Let's Talk About Tesla "Killers!"

  • Published on: December 30 Nov 201

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  • Andrew G
    Andrew G   43 minuts ago

    Tesla took a good idea, made poor management decisions one after the other, and threw billions of dollars on it. I’m interested to see if a competitor with competent leadership will rise up. It’s also important to note that Rivian’s first two models do not directly compete with anything in Tesla’s lineup. That’s smart. I’m more skeptical that the company has the infrastructure in place to meet its goals. Will take a lot of hard work and good leadership to get it done. But if they do deliver as promised on time, they are gonna sell like mad.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G   47 minuts ago

    Rivian has Level 3 Autonomous driving and they manufacture their motors and batteries and designed their own software.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G   52 minuts ago

    I’m sure Tesla requires a licensing agreement for the charging compatibility. The question is how much do they want?Also Rivian’s battery system is fairly simple and bad cells are easily and affordably replaceable. I think investors will be throwing money at this company, and I can’t see them screwing the pooch on this one. They do need to be able to lose a lot of money for a number of years though, so we shall see.

  • richacoll1
    richacoll1   55 minuts ago

    You might think Tesla is more compelling but you need back up that statement and I doubt you can. Just because Tesla has mainstreamed elements of ev tech doesn’t mean its guaranteed they’ll be ahead or stay ahead. Musk talks a good game and wants competition but Tesla have to compete with brand as well as tech and they may get caught short by established brands and it has nothing to do necessarily with how ahead Tesla is perceived.

  • Fergus
    Fergus   1 hours ago

    Two words diesel ute

  • devon Williams
    devon Williams   6 hours ago

    Tesla opened their patent for electric cars so anyone can base one off their engineering. Musk says "If someone makes a electric vehicle better than Tesla and puts Tesla out of business, good. It's worth it. All so that the world moves away from gas cars to make the world a better place, that's the goal."

  • 2LoL
    2LoL   10 hours ago

    dude fuck you.. you have the audacity while having the opportunity to interview Elon Musk and you name the tittle lets talk about tesla killers you are a hypocrite.. and i dont care if you put killers in " "

  • Mart Studios
    Mart Studios   16 hours ago

    I feel I just want a simple electric car.

  • Rhysbailey52
    Rhysbailey52   16 hours ago

    i really want this to be a thing cus i love electric cars simply because their speed and so much cheaper plus i also love pick up trucks cus i love how versatile they are

  • Anzar Zahid
    Anzar Zahid   19 hours ago

    I just realized that he hinted the bust of the year! The RED hydrogen cuz he has the toilet trophy next to a red sign, which is produced due to hydrogen gasNo wonder this man gets Awards being the Best Creator of the Decade!

  • Jake Waite
    Jake Waite   20 hours ago

    Nissan is one of the only major brands to start coming out with a ranged vehicle (coming soon) Nissan Leaf (EV)

  • wingsley
    wingsley   1 days ago

    One other major issue for electric vehicles: the batteries. Lithium comes from "doghole mines" in foreign countries such as China and some African nations. The sooner we wean ourselves off lithium ion batteries and onto more readily available materials, the better off we'll be. None of these EV makers seems to have that on the radar.

  • Reno2324
    Reno2324   1 days ago

    tesla killers? how about when toyota goes electric.. tesla will end up like nokia.

  • 32ways
    32ways   1 days ago

    People want it; if u can build it,you'll be rewarded handsomely.

  • jnauttube
    jnauttube   1 days ago

    I'm curious to see how off-road electric vehicles fare in real-world use. It's one thing to drive flat on the highway, and it's another to be rock-crawling or going up steep mountain roads and trails which require a lot of torque to climb. In traditional ICE engines, if I run low on gas when I'm remote, all I need to do is get a jerry can to the vehicles and I can refuel if I run out or low. That's not an option with an electric.

  • layziebone2152
    layziebone2152   1 days ago

    I feel like the big car companies are going to be like the typewriter companies, they'll keep selling typewriters long after the writing is on the wall. They might have the resources to make a compelling EV but I think they'll be a little too late, by 2025 I think that most everyone will associate Tesla with EV as people associate Kleenex with tissues.

  • Ry S
    Ry S   1 days ago

    In my opinion these are the next step in EV's.... I'm actually excited for this. Similar mileage and limits to my current truck. The only thing I wish they did was integrate the headlights with the DRL LED strip and mount them horizontally rather than vertically, and maybe secondary set mounted below to look slightly more "traditional" in the front end style like an F150/Silverado style stacked headlight.. Other than that I'm digging it!

  • Mufti Hossain
    Mufti Hossain   1 days ago

    Dyson is the closest thing Tesla has to a future competitor, and even they are years behind

  • David Alcaraz
    David Alcaraz   1 days ago

    Mr. Browniee, I am Jazzed about the Rivian Truck SUV platforms and would buy one or the other because these cars would fit my life style better than any other EV out at this time, I also do not believe Rivian will "kill Tesla" They would only take the Market of People like me, "Truck People"! But Like you stated all there is at this time is a couple of prototypes and a lot of Promise of things to come and a bunch of glitter on Paper ! Thank you for your comments It got me thinking ... Not an easy thing to do just ask my Wife!

  • rahul nathan
    rahul nathan   1 days ago

    Imagine Toyota Prius the Tesla killer 😂

  • The Man
    The Man   2 days ago

    teslas cars are fine, they look ok, the interiors are crap, the speed is great but all electric cars have speed, the build quality was rushed and they fucked up on a few things, check it out, and last but not least, they have a model x that has cool doors but not practical whatsoever. and they have good autonomous and crap they have but im not interested in autonomous driving, therefore id pick a Rivian any day and actually want one so bad, lucid air looks better than tesla

  • rafardzrba
    rafardzrba   2 days ago

    I like this truck in that it will push Elon to make the Tesla truck even more bad ass.

  • Roy J
    Roy J   2 days ago

    These are not Tesla killers but they are Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) killers and that is why the big auto makers don't have the motivation to build a decent one: it eats into their ICE products.

  • wyatt loftin
    wyatt loftin   2 days ago

    Volkswagen is going to be the one to do it. The people’s electric car.

  • TV Mohini
    TV Mohini   2 days ago

    Google could be the spoiler here. They could do to the car autopilot space what Android did for smartphones. Suddenly competition for Apple is not from the US but China!

  • Super -sim
    Super -sim   2 days ago

    This truck is more awesome than the equivalent tesla model 3 for the same price. The truck does have self driving and in the UK we have small supercharger network.

  • Marcel Colquitt
    Marcel Colquitt   2 days ago

    Sorry but tesla will fail and technology isn't there yet for ev

  • sebast007
    sebast007   2 days ago

    You make me sad about the Rivian r1t. I fell in love with it's video presentation... But you're giving us compeling arguments. Anyway I have to be patient before I can buy my first elecric vehicule. I recently bought a brand new car (2018 Audi S5) and in my book I can't buy a new car every year. So maybe in 2021 or 2022. I'm just hoping that Tesla will have an electric pickup truck to sell me by then :)

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams   2 days ago

    agree with mostly everything you said! early attempts at electric cars by the majors (excl Tesla) have ridiculously low range .. too fixated on the 'daily miles travelled' statistics but need more consideration to roadtrips

  • Astorijus
    Astorijus   2 days ago

    And they are also using Tesla's inventions.:)

  • David Issel
    David Issel   2 days ago

    If that pickup was available today, I'd buy one.

  • Lantronix1
    Lantronix1   3 days ago

    Marques, you're absolutely bang-on. Thank you :) As an old -car-guy I 'know' and agree the traditional OEMs lack Foresight and Ambition. I'm still confused that Rivian isn't leveraging proven SC networks and EMD & Battery technologies from TESLA..Just plain weird. The CEO of Rivian could partner with TESLA on a phone call with Elon. Enough said...Guess I've gotta wait for Gigafactory-#4 in Oshawa/TESLA afterall. :)