Let's Talk About Tesla "Killers!"

  • Published on: 30 November 2018
  • The truth about Rivian, Faraday Future, Lucid Air, and the rest.
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  • Black Light
    Black Light   3 hours ago

    I heard the 180kwh /400mi range is a option, not a base feature. Over 10000ft lbs of torque is standard! Not a typo!

  • cgrscott
    cgrscott   4 hours ago

    As far as Audi and Jaguar coming out with Tesla Killers – there approach and context in their car electric car development is corrupted by already being a gas engine car company that still wants to sell gas powered cars.

  • David Mays
    David Mays   4 hours ago

    11k towing capacity sweet70k price tag not badThey are looking to get acquisitioned by Tesla.

  • cgrscott
    cgrscott   4 hours ago

    Are these Tesla killers just "vapor-ware?"

  • KSGV
    KSGV   5 hours ago

    >Not that you'd race that thing.People race pickup trucks all the time.

  • badassdahn
    badassdahn   8 hours ago

    what did he say his name was again?

  • Scott Jacobs
    Scott Jacobs   9 hours ago

    Great points - really think that perhaps the best thing that could happen to Tesla is to get some healthy competition.

  • Brandon DeFrenchi
    Brandon DeFrenchi   11 hours ago

    Electric cars and stuff are cool, but for me, there is no substitute for a good running combustion engine in a pickup truck.

  • Tino
    Tino   11 hours ago

    I cant wait for my self driving ufo

  • Mike R
    Mike R   13 hours ago

    I love Tesla but that Rivian company is going to blow up!

  • News that matter
    News that matter   16 hours ago

    Tesla Killer will be China, they'll undercut Tesla and beat him at making a product more reliable and cheaper.

  • Chad Thompson
    Chad Thompson   17 hours ago

    Ford needs to make an electric truck if they want to keep their superior ownership over trucks.

  • Boy Trent
    Boy Trent   21 hours ago

    what are the RF radiation levels? Are there any RF shielding in these electric cars...? There's already VERY dangerous high levels of EMF radiation in conventional cars.Why is no one talking about this?Even my 1980s retro computers have huge RF shielding plates inside of them. Because non ionizing radiation is just as dangerous as ionizing. Why not ALL cars now ? Are they trying to sterilize us and give us all types of neurodegenerative disorders? Because that is the reality. Thousands of studies prove it to be the case. Could someone start raising awareness about this. I have confirmed these dangerous levels of radiation in my own 2006 renault Modus. (when powered up and engine running). Children are particular susceptible to these forms of radiaiton. I need your helps guys.

  • Jean Hou
    Jean Hou   23 hours ago

    You’re an idiot big time

  • aljawisa
    aljawisa   1 days ago

    8:40 They don't have because it's all part of their conspiracy. Hahahaha.

  • artoo45
    artoo45   1 days ago

    Tesla's greatest threat is internal.

  • Press Play
    Press Play   1 days ago

    Tesla needs to acquire Rivian. It would save both.

  • Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS

    Thanks, Marques, good analysis! As you said, nobody wants or needs a TESLA killer! What we need is inspiration, innovation, and guts! All that TESLA has in Elon. As you said, plenty of room for EV's. BTW, what do you think of hydrogen as fuel...? Elon commented on that years ago! Industrial H-production is a environmental nightmare, as is storage and refueling.

  • More Money
    More Money   1 days ago

    That’s dope mannn 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Chris Enright
    Chris Enright   1 days ago

    Still not obtainable for the average driver and how long do you think the electronics will last. Who can repair them how much are parts and how long is the standard warranty. Computers have standard hardware software issues all the time same as the Tesla’s do already. Check out the issues people are having with the Tesla’s and what the costs are after warranty is up 😂 you end up spending way more money on the car plus repairs over time and save literally no money over a typical gas vehicle that gets decent mileage.

  • Todomani
    Todomani   1 days ago

    Tesla is like iPhone, now we need a Samsung

  • TaitNBake
    TaitNBake   1 days ago

    "So... tesla killers? I'm still waiting."What do you mean? Why wait, as long as Elon is alive, Tesla will never die.

  • usernameistaken110
    usernameistaken110   2 days ago

    Everything you mentioned is going to be difficult for Rivian, Tesla did, and so can Rivian.

  • Martin Rayome
    Martin Rayome   2 days ago

    Who dat fool bragging about his tacoma?? thats half a truck bruh....

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden   2 days ago

    Naw, I think they may actually do it if they can charge at tesla chargers. People love their trucks

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla   2 days ago

    The hardships that Tesla is facing the other companies will have to face double of that...its no walk in the park for other companies

  • theasylife
    theasylife   3 days ago

    I was beginning to think Elon discounted that roadster of yours, in exchange for down playing the other EC companies but...we're on the same page MK...👍

  • KoRe
    KoRe   3 days ago

    if the portsche tycan Comes out goodbye tesla