debt ceiling needs to be raised again. Trump isn't called the master of bankrupcy for nothing.

  • kris buns
    kris buns   2 days ago

    Who ever voted to trump you go along with trumps decisions and poor excuses for it just like yous!! Trump doesn’t give a shit about anyone it’s all business money making. He has been the worse president for USA. So trump supporters thanks for nothing really. Fuck trump

    ONNIE TALONE   2 days ago

    this is not making America great again, has fear of immigrant's in which at times were allowed to do menial work for pittance, shame full as all the gun killings in American cities is not called a state wide emergency,

  • Blaze Lazarus
    Blaze Lazarus   2 days ago

    Poor woman might not be able to celebrate her 10yrs on the job such a tragedy I feel sorry for her and her hardships in life at first I was concerned about all the people struggling on how to pay rent and bills but after hearing story...

  • Jeffrey Charfauros
    Jeffrey Charfauros   2 days ago

    why is everyone blaming TRUMP? he's in his office ready and willing to end this now.... where are the DEMS to make a deal? On Vacation in Puerto Rico... Hawaii... where are they while TRUMP is in his office ? CNN go ask the other side where they at... . be fair or be FAKENEWS

  • Grandma Love
    Grandma Love   2 days ago

    Pelosi supported a wall, go back and listen to her public speeches. Pelosi is a hypocrite.I am a Democrat and This is only because of their hate for the President. Pelosi has back paddled and is a pos. Why doesn't CNN talk about this ? Only Congess should not be paid, they should not receive any back pay.

  • Weining Chen
    Weining Chen   2 days ago

    CNN only welcomes bad comments on Trump, otherwise will be disappeared :) so funny!

  • Wayne
    Wayne   2 days ago

    With trump as president of the country who needs mortal enemies? Seriously.

  • Budo Ka
    Budo Ka   2 days ago

    Hillary should just walk in the office, bitch slap Trump and just say, "Fuck this mess, I'm taking over, your having a time out"

  • polachee
    polachee   2 days ago

    "Three Separate But Equal Branches of Government". I always thought. Guess I was wrong again.

  • triggerrick
    triggerrick   2 days ago

    Quit your fucken whining, I was deployed I'm Afghanistan when odumbass shutdown the government, and I dont see any of you in gunfights during this or getting blown up, so stfu and grow a pair.

  • Encore1234567890
    Encore1234567890   2 days ago

    Donald the orange blob,Packed his bags,And said goodbye to the Whitehouse,Off he slithered with a Trumpaty Trump,TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP. LOL

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II   2 days ago

    No, the biggest embarrassment to this country would be these political parties tearing this country apart. All you here is CNN calling out Fox and blaming them for everything that happens and the same goes for Fox. This isn't news. What we're watching is adults playing the blame game and pulling out the most childish insults. Instead of lashing out it someone on the other side of your party (Republicans or Democrats) understand their point of view. That's one if the reasons why this shutdown is still going on their egos are too big and it's getting in the way for them to make progress.

  • Bob leroy
    Bob leroy   2 days ago

    Pence needs to remove lying trump   out of control trump

  • James Mullen
    James Mullen   2 days ago

    I think it's safe to say the Trump never worked for anyone but himself, his whole life. At least in his mind, anyway.

  • sef man
    sef man   2 days ago

    Thank God for your tax system, lol

  • geoff dearth
    geoff dearth   2 days ago

    A disgusting way to treat workers because of a vanity project being put on hold.

  • kausmo tumynski
    kausmo tumynski   2 days ago

    What's even sadder, is that about 50% of the population either don't know about the gov't shutdown or don't give a shit. I'd like to see a bi-partisan presidential ticket in 2020. This would go a long way to begin healing this massive partisan divide.

  • Robbie Burns
    Robbie Burns   2 days ago

    Also - seperate comment. It bugs me that the media seems to be enjoying the fact that these workers are not getting paid. Brooke Plasticface says "big fat goose egg" like its funny. Fuck you you Barbiedoll wannabe.