iPad Pro Review: The Best Ever... Still an iPad!

  • Published on: December 14 Nov 201

  • The new iPad Pro has unreal hardware. Incredible power. And beautiful design... but it's still an iPad.Magnet paper: https://amzn.to/2DDkCdRSkins: http://dbrand.com/pencilMKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-...Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop...~http://twitter.com/MKBHDhttp://snapchat.com/add/MKBHDhttp://google.com/+MarquesB...http://instagram.com/MKBHDhttp://facebook.com/MKBHD
  • Runtime : 11.14


  • JayJoJonny
    JayJoJonny   4 hours ago

    no more lightning charger...really, that's not a buzz kill?

  • De alpha Bitch
    De alpha Bitch   6 hours ago

    I’m an editor and I really need one but I’m saving up lel

  • Too Legit To Quit
    Too Legit To Quit   1 days ago

    what about YT does it output more than 1080p? I have an Ipad 2 which I bought in 2012 still working but slow AF and tiny really. i’d love to upgrade to this however it’s a grand.

  • Omprakash Gupta
    Omprakash Gupta   1 days ago

    Give me this iPad pro content on what's app number 9554050626

  • Casey Khashayar Bayandor

    I agree that would be great if it could replace a laptop- but do you think Apple would want to cannibalise its own products? They could easily make this happen if they intended to.

  • MemeGenes
    MemeGenes   1 days ago

    BE SUPER CAREFUL!It’s very fragile so I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND A CASE so it doesn’t distort.

  • 塞尔吉奥
    塞尔吉奥   1 days ago

    I think apple needs visionaries.. people who work and encode things to work for apple, For example: someone just coding a capability and presenting it to apple as a project.

  • 塞尔吉奥
    塞尔吉奥   1 days ago

    “You can hold it with one finger :B “

  • Cincinnatifron 5146
    Cincinnatifron 5146   1 days ago

    The app Duet Display lets you display your Mac OS software onto your IPad Pro I think the app is only like $10.00

  • YoungKid 1
    YoungKid 1   2 days ago

    What is the hoodie called that you are wearing?

  • Dennis Calix
    Dennis Calix   2 days ago

    What do you do with with all of them cell phone do you post on your Channel I need they answer

  • Llama Boy
    Llama Boy   2 days ago

    An iPad with MacOS is what everyone's waiting for

  • w8101
    w8101   2 days ago

    The SD card docking works with sdxc(exFAT)?

  • ihacks tv
    ihacks tv   2 days ago

    Just bought it and have it for 2 weeks. It's the best tablet I own. Definitely doesn't replace my windows machine, but it does wonders watching Netflix, YouTube, web browsing, games due to the amazing display and great sounding speakers. It's on the pricey side, however if your budget is lower, consider the cheaper iPad.

  • zoheb Rizvi
    zoheb Rizvi   2 days ago

    Fuck this,! It doesn't connect a mouse

  • Its_Abdullah
    Its_Abdullah   2 days ago

    If you delete the YouTube app then if you go to safari and search YouTube and click on desktop it will work.

  • Volt
    Volt   3 days ago

    a h hi t s r e w i n d t i m e

  • Luigi Player 14
    Luigi Player 14   3 days ago

    This ipad is amazing in every way except durability, if they make the next ipad thicker, more durable,and better battery, then it will be a must buy for me. It would also be nice for them to bring back the headphone jack instead of favouring thinness

  • Panav Jain
    Panav Jain   3 days ago

    your middle name is Keith, right?

  • jun casilang
    jun casilang   3 days ago

    I want ipad pro 2018 It 2019 and it only 654$ gotta wait 5 months for 300-400$ Oh! Who cares it still more faster than 92% computer.

    IAM THE WARZONE   4 days ago

    As a wise man once said"a tablet the size of a peace of paper, fold like a peace of paper" jerry rig everything

  • Arpit Bedi
    Arpit Bedi   4 days ago

    You should also review Samsung galaxy tab s4