Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: The People's Choice!

  • Published on: 15 December 2018
  • Mate 20 Pro won the blind camera test. How good is the rest of the phone?

    The blind smartphone camera test:
    Mate 20 Pro skins:

    MKBHD Merch:

    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:

    Intro Track: Muggsy Bogues by Alltta

  • Runtime : 9:25
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  • Ethan Boyd69
    Ethan Boyd69   12 hours ago

    Anyone else notice those pewdiepie headphones???

  • Saitama Fujiwara
    Saitama Fujiwara   1 days ago

    I really don't get people so overhyped over wireless charging. Everytime I see a critic saying "I wouldn't buy this almost perfect phone because it doesn't have wireless charging" I cringe... And reverse wireless charging is even dumber.

  • Cian Mulhearne
    Cian Mulhearne   2 days ago

    *not coming to the US*"I put my SIM in it""FBI OPEN UP"

  • Vladimir Nikolov
    Vladimir Nikolov   2 days ago

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro is good phone but not the best phone. It has great camera but crappy CPU and GPU. It's GPU is piece of crap. Mali-G76 MP10 oh my god.

  • Anima Manager
    Anima Manager   2 days ago


  • mutc joshua
    mutc joshua   4 days ago

    The only space that doesn't feel confined is Samsung space.

  • Dan Da Man fig
    Dan Da Man fig   5 days ago

    Freakin spies they might be great phones.. But I'd never buy one of these phones... Now the US a Justice Dept.. Is pursuing a criminal case against Huawei for alleged trade secrets theft...

  • J J
    J J   5 days ago

    HUAWEI does not work as per specs. Camera is not good except for zoom and night view.

  • Muaaz Sohail
    Muaaz Sohail   5 days ago

    Apple: We won't copy Samsung with the curved edges. Samsung: We won't copy Apple's notchHuawei: Sure thing fellas.

  • Cody Erlanger
    Cody Erlanger   6 days ago

    Marques. I AM SOLD!!!!I LOVE IR BLASTERS!!!!SORRY FOR YELLING BUT I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY. I'm not a big fan of modern phones. Since 2017. I have lg v20. Im only upgrading cuz it's battery sucks. Dying at 20%. But i only bought it cuz the phone i wanted blew up. (Note 7)

  • Bugatti Boss
    Bugatti Boss   6 days ago

    The video is completely bias BS. Huawei is the best phone hands down. The only reason this clown is trying to hype up the Pixel is because they're paying him. Just lost yourself a subscriber. I don't subscribe to dishonest salesmen.

  • MA S
    MA S   6 days ago

    Chinese phn, .. no thanks

  • Charles K.
    Charles K.   6 days ago

    I love that $900 red plastic power button that must have cost $ 0.0000000001

  • Sihang Zhang
    Sihang Zhang   1 weeks ago

    The multitasking bug can be fixed by uninstalling the Nova Launcher.

  • crumcon
    crumcon   1 weeks ago

    If Huawei is allowed to enter the U.S market, they would be already be bigger than Samsung world wide. They already toppled Apple from No.2 spot

  • h
    h   1 weeks ago

    Huawei is garbage. Chinese can’t even copy apple and Samsung right. Sad

  • bb z
    bb z   1 weeks ago

    Phones these days are overrated. Buy any phone and u wont feel any real difference for average user.

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith   1 weeks ago

    The glitch is because nova launcher. If you uninstall it you’ll see that go away

  • Rajiv Rai
    Rajiv Rai   1 weeks ago

    One plus dash charger ....hmmm

  • GankKi
    GankKi   1 weeks ago

    This phone feels cheap without a case :) coming from a mate 20 pro owner

    BUTTER   1 weeks ago

    The battery life is UNREAL. Phone broke while traveling in China + happen to be not in Shanghai (where it was sold out) + happen to break on day of Mate20 release. I didn't get the Pro since the amateur(?) version has everything I wanted from it plus a dedicated speaker and headphone jack. On days where I'm running around and mostly using it for comms + light social I get almost 3 days out of it. My only beef (aside from a little bit with color science) is the stuck default assistant voice which is creepy when speaking English (Google voicematch doesn't work) and HiSearch. My God half the time when I try to grab notifications the swipe down sets it off. And if u scroll through my calendar widget too fast (which I pretty much always do) it sets it off, and there's no built-in way to get rid of it. Other slight gimmicks are negligible. PS. Front camera flash threw me off the first time but actually works pretty well!Great+fair review!

  • Drue-Michael Buono
    Drue-Michael Buono   1 weeks ago

    I wouldn’t trust any Chinese phone, probably filled with communist party spyware

  • hana kotoba
    hana kotoba   1 weeks ago

    All I can say is they stole Samsung flagship edge design