My Babysitter Lie

  • Published on: December 7 Jan 2019

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  • Runtime : 7.27


  • Dominic Sumera
    Dominic Sumera   1 weeks ago

    This series is going out so well it's so interesting to watch what's the best series of your channel EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SurFsideChimp
    SurFsideChimp   46 minuts ago

    I’m sorry but the baby sitter was with me...

  • Joseph Tamez
    Joseph Tamez   1 hours ago

    Hello Alex I am a fan, wouldn't it be nice to make a movie I think it will go to theater

  • russian spy
    russian spy   1 hours ago

    the second then alex says clifffhanger me mom im staying up for 2 weeks get me redbulls

  • Purple -Man
    Purple -Man   1 hours ago

    Dude I love your vidoes! Keep up the good work!

  • Savannah Kasper
    Savannah Kasper   1 hours ago

    I think the baby sitter is with DarrelBam i guessed right👍🙉

  • Jazzy Pillow
    Jazzy Pillow   1 hours ago

    Babysitter is with Daryl, You get into the art school and I don't really know about the letter😅 what if your sister wrote it! Lmfao

  • Charlie 5297
    Charlie 5297   1 hours ago

    doesn't it mean you got in the school? I mean I think u just spoiled it . 1:11

  • Charlie 5297
    Charlie 5297   1 hours ago

    What if it is the bully? Probably it isn't but it would make a great movie. Honestly, this whole series can be a movie and I bet this would turn REALLY good!

  • Yusuf Najjar
    Yusuf Najjar   2 hours ago

    3:17 I was dying it was soooooooon funny this was my first vid I see from you and it’s already amazing

  • Uriel Jimenez
    Uriel Jimenez   2 hours ago

    I legit screamed stop when he was leaving us in a cliffhanger again.

  • Evelyn Inoue
    Evelyn Inoue   2 hours ago

    maybe the person she was with was her dad?

  • Camden Fraser
    Camden Fraser   3 hours ago

    I think the note was from the guy she was with

  • PhilMusical
    PhilMusical   3 hours ago

    Daryl wrote that letter and that's the man who was with the babysitter

  • Hayden McJunkin
    Hayden McJunkin   3 hours ago

    She's cheating on you probably with Bobby or the bully

  • Kayden Lam
    Kayden Lam   3 hours ago

    What happened next I want to find out what happened next

  • geovany mendoza
    geovany mendoza   4 hours ago


  • beau green
    beau green   4 hours ago

    im thinking the guy from part 4 and 5 the bully

    NAYHEZED   4 hours ago

    🎶 y u always lying? sTOP FREAKING LYING~ 🎶

  • Kelly Phelps
    Kelly Phelps   4 hours ago

    I heard about your tour well you are gowing to va I live their i love you

  • Melissa Vilafana
    Melissa Vilafana   4 hours ago

    I wonder if they were not able to get one maybe that's why 😢😢😢