Google Pixel 3 Impressions!

  • Published on: 09 October 2018
  • Oh hey, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are finally official! Here's your first look.

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  • Some9uy
    Some9uy   3 days ago

    lol just get wireless headphones

  • Eugenie Galaxy
    Eugenie Galaxy   4 days ago

    everyone is talking about the notch... why not just get the smaller one? I was thinking about getting the Pixel 3 (NOT XL) and started doing some research and came across comments from people who bought the phone and shared the experience. I really want some advice on what phone to get. Its just that my selfies look really good in Google Pixel XDedit: dont @ me

  • Bhesk24 7
    Bhesk24 7   6 days ago

    I wish google would create their own os aside from android or iOS

  • Jose Otero
    Jose Otero   6 days ago

    That phone looks amazing no matter what, too bad android and macOS don’t get along

  • Rachel Dobbins
    Rachel Dobbins   1 weeks ago

    I have a Pixel 3 and it sucks. Samsung Galaxy is way better.

  • halfkoreanboy
    halfkoreanboy   1 weeks ago

    After testing the Pixel 3 I still think the Pixel 2 is camera king. The 3 really let me down with picture quality it's bad and Pixel 2 has better focus also, i even prefer the style of the Pixel 2 5 inch better. And to top it off can't even use the camera on the Pixel 3 anymore untill they fix the error. Pixel 2 is still the Winner over all.

  • Kiel La Flower
    Kiel La Flower   1 weeks ago

    Why isn’t there an earphone jack.... I’m a huge music listener and I don’t wanna listen to music aloud in public.

  • Renee Daisuke
    Renee Daisuke   2 weeks ago

    I don't get it why this phone is so expensive. Looks like the other phones to me.

  • Thun Derrr
    Thun Derrr   2 weeks ago

    Is he wearing.... an Apple Watch????

  • Ton
    Ton   2 weeks ago

    But does it have a headphone jack?

  • BriskiBoy
    BriskiBoy   2 weeks ago

    doesn't it requires wireless headphones?

  • Callaghan McKeon
    Callaghan McKeon   2 weeks ago

    I really do not care about the notch I just want the phone!!!!

  • Rajesh Soram
    Rajesh Soram   2 weeks ago

    Putting phone to silent by flipping. Lumia 630 had it. Choosing picture from multiple picture lumia had that too.

  • m a c s y
    m a c s y   2 weeks ago

    Pixel 3 non XL is basically Pixel XL with way smaller bezel and latest snapdragon. Price is still atrocious tho.

  • honey
    honey   3 weeks ago

    when you can’t afford the x

  • Flipboi117
    Flipboi117   3 weeks ago

    Want a discount on the phone? Enter this code in the Google Store cartPixel 3 promo code: B-JVB0DFVIU0LPZKURB3T3SYCPixel 3 XL promo code: B-JVVPGVZEKRCOWNXEPDXA0LN

  • Amazon prime
    Amazon prime   3 weeks ago

    You can disable the notch through developers mode settings in pixel 3 XL

  • wingleader04
    wingleader04   3 weeks ago

    What kind of camera phone doesn't have expandable storage? Like, you know we're going to use it to take excessive amounts of pictures. How hard is it to add a microSD port?

  • David van de Water
    David van de Water   3 weeks ago

    The zoom function is insane grest. This idea is superb. A real reason to buy. The night side also superb. Google is so inocative.

  • MrOldeastdallas
    MrOldeastdallas   3 weeks ago

    Google should have bought HTC and make their own phones, tablets and many other products. HTC had the best design phones. The HTC one M7 was the best phone. They should have called them Google and Google X for the bigger one and should've market it like Apple does their iPhone.

    KYLE NIMER   3 weeks ago

    samsung: yOU CoULd lANd a pLAnE oN ThAt

  • sameer kulkarni
    sameer kulkarni   3 weeks ago

    Confusing review MB you should not mix with xl which I know is your favorite for your big hands but this is a confusing review

  • Taylor McGinnis
    Taylor McGinnis   3 weeks ago

    I’m thinking about switching my iPhone to a pixel. Is it worth it?